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Picking the right boxes shouldn’t be the hardest part of relocating.

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Moving Boxes & Supplies

Planning to move this year? You might require moving boxes to pack the household items to ensure safe and hassle-free transport to the new home. And if the utmost protection of the goods is what you aspire for, you are at the right place. We provide premium quality moving boxes at affordable rates. Apart from boxes, we also deliver moving kits and supplies. And what strikes the best is our price range. We promise unbelievable discounts on all packing-related materials.

Why You Need Moving Boxes?

To move household items, you need boxes. There are cardboard boxes as well as plastic boxes and you can select as per your requirement. Packing in boxes will help in space management and more luggage can be moved in a truck at a time. Moreover, a robust moving box will shield your household items against damage.

Why Should You Come to Us?

  • Reliability
  • Cost factor
  • Quality of boxes
  • Speedy delivery
  • Availability of all types of boxes

Types of Moving Boxes We Deliver

  • Small moving boxes
  • Medium moving boxes
  • Large moving boxes
  • XLarge moving boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Kitchen boxes
  • Picture/mirror boxes
  • TV moving boxes
  • Lamp moving boxes
  • Office/file boxes

Why You Need Small Moving Boxes?

Small moving boxes are convenient to pack small household items. While ordering moving supplies, make sure to have plenty of small cardboard boxes. It's better if the majority of your moving boxes are of this size. You know why - Because smaller boxes are easier to load and carry. You can pack books and appliances in small moving boxes. Based on the number of items, you need to decide the number of small cardboard boxes at home. Also called 'book box', records, shoes, and canned goods fit well inside.

Types of Small Moving Boxes We Offer

15 Small Moving Boxes 25 Small Moving Boxes 15 Premium Small Boxes with Handles
Less Small Boxes Small Heavy Items Larger Printed Boxes
15Piece, Size - 16x10x10 25 Piece, Size - 16x10x10 Shipped WITH a protective cover to ensure safe delivery
Shipped WITH a protective cover to ensure safe delivery Shipped WITH a protective cover to ensure safe delivery Inserts for glass pack or dish pack sold separately
$38.50 $39.50 $38.50

For your convenience, we offer small moving boxes in three sets - 15 pieces, 25 pieces, and 15-piece premium small boxes with handles. Speaking about the costs, the15-box set costs $29.40, whereas its original price is $35.20. If you require more boxes at home, opt for our 25piece set that is available for an attractive $39.50.

You can buy our 15-piece set of premium small boxes with handles at a lucrative $38.50, which in the market is available at $43.30. By purchasing from us, you save $5 per set. And that sounds really lucrative. Premium small boxes with handles are useful to move glass pack or dish pack as it has inserts to comfortably hold while moving.

Medium Large Boxes/Cartons

With the capacity to hold up to 65 pounds of luggage, medium-large boxes are perfect to move moving linens, large lamps, children's toys, clothes, and other kitchen tools/utensils. Being larger, it's easy to pack it full. You need to note that the larger the box you have, the lighter the items that should be packed in it. Because, larger items can break the box from the bottom, ultimately spilling/damaging the goods.

The best way to buy medium large boxes is to approach us. We offer them at highly discounted rates. A 10-set medium moving box with a measurement of 18x14x12 cost you $29.92 whereas, a 20-set medium moving box can be bought at $41.50. Purchasing through us, you save a whopping difference of $6. We also have large medium boxes - a 12-piece set of which costing $39.95 against the market price of $47.

10 Medium Moving Boxes 20 Medium Moving Boxes 12-Premium Medium Boxes
10 Piece, Size - 18x14x12 20 Piece, Size - 18x14x12 12 Piece, Size - 18x18x16
Shipped with a protective cover to ensure safe delivery Shipped in a shrink wrapped bundle Shipped with a protective cover to ensure safe delivery
$21.92 $41.50 $39.95

Large Cardboard Moving Boxes

Are you shifting to a small apartment? In that case, you'll require only a few large cardboard boxes. Large cardboard boxes generally measure 18 to 24 inches long and can conveniently pack large, lightweight items such as clothing, pillows, bedding, blankets, toilet paper, paper towels, and more. Before filling the box, remember that you should not over-pack it. Otherwise, with an abundance of heavy items, you will have great difficulty in lifting it during the process. The less quantity, the easier it is to carry.

And where can you find high quality large cardboard boxes? We are the best in the market to provide you large cardboard boxes. We offer three sets of large moving boxes, each of excellent quality at really affordable rates.

6 Large Moving Boxes 12 Large Moving Boxes 10 Premium Large Boxes
Less Large Boxes Larger Boxes More Space Larger Printed Boxes
6 Piece, Size - 20x20x15 12 Pieces, Size - 20x20x15 10 Pieces, Size - 18x18x24
Shipped with a protective cover to ensure safe delivery Shipped with a protective cover to ensure safe delivery Shipped with a protective cover to ensure safe delivery
$29.92 $42.00 $39.95

Extra Large Boxes

You have pillows, blankets, and winter coats at home, right? Come to us to purchase extra large moving boxes at heavy discounted price. The 6 cubic feet extra-large moving boxes hold bulky, lightweight items like pillows, blankets, and winter coats. These super-sized boxes are meant for bulky items like linens, towels, or lampshades. These types of boxes can comfortably pack 4.9 cubic feet of the awkward or cumbersome things. And the best deal for extra large boxes is with us. You can connect with us and get 10 pieces of extra large moving boxes just $42.50 whereas in the market, it costs $50.

  • 10 Extra Large Moving Boxes
  • 10 pieces, Size - 23x23x16
  • $42.50

Wardrobe Boxes

So you want to move hanging clothes? Do not worry as wardrobe boxes are there to carry your dresses and suits. Yes, you heard it right. These boxes provide an excellent way to transport hanging clothes without wrinkling them along the way. And to make things easier, we offer wardrobe boxes at unbelievable rates, that too with high quality.

Shorty Wardrobe Box (1 Piece) Shorty wardrobe Boxes (Bundle of 3) Larger Wardrobe Boxes (Bundle of 3)
Short Wardrobe Moving Boxes Short Wardrobe Moving Boxes Larger 60% More Space
20" x 20" x 34"5 20" x 20" x 34" 24" x 24" x 40"
ECT 44 Heavy Duty Boxes ECT 44 Heavy Duty Boxes ECT 44 Heavy Duty Boxes
Metal Hanging Bars Included Metal Hanging Bars Included Metal Hanging Bars Included
$17.50 $39.95 $42.5

Point to Remember: Wardrobe boxes cannot withstand a high volume of clothes as they can be too heavy to carry. Hence, don't over-pack them.

Kitchen Boxes

Pack your kitchen items in kitchen boxes that we provide at high discount. You can buy four types of kitchen boxes from us. A set of 4 kitchen boxes, each of 18x18x28 size is available for you at $42, which costs $50 outside. Buying through us, you save $8 per set, which will help you cut down the moving cost.

Kitchen Moving Boxes - 4 Packs Kitchen Moving Supplies Kit - 1 Kitchen Moving Supplies Kit - 2 Refrigerator Moving Kit - 1
4 Boxes 18 x 18 x 28" 2 Kitchen Boxes 18 x 18 x 28" 5 - Premium Small Moving Boxes 16"x12"x12"
Double Wall Extra Strength
  • 4 Premium Small Moving Boxes
  • 2 Dish Savor Divider Kits
  • 2 Glass Pack Divider Kits
  • 55 yards of Packing Tape
  • 1 ClamShell Dispenser
  • 1 Marker
  • 2 Kitchen Boxes 18 x 18 x 28"
  • 2 Dish & Glass Partitions
  • 3 lbs of Packing Paper
  • 55 yards of Packing Tape
  • 1 ClamShell Dispenser
  • 1 Marker
  • 5 - Insulated Storage Totes 16"x12"x12"
  • 10 - Nordic Ice
  • 16 Ounce freezer Gel packs
$42.00 $49.95 $49.95 $36.70

The kitchen moving supplies kit with 4 premium small moving boxes, 2 dish savor divider kits, 2 glass pack divider kits, 55 yards of packing tape, 1 clamshell dispenser, and 1 marker cost just $49.95on our website, which originally costs $58.77 outside. We offer another kit that consists of two kitchen boxes, each with the measurement 18 x 18 x 28, 2 dish and glass partitions, 3 lbs of packing paper, 55 yards of packing tape, 1 clamshell dispenser, and 1 marker. The price for the set is $49.5 which is amazingly cheaper when compared with the market price.

Our Refrigerator Moving Kit is another type of kitchen box for you. With 5 premium moving boxes of measurement 16"x12"x12", it is available at $36.70, yet another lucrative offer that you can bag in.

Picture Moving Boxes

Do you have photographs to be moved to the new home? Our Picture Moving Boxes of different measurements can secure your photographs and mirrors at home while moving. We offer three types of boxes and one pouch at really fabulous prices. The 5-set picture box of 30x40 includes boxes that can accommodate two photographs in each. With a minimum size of 30" x 22" and maxim 4-inch depth, the set is available for $41.50.

If the photographs or mirrors at home are larger, do not worry! We have a better option. Our 3 sets of 40x60 Picture & Mirror Box, each with 4 pieces are available on sale for just $50. Considering the quality, you will not get it at a better price than this.

The Super Bundle from us has 8 sets (6 - 30x40 and 2 - 40x60). The bundle has a total of 20 picture boxes and costs just $76.50. And we assure the quality of the product as we know what you need. We also provide picture pouches of $7.50 that can protect the photographs from dust and water damage.

Picture Boxes 5 Sets of 30 x 40 Picture Boxes 3 Sets of 40 x 60 Picture Boxes 8 Sets 6 (30 x 40) and 2 (40x60) Picture Pouches
30x40 Picture & Mirror Box 40x60 Picture & Mirror Box Super Bundle Picture & Mirror 30" x 48" 2 Mil
  • 5 Sets of 2 pieces each
  • 10 Picture Box Pieces total
  • Minimum Size 30" x 22"
  • Maximum Depth is 4-inches
  • 3 Sets of 4 pieces each
  • 12 Picture Box Pieces total
  • Minimum Size 30" x 22"
  • Maximum Depth is 4-inches
  • 6 Sets of 30" x 40"
  • 2 Sets of 40" x 60"
  • 20 Picture Box Pieces Total
  • Maximum Depth is 4-inches
Protect your pictures from dust & water damage
$41.50 $50.00 $76.50 $7.50

TV Moving Boxes

You know the best way to wrap a TV while moving? It is to use a TV moving box. Specially designed to pack TVs, they are available with us at attractive prices. One TV moving box of up to 70" can pack a 56-inch plasma, LED or LCD TV and you can purchase it from us for$28.30. Our 2-pack combo of the same size is available at $42, which ensures secured packing at affordable rates.

We also provide a large bubble roll of 65'X for just $19.95. And no one can provide you a better deal than us.

TV Moving Box Up To 70" TV Moving Box Up To 70" (2 Pack) Large Bubble Roll - 65' X 12" Wide
Plasma, LCD, and/or LED TV's 56" to 70" x 6" wide Plasma, LCD, and/or LED TV's 56" to 70" x 6" wide. Combo pack 2 TV Boxes
  • 12" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 65 Feet long, and 1/2" Large Bubble.
  • Great for wrapping and protecting flat screen TV's.
$28.30 $42.00 $19.95

Mattress and Lamp Boxe

Do you have tall floor lamps at home? Or mattresses that you feel are difficult to pack to a new home? Do not worry about it anymore. We have amazing boxes to pack your mattresses and lamps intact.

Our mattress box kits cost $55.95 and it can pack a mattress of 80"x12.5"x79" size. The kit also includes Tape & King Mattress Bag. We also have another box on offer that can fit in a king/queen mattress of 80"x12.5"x79". And that comes at $49.95.

To move the tall lamps at home stress-free, we provide lamp moving boxes. A pack with 5 boxes is available with us for $42, which originally costs $50.

Mattress Box Kit Mattress Box King/Queen 5 Tall Lamp Moving Boxes
Mattress Box Kit fits up to 80"x12.5"x79" ECT44 with Tape & King Mattress Bag Mattress Box King / Queen fits up to 80"x12.5"x79" ECT44 Pack of 5 Tall Lamp Boxes 12" x 12" x 48"
$55.95 $49.95 $42.00

Office and Box Files

Do you know what is the biggest difficulty in moving an office or home? It's to move the hundreds of files intact. And to help you out, we have office file boxes on offer. Our range of 10 types of file boxes is designed to instantly pack office items and transport them intact. Each set has different numbers of boxes with multiple measurements, making them convenient to pack items of multiple sizes. Purchasing at highly lucrative prices, you can use them to move hassle-free and secured.

Make Moving Kits of Your Choice

Do you want to move a 2-two room house? Why not opt for our moving kits? Available at really affordable rates, the moving kits are specially tailored for your needs. Now you can select the kit of your choice based on the size of the home. This can make the moving process simpler and convenient.

Moving Tips

  • Do not over pack the moving box
  • Focus on the quality of the box
  • Use the accurate box to pack an item
  • Handle heavy objects with care
  • Lightweight boxes should always be on top

With us being at your side, moving is no more a difficult task. We promise robust moving boxes of different types at affordable costs. Come to us to move comfortably.

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