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Benefits of Getting Moving Leads

Increase revenue & sales

boost your revenue

The biggest goal for any business is to increase revenue, boost sales & grow profits. But in order for these things to happens, all parts of the business must operate like a well-oiled machine. Especially your sales team. MoverJunction leads are highly-targeted and have among the highest conversion rates in the industry, which translates into more sales for your business.

Low-risk advertising

Low risk advertising

Buying Moving Leads is the only form of advertising your business that guarantees you won't waste money in experimentation. Whether you buy ads in a newspaper or advertise on Search Engines, you're taking a chance that you'll get a bunch of clicks and no inquiries. Only with moving leads, you get a qualified, verified and targeted prospect everytime. You only pay for leads that are requesting your services.

keep your trucks on the road

KEEP your truck on the road

Any moving company owner knows that anytime your moving trucks are sitting idle. you're losing money. For your business to flourish your company always needs to be booking jobs and keeping your truck moving. And this all starts with great quality moving leads. Our leads are among the highest converting leads in the industry which can only mean one thing: More jobs for your company!

Keep Sales Team Motivated

keep sales team motivated

Sales are the fuel that drive a business and sales people are the drivers that keep the engine running. You need to make sure your sales people are always sharp and always closing. Our highly-targeted and pre-screened leads will keep your sales team focussed and always producing great results for you.

Why Use MoverJunction Leads?

why mover junction

MoverJunction was awarded the Innovations Award in 2016 and recognized by the Virginia Senator Mark R. Warner for their efforts. We've also been a Finalist for Technology Business of the Year for the last 3 years.

award winning services

All our lead gen campaigns are optimized to make sure we are only targeting customers that are looking for a moving service.


Fresh leads are the best kind of leads. We verify and process our leads within minutes of receiving them so you can get them while they're hot.

real time lead
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We offer several filters to tailor your lead campaign to fit your needs. Only buy what you need. No need to waste time and money on leads that won't work for you.


We focus our efforts on Inbound Marketing to drive our leads. With inbound marketing we can make sure that every lead that we send you has actually requested your services.

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Each and every lead goes thru a series of checks and validations before it gets to your inbox. Phone validation, IP Matching and Intent validation are just a few things we do to verify our leads.

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