What Each State Is Known For

What Each State Is Known For

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Do you know what your state is known for?

Its easy to pick several key things each state in the US is famous for. But there’s always more compared to what readily meets the eye. Apart from the new things each state is known for right now, let’s find out what these states are always known for that makes them truly unique.

#1. Alaska: known for its Northern Lights

What each state is known for

The famous Northern Lights of Alaska is caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that finds a way into the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are visible for more than 200 days of the year. While its possible to view the lights in other states, Alaska guarantees the best view. The state has a superb spot in the auroral oval and least clouds to block your view.

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#2. Arkansas: known for America’s First Toothbrush

What each state is known for

When was the last time you had a clean mouthwash? Some hours ago I guess. Thanks to a company called Dupont Industries, they invented the first toothbrush. Now you can brush your tooth anytime any day.

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#3. Alabama: first state to revoke wife battering

What each state is known for

Domestic violence is not legal in any state across the United States. But what state is the first to rescind a man’s right to beat his wife? That state is Alabama.

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#4. Arizona: Largest area of land set aside for Native Americans

What each state is known for

Does your state have any land set aside for Native Americans? If you answered yes, how large is it? No state across the US has a larger amount of land set aside for native Americans like Arizona.

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#5. California: Hollywood

What each state is known for

California is famous for Hollywood now an icon of the American movie industry. Informally known as Tinseltown in the central region of Los Angeles, Hollywood is now a world-famous industry that other movie industries across the globe are looking up to.

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#6. Colorado: legalizing marijuana for adults

What each state is known for

Hate it or love it, Colorado‘s Amendment 64 was a huge step forward towards legalizing marijuana in several states across the US. The amendment legalized marijuana for adults in the state. Its no longer news to hear about people getting high all the time in Colorado.

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#7. Connecticut: Home of the oldest continuously-published newspaper

What each state is known for

The Hartford Courant in Connecticut is the oldest continuously published newspaper and they’ve been in business for as long as anyone can figure out. Connecticut is also famous for the first color TV set and if you love hamburger, the first one was made in this state.

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#8. Delaware: first state to ratify the constitution

What each state is known for

Yes…that’s absolutely right. Delaware is the first state in the US to give formal consent to the constitution and making it officially valid in the state.

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#9. Florida: Who Invented of Air-Conditioning Technology?

What each state is known for

If you enjoy air conditioning in your home, car, office or anywhere else, I guess you should be thankful to Florida. The first air conditioning was invented in Florida.

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#10. Georgia: First state to approve anti-bullying laws

What each state is known for

Have you ever been bullied or do you know anyone who has been bullied? Georgia is the first state in the United States to approve anti-bullying law to protect as many people as possible.

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#11. Hawaii: Coffee

What each state is known for

Hawaii is home to famous beaches, beautiful volcanoes, and tasty frozen drinks. But you can get that in several other states. But if you enjoy coffee, then you should know that Hawaii is the only state in the US that can grow the caffeine commercially.

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#12. Idaho: Gems

What each state is known for

Idaho produces over 240 different types of minerals. These minerals include semi-precious gems like aquamarine, cerrusite, vivianite, pyromorphite and ilavite. The Idaho mountains contain deposits of gold veins, zinc, lead, copper and cobalt. Other gems include opal, tourmaline, topaz and jasper.

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#13. Illinois: First State to abolish Slavery

What each state is known for

After Illinois became the first state to abolish slavery in 1865, it built the world’s first skyscraper in 1885, and went on to build the world’s first aquarium in 1893. It’s no surprise that the first black American president kicked off his career in this progressive state.

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#14.  Indiana: Home of over 100 species of trees

What each state is known for

Indiana’s boast of natural beauty is second to none. With more than 100 species of trees all across the state, you’ll be absolutely surrounded by lovely greenery in Indiana.

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 #15.  Iowa: Highest Literacy Rate

What each state is known for

How educated are you? Iowa has the highest literacy rate across the United States. In fact, people in Iowa read more books per capita than the rest of the United States.

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#16. Kansas: Home to US first female mayor

What each state is known for

Susanna M. Salter, was elected the first female mayor in the United States in Argonia in 1887. Susanna was elected mayor long before the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote anywhere across the United States.

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#17. Kentucky: Home of Abe Lincoln

What each state is known forAbe Lincoln was born in this bluegrass state in 1809. Thankfully, you can sing the happy birthday song to Abe, amazingly the song was also composed in this state.

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#18. Louisiana: Largest Capital Building in the United States

What each state is known for

With so many capital buildings all across the United States, Louisiana capital building deserves an accolade for being the largest in the entire United States.

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#19. Maine: Acadia National Park

What each state is known for

Maine is well known for its epic winter hikes, waterfronts, and lighthouses. But the state is well known as the home of the oldest National Park east of the Mississippi River which boasts of over 40 species of wildlife.

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#20. Maryland: First United States Naval Academy

What each state is known for

Maryland has many things to be proud of. Apart from having the first United States Naval Academy, the state also boasts of the first dental school. Even more, well-known artistes like Sisqo, Genuwine, and Mya are from Maryland.

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 #21. Massachusetts: First State to legalize same-sex marriage

What each state is known for

Massachusetts became the 6th jurisdiction in the world to issue same sex marriage in 2004 when it legalize same sex marriage as the first state to do so in the United States.

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#22. Michigan: First Rape Shield Law

What each state is known for

In 1974, Michigan passed the first rape shield law in the United States. The law protects rape survivors from unnecessary questioning about his/her sexual history. While this law is sometimes ignored by attorneys and judges, Michigans have a lot to be proud of as the first state that legally seeks to protect rape survivors.

#23. Minnesota: First Charter School

What each state is known for

Minnesota is proud to have the first charter school in the United States. Despite the unequal perceptions about charter schools, Minnesota took education to a new level by permitting publicly funded schools to act independently. These schools often admit gifted students from lower-income areas.

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#24. Mississippi: first lung transplant

What each state is known for

In 1963, the University of Mississippi completed the world’s first lung transplant successfully. But the doctors in Mississippi had more to offer. So in 1964, they successfully executed the first heart transplant.

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#25. Missouri: First state to free its slaves

What each state is known for

Missouri became the Show-Me-Freedom state in 1865 when it became the first state in the United States to free its slaves.

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#26. Montana: First Female Congresswoman

What each state is known for

In 1916, Montana elected the United States first congresswoman. After she was elected, Jeanette Rankin said “I may be the first woman member of congress, but I won’t be the last.” I’m thrilled she was right. (Bonus Fact: Rankin was the only member of congress to vote against declaring war on Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor.)

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#27. Nebraska: Its State Motto

What each state is known for

Nebraska’s state motto is “Equality before the law” so you wouldn’t be wrong if you concluded that Nebraskans love the law. I guess that’s why the 911 emergency dispatch communication system was developed in Nebraska and it was the first state to utilize the system.

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#28. Nevada: Its Mountains

What each state is known for

Nevada can boast of more mountains that any other state in the United States. If you’re a hiker or a rock climber, don’t miss the chance to visit Nevada. This is one rocky state you’ll really enjoy.

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#29. New Hampshire: “Live Free or Die”

What each state is known for

Of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England – a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

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#30. New Jersey: Diner Capital of the United States

What each state is known for

No other state can boast of more diners than New Jersey.

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#31. New Mexico: Home of the First Latina Female Governor

What each state is known for

New Mexico made history in 2010 when the state elected the first Hispanic female governor in the United States. The governor, Susana Martinez, the great-granddaughter of a Mexican Revolutionary leader.

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#32. New York: Home of Diversity

What each state is known for

New York is the home of ultimate freedom. You can be whoever you want to be, talk how you want and wear whatever you want. The state is the home of multiculturalism and the birthplace of hip hop and punk rock.

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#33. North Carolina: English-American Birth Place

What each state is known for

In 1587, Virginia Dare was born as the first English child born in what is now known as the United States. If she were born now, she would be calling North Carolina her home.

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#34. North Dakota: The Home of Many Churches

What each state is known for

This state has more church goers than any other state across the US. In fact, North Dakota has more churches per capita than any other state across the nation.

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#35. Ohio: First black Mayor of a Major City

What each state is known for

In Cleveland Ohio, in 1967, Carl Stokes was elected the first African-American mayor of a major city in the country. Good job Ohio, good job!

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#36. Oklahoma: Voicemail
What each state is known for

You have an Oklahoma to thank for voice mail (you know, that thing your mom keeps leaving messages on but you never check?). Tulsa native Gordon Matthews invented an electronic message system that stored audio messages, which was patented in 1982.

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#37. Oregon: Painted Hills

What each state is known for

These brilliantly colored hills were a result of climate change and several volcano eruptions that occurred over 35 million years ago. Even if you haven’t earned your doctorate as an vertebrate paleontologist, these hills will seriously impress you with it’s unique color and feel. The bonus is that the Painted Hills is just one part of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

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#38. Pennsylvania: 1st American Flag

What each state is known for

I pledge allegiance to the Keystone State, which is also home to the first computer built in 1946. Knowing that, it’s unsurprising that Pennsylvania was also the first state to list their state’s website on their license plate.

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#39. Rhode Island: Oldest Library

What each state is known for

The Redwood Library and Athenaeum in Newport is the United States’ oldest library, lending books since 1946. Rhode Island can be proud of its love of sharing, as well as being the only state to not observe prohibition laws.

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#40. South Carolina: Largest Gingko Farm in the World

What each state is known for

All across the world, no place can boast of a larger ginkgo farm than South Carolina’s. The state’s ginkgo farm is the largest in the world. This is one farm the entire state should be proud of.

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#41. South Dakota: Largest Petrified Wood Park

What each state is known for

Imagine a park with 50 million-year-old remain, that’s exactly what you’ll see when you visit the largest Petrified Wood Park in Lemmon, South Dakota. If you’ve never been to South Dakota, the 50 million-year-old fossil could be a good reason for you to visit the state.

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 #42. Tennessee: The Home of Jack Daniels

What each state is known for

Sometimes its hard to survive a night in the winter without Jack Daniels. And sometimes one shot of Jack can make you forget all your problems. Whether you’re having Jack with your friends or all alone, always remember that its from Tennessee, the home of great whiskey.

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#43. Music Capital of The World

What each state is known for

Austin, Texas, is currently known as the live music capital of the world. The state capital of the second largest state in the United State can boast of over 200 music venues. If you really love and enjoy music, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Texas.

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#44. Utah: First State Department Store

What each state is known for

Utah can boast of five national parks and surprisingly it can boast of Zions, United States first department store.

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#45. Vermont: The Only State without Billboards

What each state is known for

Its not hard to notice how billboards and too many ads are defacing several cities across the United States. But in Vermont, its a whole different scenario, there are no billboards. Imagine New York or Los Angeles without billboards, now that’s Vermont.

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#46. Virginia: Home of World’s largest Internet service provider

What each state is known for

Virginians have been growing tobacco for over 300 years now but live stock and the tech industry is gradually overtaking the tobacco industry. The Pentagon building in Arlington is the largest office building in the world. So guess where you’ll find the largest internet service provider in the world? Yes! its right in Virginia.

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 #47. Washington: birth of the Grunge Movement

What is state is known for

It’ll be too easy to conclude that Washington is well known for the White House in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA. That’s one address too many people are familiar with. But Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and Candlebox are just some of the names that Washington birthed in the early ’90s. But it’s not just grunge that Washington natives have influenced — Death Cab for Cutie, Jimi Hendrix, and Modest Mouse are just a few other Washington bands that are music to our ears.

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#48. West Virginia: Mothman

What is state is known for

Do you belive in aliens? Whether it’s a hoax or a real alien, the Mothman of West Virginia caused quite a stir in the mid-’60s with numerous claimed sightings. West Virginia held its first Mothman Festival in 2002, and, if you can stomach it, you can join the Mothman pancake-eating tournament at the weekend-long event.

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#49. Wisconsin: Home of the first Kindergarten

What is state is known for

I’ll never forget all the wonderful moments I had at the kindergarten. In 1856, Wisconsin debuted the nation’s first kindergarten, putting education first and leading the rest of the country to do the same.

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#50. Wyoming: First State to allow women to vote

What is state is known for

Hillary Rodham Clinton served as the Secretary of State under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013 and contested for US President in 2016. She is the first female presidential nominee of a major party in the United States. But way back in 1889, the Wyoming Convention voted in favor of giving women the right to vote long before 1920, when all states began to (or were forced) to grant women the same right.

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