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Local Moving Company Quotes for Moves in Your Area

We’ve all heard the saying: ‘You get what you pay for’.

It holds especially true when it comes to local moving.

When it's time to move, we all want the best and the cheapest local moving quotes, but is cheapest always the best option?

Although moving locally may sound straightforward, it's not to be taken lightly as there are several things that could go wrong, even in short distance moves.

The last thing you want is to end up with a nightmare move, trying to save a few bucks by hiring the lowest bidder.

With MoverJunction you can put your mind to rest. We provide you free instant local moving quotes from pre-screened and licensed local movers to make sure you’re in safe hands.

How to get a local moving quote on MoverJunction?

Time is of the essence when you’re moving. There’s probably already so much on your plate. The last thing you need is another hassle of researching and finding moving companies.

At MoverJunction we try to ease this pain for you.

You can get free local moving quotes using our moving quote calculator (found on top of this page).

All you need is to answer simple moving-related questions and provide basic contact information.

Within minutes, you’ll receive upto 4 free local moving quotes for you to compare.

As MoverJunction has a large pool of local moving companies, perhaps the best in the country, can be sure to get quotes from movers that are licensed, pre-verified, and insured, allowing you to move at the most affordable rates.

Why hiring a local moving company through MoverJunction is a good choice?

MoverJunction can be your ideal partner when executing a local move

  • Large network of local movers
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Free-to-use moving calculator
  • Up to 4 free local moving quotes
  • Licensed, verified, and BBB-certified movers

While you choose a local moving company from our network, you can be sure that you are picking one of the best movers in the country as we have only top-rated movers. And our free-to-use calculator allows comparing up to 4 local moving quotes from your area, helping you to grab the lowest, saving big.

We thoroughly pre-screen every mover and this ensures that all local moving companies you find in our network are professionally licensed, insured, and BBB-certified. This means you can choose a local moving quote without the fear that you’ve hired the wrong company, putting your belongings at risk.

A move is considered a local move if it is going less than 100 miles. For such moves, rates are calculated on an hourly basis depending on how many movers you’ll need to complete the job. This means that time is one of the most important factors when determining how much a local move will cost.

There’s not really a fixed price that a moving company should charge, but each moving company sets their own prices based on the areas they serve, seasonality and availability.

Ofcourse since there’s a lot of competition in the moving industry, most of the moving company rates fall in a general range.

The average cost to hire local movers could roughly be around $50-$75 per mover per hour. Local moving companies typically have a minimum of 2 mover for 2 hours + 1 hour drive time, which means you’ll be paying for atleast 3 hours for 2 movers if you want to hire a local moving company.

Based on these rates, the lowest amount you can expect to pay would be between $250-$300, unless your move needs more hours or more people.

To get a general idea of how much do local movers cost and how much time will be needed to move your stuff, consider the following:

  • 1 bedroom – 2 movers and 3 hours – $250-$500
  • 2 bedrooms – 3 movers and 5 hours – $300-$750
  • 3 bedrooms – 4 movers and 7 hours – $500-$1200
  • 4 bedrooms – 5 movers and 9 hours – $1,200-$4,000

Keep in mind, these are just average prices. Your move cost can vary depending upon factors such as seasonality, day of the move, how far you’re moving and how long it takes to complete your move.

Also, if you need additional services, such as packing, unpacking, disassemble and assemble furniture, you will need to cough up extra.

Expert Tip: To save $$$ it’s better to do the move prep yourself. Packing the kitchen and bathroom stuff. Disassemble furniture if you can. Remember, everything that movers will do for you will take up extra hours, which means additional $$$.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MoverJunction can be your ideal partner when executing a local move.

  • Free to use
  • Simple and easy
  • Have a large network of movers in almost every area
  • Instant quotes available

Our moving cost calculator is free to use. You answer a few simple questions about your move and provide basic contact information, and using a proprietary algorithm, we'll scan our database of licensed professional movers to find the best matches in your area. Then, those companies will compete to offer you the lowest bid, allowing you to save big. You can get upto 4 moving quotes within minutes to help you get started.

As all the moving companies in our network are professionally licensed, insured, and BBB-certified, there's no risk that you'll wind up hiring the wrong company, putting your belongings at risk. In the last decade, MoverJunction has helped millions of families obtain free moving quotes and compare them, whereby they have moved their homes, saving big money.

A lot of people assume moving locally is a walk in the park as you’re relocating just blocks away or within a state.

TBut as the move day comes closer, you realize it’s not a child’s game and there’s a lot more involved than you had initially anticipated.

The most challenging part of the relocation process is to find a moving company with a good track record in delivering premium customer service without needing you to rob a bank. Anyone with previous moving experience will know that it is a tricky job.

This is why you need multiple moving quotes. When you have many quotes in hand, you can analyze each; understand which local moving quote suits your business best, and where each quote fares better than others. With you having plenty of time, there’s room to negotiate and you don’t need to scramble your moving budget to fit in a specific quote.

The cheapest moving quote may not be the best and there can be someone who offers better service but a little pricey. As you have different quotes in hand, there’s scope for you to negotiate and hire the best suitable mover at a quote that’s close to your budget, perhaps lower than your expectation.

At MoverJunction, you get the benefit to compare the local moving quotes and save hundreds of dollars. As our network includes only affordable and licensed moving companies with a clean track record, you are spared from moving-related scams and red flags.

While planning to relocate the home, a lot of us assume it's going to be easy. Especially if we are only moving a short distance. You believe that the whole process involving packing, loading the truck, and unloading it is a cakewalk, but the real story is very different.

There’s a lot more involved.

The biggest reason people deter from hiring moving help is the cost associated with it. On top of that, there are several rental moving trucks driving around town advertising $19/day fees. This gives a false picture in general people’s mind that moving will be inexpensive.

This is why a lot of people feel that they can just rent a truck and do everything themselves hence keeping the moving expense to a minimum.

While this is true in some cases, the truth is there a lot of things that you’ll need to take care of.

Miles driven on a truck, usually charged at $.99/mile. Gas and insurance for the truck. Plus taxes and fees. Not to mention you run the risk of getting into an accident and/or getting a traffic ticket while driving the truck. Plus there’s your time and effort that goes into loading, unloading and driving the truck yourself.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not used to heavy lifting and a minor error can lead to physical injury and/or damage to your possessions.

You can avoid all this by hiring a professional local moving company, which honestly a lot of times, isn’t too much more than doing it yourself.

The professionals do the heavy lifting with ease and protect all your belongings, big and small, sentimental and valuable, from damage or destruction. They come prepared with the materials, equipment, and transportation to move you in a matter of hours.

If fortunate enough, you can get lucrative discounts on quotes and when you weigh the difference between the costs, surprisingly it would be just a few dollars. So should you seriously think about DIY or consider hiring professional help?

The short answer is, ofcourse!!!

Moving is a very competitive space and this can work to your advantage. When you go thru MoverJunction, moving companies know that they will be competing against 2 or 3 other companies for your business. This gives you a lot of advantage and leverage to negotiate.

When you have multiple local moving quotes in hand, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate. The more you learn about a quote, the better your negotiation power will be.

A quote being too cheap doesn’t mean it is fit to meet your needs whereas a little higher quote may have much better services. Scrutinize each factor in a quote and discuss with the mover what’s included and what’s not.

Being flexible with your move dates or ditching high-cost items like pool tables or heavy safes are tips to tempt movers to compromise on quotes.

At MoverJunction our goal is to only work with companies that are licensed and have a good track record. To maintain this we do periodical checks on the moving companies in our network to make sure everything is up to date.

However, things can change pretty quickly in the moving industry and with hundreds of moving companies in our network, sometimes things fall thru the cracks. Therefore, we recommend doing your own due diligence as well before hiring a mover.

There can be red flags and rogue players and you need to confirm that the company is perfect for your needs.

We’ve compiled a few questions to ask the moving company to ensure it is trustworthy and perfect to have business with.

  • Can I see your license and insurance info?

    All moving companies must have a valid license to operate. Most of the moving companies will have a DOT Number issued by the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) and a MC Number issued by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority). In some cases, if a mover only does local moves, some states don’t require them to have a DOT number, but they should have a state license. Check with the company you’re speaking with for these licenses and then check their validity.

  • Can I see your license and insurance info?

    All moving companies must have a valid license to operate. Most of the moving companies will have a DOT Number issued by the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) and a MC Number issued by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority). In some cases, if a mover only does local moves, some states don’t require them to have a DOT number, but they should have a state license. Check with the company you’re speaking with for these licenses and then check their validity.

  • Are you registered with the BBB?

    One of the best ways to do a background check on a company is to check their BBB (Better Business Bureau) profile. Make sure they have a good rating. A rating of B or higher is recommended. Also check to see how many complaints (if any) they have within the past year or two. Having complaints is not necessarily a bad thing, since a lot can go wrong in a move and sometimes disgruntled people file complaints pre-maturely. What you should be looking for is unresolved complaints. What has the company done to remedy the issue, if anything?

  • Do you subcontract the move?

    A few big moving companies sublet the moving process to smaller ones in low demand areas or during the peak season. Though this is no crime, you need to confirm this part with the mover to make sure you know who’s gonna be handling your belongings. It’s your duty to understand the track record of the mover that has taken the subcontract and ensure there’ll be no compromise on the quality of service.

  • Are there hidden costs that I need to know?

    It’s true that many local movers indulge in unfair practices, such as giving an extremely low local moving quote and later making excuses to compensate for the loss. On a moving day, the mover will demand additional payment for the absence of an elevator or the presence of an extra-long narrow passage or additional heavy furniture that needs to be disassembled.

    To your surprise, the final bill will be much heftier than what was agreed upon, disturbing the moving budget. You need to confirm that the quote agreed upon is the final and there’ll be no later add-ons.

  • Can you show me referral letters from satisfied clients?

    A testimonial letter is a mark of satisfaction from the customer and every company will have several such letters as an endorsement from the customer’s side. On asking, a moving company will happily show you a couple of referral letters to prove how customer-centric its services are.

We do not limit our services to just local moving quotes, instead, we also help you grab the best full-service moving company and moving labor quotes to move long distance. In addition, MoverJunction’s services also include affordable quotes related to moving containers, storage facility, truck rental, auto moving, and office moving in your area.

Here are our additional moving services

  • Full-service moving quotes

    While you move home, hire a full-service moving company as it undertakes every aspect of moving, such as packing, loading, and unloading the truck, driving it to the new home, and later unpacking the household stuff. Full-service moving quotes may sound costlier but it is faster and convenient. Read to know everything about full-service moving quotes.

  • Moving labor quotes

    When you find a full-service moving company quote to be costlier, consider moving labor service. The moving labor service will load and unload your hired truck. Though moving labor quotes generally cover loading and unloading services, you can also add packing services to them on request. Hire MoverJunction’s best-in-class moving labor services.

  • Long-distance moving company quotes

    The distance between two destinations, types of services, moving season, and many more factors determine long-distance moving quotes. We provide you the best and affordable long-distance moving quotes from movers in your area. Read to know how to get our long-distance moving quotes.

  • Moving container quotes

    Moving containers got popular as they are cheaper than moving company quotes. However, they ensure the safe transit of your belongings. Read to know all about moving containers.

  • Moving truck rental quotes

    Hiring a truck and driving to the new home helps you keep the moving budget to the minimum. Even after you add the moving labor cost, the budget would not slip out of the hand. Know everything about moving truck rentals

  • Auto/car moving quotes

    While you move long-distance, you can hire an auto moving company to avoid the stress of driving the car thousands of miles. We help you pick the best auto moving company in your area. Here is everything you need to know about auto moving.

  • Storage unit quotes

    While moving the home, a storage unit can conveniently stock your household belongings safely for a particular period. Hire storage units from top-rated companies through us. Read to know all about storage units.

  • Office/commercial moving quotes

    Office moving is highly strenuous unless you have a moving company for help. The moving budget, disruption in business, and many factors can cause a serious headache. MoverJunction helps you find the best moving companies in your area. Here is what you need to know about office/commercial moving.

Though local moving companies do not require to be registered with the Federal Government, it is advised to hire a mover that’s licensed as it proves the company is genuine. The moving company should have a clean track record and must have completed a minimum of 5 years in the business. The proficiency to handle special items, willingness to negotiate over quotes and a decent list of happy customers need to be considered when you hire a moving company.

As most people prefer moving in summer, the local moving quotes during this time of the year will be costlier and you should avoid this time. Instead, plan your move in winter when the traffic is low due to which you may receive discounts. Public holidays and weekends are also to be avoided if you need to move cheaply.

As the local moving quote you receive on MoverJunction is based on an assumed volume of stuff at home, you need the movers to do an in-home inspection, so they can see what needs to be moved, as well as the layout of your home.

When discussing the final moving cost, you need to verify the possibility of any additional moving materials or services so that you’re not caught off guard by any last-minute or hidden charges.

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