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Commercial Moving Companies Quotes for Office Or Business Move

Free commercial moving company quotes for your upcoming office or business move

MoverJunction provides first-rate business moving services tailored to minimize downtime throughout the move and get you up to speed without losing steam.

We understand how important a business move is and how it can have a significant impact on your bottom line if anything goes wrong. So, we pay attention to every detail of moving your business to make it a smooth and stress-free experience. Whether you're moving your business across town, or moving across state lines, or abroad, we can help you have a stress-free business moving experience.

What are the different types of Business Moving Services

Regardless of why you're moving your business and the type of business moving service you require; we can help you have a stress-free moving experience. Here's a list of some of the key types of business moving services:

  • Office space moving
  • Retail space moving
  • Data center moving
  • Warehouse moving
  • Hospitals/medical centers/lab moving
  • School and universities moving
  • Restaurants moving
  • Manufacturing facilities moving
  • Stadiums/arenas moving
  • Event space moving
  • Hotels moving
  • Heavy machinery moving
  • Places of worship moving etc

Whether the type of business moving service you want is listed here or not, we can help you complete the move seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the key things you'll have to think through before moving your business:

Moving cost

How much will it cost to move your business? You shouldn't conclude on assumptions. Use our free Moving Cost Calculator to get a crystal clear idea of how much the move will cost. Take the next step and request for Free Moving Quotes and you'll get multiple quotes from business moving companies near you.

Stakeholders and employees' impact

Stakeholders are more interested in doing business with companies that are located in areas that are easy to reach. For example, is there a parking space in your new location? Can your employees access the location easily while commuting? Is it near a public transport and can your vendors, suppliers, and other third-parties access the locations easily? These are key factors to consider when moving your business.


If you're moving to a new state, counties or even moving abroad, you'll have to consider the amount you'll end up paying in taxes. Will you end up paying more or less in taxes and how does it affect your business bottom line? If taxes are biting a huge chunk off your profit, it may affect your business down the road.


Customers are the reason why you're still in business. So, if you're moving your business, customers are among the key things to consider. Are you moving nearer or farther away from your customers? Are you trying to expand within your current market or break into new markets?

Is your new location easily accessible for customers? Will your products (goods or services) be cheaper or more expensive in your new location or will you maintain your current price? These are some of the key things to consider before moving your business.

Growth potentials

When you're moving your business, you'll have to consider how the new location can accommodate you if your business grows as expected. Will you be moving again in a year or two if your business grows? Will the new space accommodate you if you decide to hire more employees? So, consider how the new location fits into your long-term plan and how well you can manage it.

Community effect

The various businesses that run in a community are all interdependent. This means when a business relocates or closes it affects other businesses in the community. How is that even possible?

For example, if a specific business is one of the biggest employers in a community, and then relocate to another community, employees of that community are most likely to move too. This will most likely trigger a decrease in talent pool, customers and even population.

If your business is an SME, the relocation of one or more of the largest businesses in your community can have an impact on your business. You may end up losing your customers even if you're not in the same industry. As such, it is your ethical responsibility as a business to evaluate and minimize the community impact linked to the relocation of other businesses in your community.

The decision to move a business is never made in a hurry. This is why asking and responding to some key questions can help you make the right decision. Here are some of the key questions to ask before moving your business:

  • How much will it cost to move your business and how will that affect your bottom line?
  • Will you end up losing some or all of your employees?
  • Who should be aware of your move?
  • Are there similar businesses thriving in the location you're moving to?
  • How will the culture shift impact your business?
  • Is the new location easily accessible to stakeholders and customers?
  • Can you easily find and hire the talent you need in the new location?
  • Is the new business location in a safe part of town?
  • Will the new location reinforce my brand image?

One of the biggest challenges of moving any business is how to avoid losing steam while moving. You can actually move your business successfully and yet remain a product. How is that even possible? First, you'll have to understand exactly why you're moving.

There are several key reasons why businesses move. These include the need to expand within the same market or break into new markets, the need to match growth with a bigger facility, the need to upgrade equipment or tools etc., the need to boost cash flow or reduce costs and issues related to living a better life such as shorter commuting time or moving to a location that embraces New Urbanism.

While all these reasons can keep you on your toes, the biggest challenge is the actual move. If not properly planned, business moving can easily turn out to be a nightmare or even slow down, if not stop your business productivity completely.

However, moving your business should never be a disaster if you know precisely how to. To make your business relocation as stress-free as possible, we've compiled relevant tips to help you move seamlessly:

  • Plan every aspect of your business move

    Nothing should be left to chance when you're moving your business. Plan each stage of the move one after the other. You may have to assign an employee or two to handle this. When drawing up your plan, consider how long the entire relocation will take starting from packing, to hiring a moving company.

    You'll also have to consider setting up the new office space, drawing up a floor plan and helping old and new employees settle down easily. Drawing up a floor plan of your new business place makes it easier to figure out where each item should end up.

    It also makes unpacking faster for the business moving company you hire. The faster they can unpack and set things up, the sooner you can resume business as usual. Create a timeline for each activity involved in the move and do everything possible to stick to that timeline. More so, once the move is completed, each employee will know exactly where to go.

  • Hire a professional commercial moving company

    A business move isn't the same as a residential move where you can take some things lightly. When you're moving your business, any amount of time your employees spend on moving rather than on their regular daily task will most likely have an impact on your bottom line. Your best bet is to hire a professional business moving company.

    Rather than waste a valuable amount of time searching for professional business moving companies and vetting them, all you have to do is request for Free Moving Quotes. We will send you multiple business moving quotes from professional commercial moving companies near you.

    The best part is all the business moving companies on our list have been carefully vetted to ensure they have a strong reputation for commercial moving. We do background checks on all commercial moving companies before recommending them to corporate organizations. You wouldn't have to bother about hiring a rogue mover or a sub-standard moving company.

  • Tell everyone you're moving

    Once you've made up your mind to move your business and you already have a suitable location and a moving plan, start telling everyone you're moving. Moving your business should never be a secret. Tell all your employees you're moving.

    Tell your suppliers, vendors, clients, customers, potential customers and anyone else connected to your business including the pizza delivery man. Make sure all your business stakeholders have your new address and are aware of when you.

Businesses move for a variety of reasons. Some are good and some happen due to circumstances that are out of your control. Whatever the reason might be, moving your business can definitely have some benefits. Let's take a look at a few:

  • Revitalize your brand
  • Grow your business
  • Lower operating costs
  • Boost productivity
  • Enhance communication and collaboration
  • Upgrade to state-of-the-art technology
  • Easier access to utilities
  • More comfortable and visually appealing workspace
  • Move closer to suppliers, vendors, and clients etc.
  • Maximize business potentials
  • Embrace new innovative working methods
  • Shorter commute time and better quality of life

It is not just to move offices but to even move homes, you can approach MoverJunction. We provide both full-service moving company quotes and moving labor quotes to relocate homes locally and long-distance. In addition, we also take care of moving containers, storage facilities, auto moving, and truck rentals.

Here are our additional moving services

  • Full-service moving company quotes

    A full-service moving company takes the charge to pack, load & unload the truck, drive to the new home, and unpack your stuff there. Though costly, it is faster and gives you a break from all moving-related stress. Here is all you need to know about full-service moving company quotes.

  • Moving labor service quotes

    A moving labor service company is cheaper and it loads and loads your hired truck. Though a moving labor service quote includes only loading and unloading services, you can add packing service to it on request. Know more about moving labor quotes

  • Long-distance moving company quotes

    While calculating the long-distance moving quote, a moving company considers the distance, the volume of belongings, moving service, and many other factors. We help you find affordable long-distance moving quotes from the best movers near you. Check here to know how to get our long-distance moving quotes.

  • Local moving company quotes

    A local moving company quote is calculated based on the laborers involved and the hours taken to accomplish the task. You get amazing and affordable local moving company quotes from us. Read to know how to get our get our local moving quotes.

  • Moving container quotes

    When you find moving companies costly, hire a moving container as it is cheaper and equally safer. Moving containers got popular in recent years and we can help you find cheap moving container quotes near you. Read to know more about moving containers

  • Moving truck rental quotes

    Rent a truck to move the home on a minimum budget. Even after you add the moving labor cost to it, driving a truck to the new home will be the most cost-effective moving method. Read for more about moving truck rentals.

  • Auto/car moving quotes

    Renting a car moving company is cheaper and comfortable to move your car while relocating long distance. Driving it all the way to the new home is stressful and expensive. We can find the best auto moving companies in your area. Read here about auto moving.

  • Storage unit quotes

    Hire a storage facility near your home to safely keep your belongings while moving. MoverJunction can help you find a storage unit. Read to know all about storage units.

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