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Looking for a moving company in Hawaii

A big move is never easy, even if you’re genuinely looking forward to it.

Finding a moving company in Hawaii that you can trust with all that you own takes a leap of faith. But you can help shift the odds in favor of a great experience.

Be prepared to do a lot of homework, because that’s what it takes.

When you’re looking for a moving company in Hawaii the best place to start looking is through people you know.

Testimonials online are wonderful to find, but you have no clue about who wrote them or whether or not they’re legitimate.

A reputable referral service, such as Mover Junction, is another ideal place to start, since movers are typically pre-screened. Once you have a few names in mind, that’s when the real work begins.

Screen Movers Carefully

You should try to find several movers in Hawaii to begin with. You’ll whittle down your list through your screening process. The important thing is to really do your homework, not just go through the motions.

For example, the existence of a license or certification doesn’t tell you whether it’s valid. And even a vetted mover could have a recent incident that a referral service or friend hasn’t been made aware of yet.

Here are several things that you should ask for, Hawaii moving company should be able provide without hesitation:

  • Company name, physical address and telephone numbers
  • Company web address and email address
  • Point of contact information
  • U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) or your in-state DOT, and Motor Carrier (MC) license information
  • Proof of valid insurance

You can call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to check the status of the moving and storage company’s licensing and insurance at (202) 366-9805 for licensing, and (202) 385-2423 for insurance. Or check online at

What to consider before hiring a moving company in Hawaii

Here are things to consider before hiring any moving company:

  • Reputation
  • Insurance
  • The company’s policy
  • Experience
  • Cost of service
  • Cancellation policy
  • Referrals
  • Get multiple moving quotes
  • Move during off-peak season (winter)
  • Get a binding-not-to-exceed moving estate

Check each company with the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association, and inquire about complaints through FMCSA’s Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints hotline at 888-368-7238 (open 24/7).

Calculate Your Moving Costs

How much should you budget for your move? This is often a tricky question to ask when you’re planning a relocation. Thankfully, you can figure that out easily by using our free moving cost calculator. Once you have a crystal-clear idea of how much your move will most likely cost, you’d be able to plan your budget better.

Get Multiple Moving Quotes

You shouldn't rely on having just one moving quote from a Hawaii moving company. Rather, you should request for several moving quotes from various movers. You can do all that on just one platform. You request once, and get multiple moving quotes from various moving companies. This gives you the opportunity to compare costs before hiring any moving company.

Also, you'll get the chance to go over each item on the moving quote carefully with your preferred mover. If a certain amount is much higher or lower without any reasonable explanation for it, check the details closely.

For example, movers usually charge extra for situations such as excessive staircase carries, and some might have better or worse rates for those extras. You can read more about that at this link.

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