After The Move Checklist

After The Move Checklist

TV set? checked. Home theater? checked. Washing machine? errh…

An after the move checklist is a guide of things that are worth doing after you have moved and now in your new home. As soon as you arrived at your new home, you’ll suddenly discover there are things to be done to help you settle in easily.  However, it’s important to set your priorities right and do the right things at the appropriate time.

Consider the following move checklist:

Set Up Your Utilities

Ensure all your utilities are up and running before you start checking electronics. You can request for your electricity to be up the day you intend to move in. There are often some things to be done the day you arrive in your new home and working in darkness is not a good idea.

Check All Boxes and Furniture

It’s important to ensure that nothing was damaged during the move. Carefully check all your boxes and furniture. You can verify the status of your items by checking your inventory. However, if you discover an item is missing or damaged, contact the moving company and you may consider filing a claim. If you intend to file a claim act quickly and do so within nine months from the date your items were delivered by the movers.

Obtain a Library Card

Obtain a library card. Get one for each member of your family. As soon as you have a library card, consider yourself home.   

Find Schools for Your Child (ren)

Although, finding a good school is something you can do before you move. If you never had the chance to do so earlier or probably you made an interstate or long distance move, you now have the chance to do so after you move. The sooner you register your children at school, the easier they’ll settle into the new community.

Put Your Finances in Order

Don’t wait until you need money in a hurry before putting your finances in order. Set up new bank accounts, transfer some money and order new checks with your new address.

Contact Insurance Companies

Contact your auto, household, and health insurance companies as soon as possible. It’s important to find out if you’re already covered or if you’ll need to set up new policies with a new company. This is mostly important if you moved into a new state or province.

Make an Emergency Contact List

An emergency contact list is a list and phone numbers of all the help you might need during an emergency such as local fire service, plumbers, etc.

Collect Receipts

Ensure you keep all documentations and receipts related to your move in one file and keep such file in a safe and secured place. Make sure you still have a copy of your receipt and Bill of Lading. You may have the chance to claim your move on your next tax return and you will need all the necessary documents to make your claim.

Get Connected To Your New Neighborhood

As part of your effort to settle into your new community, buy a subscription to the community magazine or local newspaper. This will enlighten you about what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Check All Appliances

Check all your small and large appliances to ensure they are all in good working conditions. Appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, washers, and all other electrical appliances must be checked to ensure none was damaged during the move.

This is particularly necessary if the moving company packed your items for the move. The type of insurance policy you have may have a limited time for you to make claims.

Register to Vote  

It’s important not to disenfranchise yourself simply because you made a move. Make sure you get your name on the voters’ registration for your new area. Also, ensure you updated all documents and information to your new address.

Are Your Mails Coming In?

You need to make sure you’re getting your mails as requested. Check with the local post office or your old residence to ensure your mails are been rerouted. Also, verify if your new registered address has been activated across all channels.

You need to find new health experts

Don’t wait till an emergency before you start looking for health professionals. Try to find a doctor, dentist, vet or any other professional medical services you may need.

Register Your Vehicle 

If you made a long distance move across states, countries or provinces, don’t forget to register your vehicle. Also, get a new driver’s license, plates and/or tags for your vehicle. Consider checking your DMV for more information.

Hope you loved the above mentioned move checklist after your move



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