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Are you mulling over moving to Miami, Florida?

Miami is one of the leading hubs in commerce, finance, culture, fashion, media, film, international trades, and entertainment.

If you’d like to live in a lively city with warm weather all year round, moving to Miami, Florida is perfect for you.

Known for being an international melting pot of culture, Miami’s music scene, electrifying nightlife, and no-income-tax make it one of America’s most coveted cities.

If you’re considering moving to Miami and wondering if the city is right for you or not, this guide contains the key things you need to know about the Magic City to make the right decision.


Quick facts to know before moving to Miami

  • Miami has the largest concentration of international banks in the U.S.
  • There is no income tax in Miami
  • Miami gets an average of 248 sunny days per year.
  • Miami nightlife can be exciting and thrilling
  • Around 55.3% of the Miami population are renters
  • The average annual pay for the average job in Miami is $60,155
  • Miami property tax is 0.83% average effective rate

What’s the population of Miami?

Miami is home to 478,251 people. The Magic City appeals to people of all lifestyles and ages making it a melting pot of cultures that makes it a unique city. The following is a simple breakdown of the city’s population since you’re considering moving to Miami:

  • Miami is Florida’s second-largest city and the 42nd largest in the country
  • Miami has a population density of 13,286 people per square mile
  • Miami’s median age is 39.1 years for males, and 41.4 years for females
  • Miami is the most populous metro region in the Southern US after Washington, D.C.

How fast can you commute in Miami?

Miami’s average one-way commute time takes 28.1 minutes. The national average is 26.4 minutes. That means the average commute time in Miami is longer than the U.S. average. If you’re moving to Miami, we’ve collated key data about how people in the city commute to work. Check the stats below:

  • About 70.0% of Miamians drive their own car alone
  • Around 8.5% of Miamians carpool with others
  • Up to 4.2% of Miamians work from home
  • Around 10.9% of Miamians take mass transit

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How is the weather like in Miami?

Miami gets 248 sunny days per year. The national average is 205 sunny days per year. If the weather is one of the key things you’d like to consider before moving to Miami, you’d be glad to learn that the Magic City has great weather. Check out the city key weather stats

  • Miami summer high is around 89 degrees
  • Miami winter low in January is around 61 degrees
  • On average, Miami gets 59 inches of rain per year. The national average is 38 inches
  • Miami gets zero inches of snow in a year. The national average is 28 inches
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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Miami

If you’re wondering why moving to Miami seems like such a great idea, we’ve made a top ten list of why the Magic City is appealing to many people

Check out the list below:

  • Exciting nightlife
  • Beautiful neighborhoods
  • Home to top-tiered beaches
  • Clean city with a healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoy flavors from across the world
  • Diverse economy
  • No state income tax in Miami
  • Warm climate
  • Easy access to international markets
  • One of the best cities for jobs in Florida
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Pros & Cons of Living in Miami

Before making up your mind about moving to Miami, check out the pros and cons of living in the city.

This will give you an idea of what to expect if you’re moving to Miami:

Pros of living in Miami
  • The number of things you can do to have fun in Miami is almost endless
  • Moving to Miami means you’ll get a taste of Latin America in the U.S.
  • You’ll enjoy the best of Cuban food in Miami
  • If you love the exciting nightlife, move to Miami
  • No one gets late in Miami
  • If you love beaches, you’ll love Miami
  • There are a lot of park spaces in Miami
  • You’ll find lots of public transport options in Miami
  • Florida is a tax-friendly state
  • If you love exotic animals, you’ll love Miami
Cons of living in Miami
  • High crime rates are reported in some Miami neighborhoods
  • Some new residents struggle to get used to the weather in Miami
  • Drivers in Miami can be really terrible
  • Miami is a hot and humid city
  • You’ll have to put up with the city’s high cost of living
  • High housing costs
  • The city has an average job market
  • Traffic is terrible in Miami
  • You’ll have to put up with tropical storms in Miami
  • The sky isn’t always sunny in Miami

Best Neighborhoods To Live In Miami


While you’re planning to move to Miami, chances are that you’ll be interested in living in some of the best neighborhoods in Magic City. Here are the ten best neighborhoods to live in Miami:

Rank Neighborhood Population Home Value Median Income
1 Coral Way 59,189 $311,115 $49,574
2 North Coconut Grove 10,440 $592,500 $99,136
3 Downtown 30,065 $273,208 $71,374
4 Flagami 59,021 $151,929 $30,687
5 West Flagler 49,734 $229,267 $31,236
6 South Coconut Grove 7,956 $538,740 $83,666
7 Little Havana 56,682 $116,936 $24,491
8 Upper Eastside 7,725 $341,260 $51,180
9 Wynwood 17,923 $156,805 $53,417
10 Allapattah 48,321 $107,909 $23,663

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Cost of living in Miami

The cost of living in Miami is 123.1. The national average is 100.

That means the average cost of living in Miami is higher than the U.S. average. Since you’re considering moving to Miami, you should be aware that the city's top-quality lifestyle and high standard of living contribute to its cost of living.

Cost of living Miami Florida United States
Overall 123.1 102.8 100
Grocery 107.3 102.8 100
Health 98.8 98 100
Housing 142.7 102.6 100
Miscellaneous 104.8 96.9 100
Utilities 95.5 101.3 100
Transportation 144.5 112.6 100

Miami tax info

Moving to Miami means paying a similar tax as the rest of Florida.

The following are the key taxes Miamians are required to pay:

  • There are no income taxes in Florida
  • Miami sales tax is 6% - 8.50%
  • Miami property tax is 0.83% average effective rate
  • Miami gas tax is 4 cents per gallon of regular diesel and gasoline

Best things to do in Miami

Miami is one of the most fun cities in the United States.

Moving to Miami means you’ll have as much fun as you want. We’ve made a list of the best things you can do in the city to have fun. Check out the list below:

  • Explore the Bayside Marketplace
  • See smart design at the Wolfsonian FIU
  • Meet Flipper at The Miami Seaquarium
  • Get hands-on at The Miami Science Museum
  • Catch a performance at the Olympia Theater
  • Wander the Art Deco District
  • Visit the iconic Miami Beach
  • Take a slow cruise down Ocean Drive
  • Stroll around Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
  • Explore Jungle Island
  • Admire Freedom Tower
  • Soak up the sun at South Beach
  • Learn about locomotive history
  • Visit Crandon Park
  • Stroll through The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  • Pay your respects to the victims of the holocaust
  • View over 2000 wild animals at Zoo Miami
  • Visit Bayfront Park
  • Explore Croc ridden swamplands at the Everglades National Park

How safe is Miami?

If you’re interested in moving to Miami, you’ll most likely be concerned about crime rates in the city. To make it easier for you to make a fair comparison, we’ve collated key stats about Miami’s crime rates:

  • The property crime rate in Miami is rated 62.7. The national average is 35.4
  • Residents have a 1 in 27.3 chance of being a victim of property crime
  • The violent crime rate in Miami is 48.8. The national average is 22.7
  • Residents have a 1 in 168.6 chance of being a victim of violent crime

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Statistic Count Raw Miami/ 100k People Florida/ 100k People National/ 100k People
Total Crimes Per 100K 20,474 4,260.9 2,524.1 2,476.7
Murder 43 8.9 5.2 5.0
Robbery 769 160.0 75.5 81.6
Aggravated Assault 1,886 392.5 258.3 250.2
Violent Crime 2,850 593.1 378.4 366.7
Burglary 1,771 368.6 295.2 340.5
Larceny 14,219 2,959.2 1,668.7 1,549.5
Car Theft 1,634 340.1 181.8 219.9
Property Crime 17,624 3,667.8 2,145.7 2,109.9

Best Schools & Universities in Miami

If you’re moving to Miami and have school-age kids or are interested in schooling, you may be interested in the best schools in the city.

To make it easier for you to pick the right choice, we’ve created a list of the best schools in the city to help you get started if you’re moving to Miami.

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