Is moving to Springfield right for you in 2023?

This is a complete guide for Moving to Springfield, Massachusetts in 2023.
Get all the information you need to know about moving to Springfield, Massachusetts.

Are you mulling over moving to Springfield, Massachusetts?

If you’re interested in getting easier access to the best healthcare in America and one of the best educations in the entire world, moving to Springfield, MA is right for you.

Springfield, Massachusetts is famous for its abundance of contemporary and historic homes earning the city its well-known nickname, "The City of Homes."

Located in Hamden county, homes in Springfield are more affordable compared with homes in Boston, New York, and several other cities in Massachusetts.

Springfield appeals to millennials and retirees and it’s a great place for young families too. If you enjoy boating, swimming, or hiking, moving to Springfield, MA is perfect for you.

To help you make the right decision about moving to Springfield, we’ve collated key data about the city to give you a head stat. Let’s get right into it.

facts of Springfield

Quick stats to know before moving to Springfield, MA?

Learn some facts about Springfield, MA before moving to the city to help you decide if it's the right place for you.

  • Springfield has a 2020 population of 156,100.
  • Springfield’s population is growing at a rate of of 0.34% annually and
  • Springfield’s population has grown by 1.62% since the last census
  • Springfield’s unemployment rate is 6.0%.
  • Average hourly rate in Springfield, MA is $17.44. Massachusetts average is $35.67
  • More than 40 languages are spoken in Springfield making it a genuine immigrant city
  • Housing in Springfield is 129% lower than Massachusetts average and 20% lower than the U.S. average
  • Springfield is only a 30 minute drive from Hartford, CT and Northampton, MA
  • Springfield is 90 minutes drive from Boston and 2.5 hours from New York City
  • Springfield is 20 minutes drive to Bradley International Airport giving residents the chance for easy access to air travel

How is the weather like in Springfield, MA?

Moving to Springfield, MA means you’ll enjoy all four seasons in a year. Here’s a simple stat describing the weather conditions in Springfield, MA.

  • Rainfall: an average of 46 inches of rain per year
  • Snow: an average of inches of snow per year
  • Summer high: the July high is about 83 degrees
  • Winter low: the January low is 15 degrees

How fast can you commute to work in Springfield MA?

In Springfield, the average one-way commute time is 21.3 minutes, the national average is 26.4 minutes. This means the average commuting time in Springfield is shorter than the national average.

If you’re moving to Springfield, MA, this is one of the key things you’ll have to pay attention to. Here’s how people in Springfield commute to work:

  • Up to 74.3% of Springfield residents drive their own car alone
  • About 11.5% of Springfield residents carpool with others
  • About 2.8% of Springfield residents work from home
  • Up to 4.6% of Springfield residents take mass transit

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Is Springfield Massachusetts a good place to live?

Yes. Springfield, MA is a good and more affordable place to live compared with other cities in the East Coast such as New York City and Boston. The median home value in Springfield is also lower than the median home values in Boston and New York.

move to Springfield

Top 10 reasons to move to Springfield

Why are people moving to Springfield, MA? Similar to several other cities in Massachusetts, people are moving to Springfield for several reasons including access to top-quality healthcare and education. Here are the top ten reasons why people are moving to Springfield, MA:

  1. The cost of living in Springfield is lower than the state of Massachusetts average

    Springfield is more affordable than most of the cities in Massachusetts. Groceries, healthcare, housing, utilities, and transportation costs are lower than the state average. While the average rent for a studio apartment in Springfield is $719, the average Massachusetts rent is $1,113. Similarly, the average rent for a two-bedroom home in Springfield is $1,088 while the Massachusetts average is $1,580.

  2. Homes are affordable in Springfield

    One of the best factors about living in Springfield is affordable housing. You will get a studio for rent of $719 and a one-bedroom home for $853. The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Springfield is $1,364.

    The median home value in Springfield, MA of $158,800, and the median list price per square foot here is $110, which is 30% lower than the national average. However, the home values have gone up by 22% in the last year.

  3. You’ll enjoy all four seasons in Springfield, MA

    Springfield, MA has a hot-summer humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. The precipitation is spread throughout the year. In Springfield, winters are too cold and there can be significant snowfalls. Summers are warm and humid. In summer afternoons, there can be thunderstorms.

  4. You’ll enjoy several festivals and outdoor events in Springfield

    Be it a food festival, a music festival, or a country fair, Springfield has no shortage of events to explore throughout the year. Some of the best festivals you should not miss in Springfield are:

    • Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival
    • Jack O’ Lantern Festival
    • Four Town Fair
    • Springfield Indie Soul Festival
    • Great New England Airshow

  5. You’ll have easy access to the best education in America

    Living in Springfield, you’ll have access to the best education in the US as there are 5 colleges within the city and 50 colleges within a 50-mile radius. Driving to these colleges, some of the best in the country would take less than an hour.

    Some of the top-rated colleges in Springfield are:

    • American International College
    • Springfield College
    • Western New England University
    • Springfield Technical Community College
    • College of Our Lady of the Elms

    Springfield also has no shortage of top-notch schools and some of the premium primary education institutions include:

  6. Living in Springfield means easy access to top quality healthcare

    One of the best things about Springfield is the availability of top-quality healthcare. The city has some of the best hospitals in Massachusetts that provide treatment for medical conditions, such as cancer, knee replacement, and heart failure.

    Here are some of the top-rated hospitals in Springfield

    • Baystate Medical center
    • Baystate Children’s Hospital
    • Mercy Medical Center
    • Shriners’ Hospital for Children
    • Sr. Caritas Cancer Center
  7. You’ll enjoy a wide variety of delicious cuisine in Springfield, MA

    Springfield has got a reputation for mouth-watering New England delicacies, especially seafood. Any visit to Springfield is incomplete without tasting the following signature dishes.

    • Clam Chowder
    • Lobster Rolls
    • Cannolis
    • Baked Beans
    • Oysters
    • Fenway Frank

  8. Springfield, MA is home to Forest Park, one of the largest city parks in the U.S.

    The 735-acre municipal park overlooking the Colorado River in Springfield is one of the largest urban parks in the US and has a zoo, aquatic gardens, and outdoor amphitheater, in addition to typical Olmsted design elements like winding wooded trails, and surprising, expansive views. It is open to the public around the year.

  9. You’ll enjoy the convenience of shopping nearby

    Springfield has amazing shopping venues to explore. If you are crazy about hopping from one shop to another, there are amazing shops that sell a wide range of products, from electronics, clothes, fashion accessories to handicrafts.

    Some of the best shopping places in Springfield are:

    • Five Town Plaza
    • Eastfield Mall
    • Town Square
    • Chicopee Willimansett Flea Market
    • Blended Vintage Marketplace
  10. Abundance of high-quality houses

    Moving to Springdale, one of the best things you will notice is the quality of homes here. The houses are usually of high quality. Springfield houses are famous for their spacious size and elegance but they are much cheaper than the rest of Massachusetts.

pros and cons of Springfield

What are the pros and cons of living in Springfield, MA?

Similar to every other city in America, living in Springfield, MA has some pros and cons. We’ve highlighted key pros and cons to consider before making up your mind about moving to Springfield, MA. Here they are:

Pros of moving to Springfield MA Cons of moving to Springfield MA
Access to one of the best healthcare services in AmericaHealthcare is expensive in Springfield
Access to the best education in AmericaEducation is expensive in Springfield
Beautiful landscapeSpringfield is over-populated and overcrowded
About 41% of Springfield residents have at least a bachelor’s degreeSpringfield can get really cold in winters
High home affordability ratesDrug abuse is a key problem in Springfield
Low-cost of livingTraffic in Springfield is really terrible
High percentage of low-income residents
High poverty rates

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housing market of Springfield

How Is the Housing Market in Springfield, MA?

Looking to buy a home in Springfield after moving to the city? We have collated key metrics of the Springfield real estate market to help you put the right foot forward.

How is the rental market like in Springfield?

Renting a home or an apartment is a good housing option if you’re moving to Springfield, MA. To give you a head start, we’ve curated key data about the city’s rental market.

Here’s the median monthly rent by the number of bedrooms in Springfield.

  • Studio apartment in Springfield is $719. The U.S. average is $821
  • A 1-bedroom home or apartment in Springfield is $853. The U.S. average is $930
  • A 2-bedroom home or apartment in Springfield is $1,088. The U.S. average is $1,148
  • A 3-bedroom home or apartment in Springfield is $1,364. The U.S. average is $1,537
  • A 4-bedroom home or apartment in Springfield is $1,564. The U.S. average is $1791

What’s the median home value in Springfield?

The median home value in Springfield, MA is $191,766. This median home value is seasonally calculated and only indicates the mid-price tier of houses. Over the past year, home values in Springfield have increased by 10.9% and experts predict that they will increase by 8.9% over the next year. Buying a home could be one of the things you’d like to do before or after moving to Springfield, MA.

places to live in memphis

Best Neighborhoods in Springfield

Where should you live if you’re moving to Springfield, MA? There are several neighborhoods to live in Springfield, whether you’re single, raising a family, a couple or even a retiree. Since you’re considering moving to Springfield, MA, we’ve made a list of the best places to live in the city. Take a look:

Here are the best neighborhoods in Springfield, MA:

Rank Neighborhood Median Household Income
1East Forest Park$65,691
2Sixteen Acres$57,403
3Pine Point$48,663
4Forest Park$41,264
5East Springfield$39,031
6Boston Road$38,124
7Liberty Heights$36,835
8Indian Orchard$35,713
9Upper Hill$33,409
11Old Hill$26,512
cost of living in Springfield

What’s the cost of living in Springfield, MA?

The cost of living in Springfield, MA is 89.7. The United States average is 100. The average cost of living in Massachusetts is 162.4. This means that the average cost of living in Springfield, MA is lower than the state’s average and the national average.

What’s the average salary and income in Springfield?

Since moving to Springfield, MA could mean getting a new job and a new salary, what’s the average salary to look forward to? Generally, in Massachusetts, the average annual pay for average jobs is 74,189 a year. That’s an average of $35.67 per hour.

Here’s a breakdown of the average salaries in Springfield, MA:

  • Average hourly rate in Springfield, MA is $17.44. Massachusetts average is $35.67
  • Springfield’s trends in wages rose by 5.8% in Q3 2020
  • The average weekly pay for hourly jobs in Springfield is $698 per week
  • The average monthly pay for hourly jobs in Springfield is $3,023 per month
  • Salaries in Springfield could be as high as $70,053 or as low as $19,431
jobs in Virginia

How is the job market like in Springfield, MA?

Moving to Springfield could mean starting a new career or getting a new job. If you’re considering getting a job after moving to Springfield, here’s a breakdown of the city’s job market:

  • Springfield’s unemployment rate is 6.0%. The U.S. average is 3.7%
  • Over the past year, Springfield has experienced a job growth of 3.6%
  • Springfield future job growth over the next ten years is expected to hit 31.7%
  • Getting a job in Springfield, MA is fairly easy

Biggest Companies to work for in Springfield, MA

If you’re considering working for some of the biggest companies in Springfield, MA, we’ve made a list of the top ten ones here. This list is worth your time since you’re considering moving to Springfield, MA:

  • Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance

    The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, also known as MassMutual is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Springfield. The company has revenues of $29.6 billion and assets under management of $675 billion. It employs more than 7,000 in the United States and a total of 10,614 worldwide.

  • Big Y

    A family-owned supermarket chain, Big Y Foods Inc. is the largest independently owned supermarket chain in New England with a workforce of 12,000 people. As per the latest data, Big Y is the 210th largest private company in the US with revenue of $1.7 billion.

  • Information Technology

    The closeness to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has significantly contributed to the growth of the IT industry in Springfield. The city is home to some of the biggest IT companies in Massachusetts, such as:

    • Dgmax Technology, Inc.
    • Tealapin Technology Inc
    • Strategic Technology Partners
    • Tech Titanz
    • Cmd Technology Group Inc
    • Normandeau Technologies, Inc

  • Baystate Health

    Baystate Health focuses on the healthcare system in Massachusetts and runs about 5 hospitals, over 80 medical practices, and 25 reference laboratories. With 12,000 employees including 1,600 physicians, it is one of Massachusetts' largest employers.

  • Smith & Wesson

    Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (S&W) is an American firearm and ammunition manufacturer with assets worth US$728.961 and equity worth US$387.118. The 160-year old company employs about 2,200 people.

  • American Outdoor Brands

    American Outdoor Brands Inc. manufactures outdoor sports and recreation products and owns 18 brands. Earlier known as Smith and Wesson Corporation, S&W spun it off in 2020 and it became a new publicly traded company on the NASDAQ as American Outdoor Brands, Inc. The company claims to have revenue of $678.4 million and employs about 1,980 people.

  • Behavioral Health Network

    BHN is a regional provider of comprehensive behavioral health services for adults, children, and families with life challenges due to mental illness, substance use disorders, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. The company employs about 2,400 people across the US.

  • Peter Pan Bus Lines

    Peter Pan Bus Lines is a bus company connecting different cities spread over multiple states of the US since 1933. The company has been operated by the Picknelly family for the last 9 decades. It employs 750 people and has revenue of $21.4 million.

  • Hannoush Jewelers

    A family-owned and trusted for the past 4 decades, Hannoush Jewelers is a medium retail company with 575 employees and annual revenue of $81.9M. It deals with jewelry, especially wedding rings.

  • Health New England

    Health New England is a non-profit health maintenance organization that offers a health plan to get care from specific doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Baystate Health, Health New England has about 270 employees and its annual revenue is estimated to be $5 million.

  • The Dennis Group

    The Dennis Group is the largest food and beverage design-build firm in the US with $141.91 million in revenue. There are 9 companies in The Dennis Group Inc corporate family and 335 total employees work across all of its locations.

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How are taxes like in Springfield, MA?

Will you be paying more or less in taxes if you’re moving to Springfield, MA? Depending on where you’re moving from, moving to Springfield MA, could actually mean paying more or less in taxes. Since you’re considering moving to Springfield, MA, here are the key things you should know about the state’s taxes:

  • Springfield’s sales tax rate is 6.3. the national average is 7.3%
  • Springfield’s income tax rate is 5.1%. The national average is 4.6%
  • Tax rates can have a significant impact on your income and cost of living

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things to do in Springfield

What are the best things to do in Springfield MA?

Springfield is not a boring city. There are tons of outdoor activities to enjoy if you’re moving to Springfield. Let’s take a look:

  • Take a tour down the memory lane of the titanic ship

    The Titanic Museum by the Titanic Historical Society displays rare artifacts from the ship, many donated by the survivors themselves. There is a 9-foot model of the Titanic that shows in minute detail what the largest ship in the world looked like in 1912.

  • Enjoy a Springfield Symphony Orchestra Concert

    Springfield Symphony Orchestra (SSO) is the largest Massachusetts symphony outside of Boston and conducts performances every season. SSO consists of about 80 musicians from the NE region of the United States and Canada and to enjoy the performance, tickets need to be booked in advance as most of the hall will be full.

  • Explore Forest Park

    One of the largest municipal parks in the US, the 735-acre-spread Forest Park has a zoo, aquatic gardens, and outdoor amphitheater, in addition to winding wooded trails and expansive views of the Connecticut River. The park is free for the public but entry to the zoo requires a ticket.

  • Play at the Basketball Hall of Fame

    The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is a history museum and hall of fame promoting and preserving the history of basketball. More than 400 basketball individuals are inducted into the hall of fame, including John Wooden, Lenny Wilkens, Bill Sharman, Tom Heinsohn, and Bill Russell.

  • Enjoy great tasty BBQ

    Do not miss the delicious BBQ meat delicacies in Springfield complemented with a wide range of beverages and desserts. They are available at most restaurants and roadside eateries at all price ranges.

  • Explore the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden

    A part of the Springfield Museum, this is a sculpture garden with five large bronze statues of characters immortalized by Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known to the world as Dr. Seuss.

  • Taste delicious German cuisine

    For German food lovers, there is no place better than Springfield in the US to explore the wide range of authentic German gastronomy. Springfield has some authentic German restaurants that are worth a visit, such as a student Prince Café and Fort Restaurant, Munich Haus, Wurst Haus, and Nick’s Worcester.

  • Tour a revolutionary-era armory

    Springfield Armory, more formally known as the United States Armory and Arsenal at Springfield was the first federal armory and one of the first factories in the United States dedicated to the manufacture of weapons. During the American Civil War and the Vietnam War, most of the weapons were manufactured here. The armory is now a preserved National Historic Site.

  • Explore Storrowton Village

    A living history museum on the Eastern States Exposition fairgrounds, Storrowton Village has antique buildings around the mini-town within the fairgrounds, dating back to the 19th century. The Village is primarily open during the summer months.

  • Visit the George Walter Vincent Smith Museum

    An Italian palazzo-style art museum with eclectic collections of George Walter Vincent Smith and his wife, Belle Townsley Smith, George Walter Vincent Smith Museum also displays Japanese lacquer, arms, and armor, ceramics, and bronzes. The museum also has one of the largest collections of Chinese cloisonné outside of Asia. In addition, there are significant American 19th-century paintings, Italian 19th-century watercolors, a rare plaster cast collection, objects created for 19th-century International Expositions, and examples of lace and early textiles.

  • Inspect Dr. Seuss Artifacts

    The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum displays interactive sculptures, exhibits, and original and reproduced artwork from Dr. Seuss. There are original oil paintings, a recreation of Geisel's studio, complete with his drawing board and other original items, and family and fan correspondence.

how safe is Springfield

How safe is Springfield to live?

Safety is one of the key things you’ll have to consider before making up your mind about moving to Springfield MA. We’ve collated key crime stats about Springfield to give you an idea of what to expect if you move to the city:

Crime Stats in Springfield

  • Crime rates in Springfield are 41% higher than the U.S. average
  • Springfield violent crime rates are 139% higher than the U.S. average
  • Springfield residents have a 1 in 29 chance of being a victim of crime
  • Springfield is only safer than 6% of cities in the U.S.
  • In Springfield, the year over year crime rate has reduced by 3%

Most popular crimes

Violent crime is the most common crime in Springfield MA. Violent crime refers to any of these four offenses:

  • Murder and non-negligent manslaughter
  • Forcible rape
  • Robbery, and
  • Aggravated assault

Is Springfield, Massachusetts a good place to live?

Springfield, Massachusetts is a great place to live in as it boasts of plenty of jobs, good natural surroundings, better payslips, and affordable housing. Compared to big cities such as Boston or New York, home value in Springfield is lower despite being an economic center of the state.

Is Springfield Massachusetts a safe area?

Springfield, Massachusetts scores low in safety as the crime rate is above the national average. The crime rate is 9.52 per 1,000 residents and the city is safer than just 10% of US cities. On average, a crime occurs in Springfield every 38 minutes and your home is 300% more likely to be robbed with no home security system.

schools in memphis

Which are the best schools in Springfield MA?

Springfield, MA is home to several top-quality schools. Residents also have easier access to top-quality institutions in the state of Massachusetts. Since you’re considering moving to Springfield, Ma, here’s a list of the best schools in the area:

Best elementary schools in Springfield, MA

  • Springfield Preparatory Charter School
    Springfield Preparatory Charter School (District), Charter, K-2 | 215 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Alice B Beal Elementary School
    Springfield School District, Public, K-5 | 261 students, Rating: 6/10

  • Alfred G Zanetti
    Springfield School District, Public, PK-8 | 434 students, Rating: 6/10

  • Rebecca M Johnson
    Springfield School District,Public, PK-5 | 749 students, Rating: 5/10

  • Mary O Pottenger
    Springfield School District,Public, K-5 | 425 students, Rating: 5/10

Best middle schools in Springfield MA

  • Chestnut Accelerated Middle School (Talented And Gifted)
    Springfield School District, Public district, Public, 6-8 | 316 students, Rating: 6/10

  • Alfred G Zanetti
    Springfield School District, Public, PK-8 | 434 students, Rating: 6/10

  • Veritas Preparatory Charter School
    Veritas Preparatory Charter School (District), Charter, 5-8 | 322 students, Rating: 6/10

  • Sabis International Charter School
    Sabis International Charter (District), Charter, K-12 | 1574 students, Rating: 4/10

  • John J Duggan Middle School
    Springfield School District, Public, 6-11 | 766 students, Rating: 3/10

Best high schools in Springfield, MA

  • Sabis International Charter School
    Sabis International Charter (District), Charter, K-12 | 1574 students, Rating: 4/10

  • John J Duggan Middle School
    Springfield School District, Public, 6-11 | 766 students, Rating: 4/10

  • The Springfield Renaissance School
    Springfield School District, Public, 6-12 | 694 students, Rating: 3/10

  • High School Of Commerce
    Springfield School District, Public, 9-12 | 1079 students, Rating: 2/10

  • Putnam Vocational Technical High School
    Springfield School District, Public, 9-12 | 1436 students, Rating: 2/10

Best colleges in the Springfield, MA area

  • Amherst college

  • Smith college

  • Mount Holyoke college

  • University of Massachusetts

  • Bay Path University

  • Hampshire college

  • Springfield College of Massachusetts

  • Western New England University

  • American International College

  • Springfield College (School of professional and continuing studies)

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