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It is true that hundreds of Americans move to Dothan every year. And are you someone planning to join them but unaware of what’s in store?

Our Dothan moving guide is for you. It discusses everything related to the 5th largest city in Alabama. We cover its population, crime stats, jobs, cost of living, transportation, taxes, education, and much more. This means, once you are through our guide, you’ll be the best to answer every query related to the city named after the biblical city where Joseph's brothers threw him into a cistern and sold him into slavery in Egypt.

Without wasting much time, let’s delve into the city details.


Quick facts to know before you move to Dothan, AL

  • Dothan is the 8th largest in population and 5th largest by area in Alabama.
  • It is named after the biblical city where Joseph's brothers threw him into a cistern and sold him into slavery in Egypt.
  • The first permanent white settlers here were nine families who moved into the area during the early 1830s to harvest the abundant timber.
  • The first name of the area was Poplar Head and was renamed ad Dothan in 1885.
  • Dothan is also nicknamed as the ‘Peanut Capital of the World’.
  • The city hosts the ‘National Peanut Festival’ annually.

Top 10 things to know before moving to Dothan, AL

  • The city is highly affordable
  • It ranks high on the livability index.
  • The city is relatively safer.
  • The quality of education is much higher here.
  • There are plenty of jobs here.
  • The economy is also diverse
  • The population is growing here.
  • The city is the main transportation and commercial hub in that part of the country.
  • Approximately one-fourth of the U.S. peanut crop is from here.
  • The real estate prices are much lower than the national average.

What's the population of Dothan, AL?

Dothan is the 8th largest city in Alabama in terms of population. The city has about 70,318 residents which means 773.81 per square mile. The city population is growing by an average 5.4% every year. As per the latest stats, the number of people per household in Dothan is 2.6.

To know the population better, here are a few stats.

  • Dothan’s total population is 70,318.
  • The population is made up of 47.2 males and 52.8% females.
  • The median age in Dothan is 38.6.
  • The city population is made up of 60.3% White, 33.3% Black or African American, 1.2% Asian, 0.3 Native Americans, and 1.6% from two or more races.
  • About 3.3% of the population is of Hispanic ethnicity.
  • The median household size in Dothan is 2.6 persons.
  • About 48.7% of the residents are married couples living together.
  • On average, 21.9% of the residents are single and have children.

How fast can you commute to Dothan, AL?

One of the best things of moving to Dothan is the traffic. The roads are mostly free and you will reach the office and back home faster than the present city. On average, a Dothan resident spends 19.1minutes on the road which is shorter than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

If you are keen to know how the city residents reach the office regularly, here are the latest stats.

  • About 87.9% drive their car alone
  • About 7.6% carpool with others
  • About 2.5% work from home
  • Approximately 0.1% take mass transit

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What is the weather like in Dothan, AL?

The city has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and generally mild winters, with average high temperatures ranging from 92 °F in the summer to 59 °F high during winter. While it hardly snows in Dothan, tornadoes strike the city frequently.

Here are a few Dothan weather facts.

  • The city receives about 55 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year.
  • Dothan averages 0 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.
  • On average, the city gets about 227 sunny days per year against the US average of 205 sunny days
  • The city receives some kind of precipitation, on average, 100 days per year in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
move to Dothan

Top reasons to move to Dothan, AL

You may ask why many people move to Dothan annually. And trust us; this has got its own reasons. We have filtered out 7 positives of the city.

And we’ve collated a few positives of the city.

  • More affordability
  • Low commute time
  • Low property tax
  • Racial diversity
  • Good schooling options
  • Low substance abuse rate
pros and cons of Dothan

Pros & Cons of moving to Dothan, AL

When you think about relocating to a new place, analyzing both the merits and demerits is a crucial activity and to help you, we’ve got the best and worst of Dothan, AL.

Take a look at both to gauge whether moving here is a good decision for you.

The pros
  • Low population
  • Diverse population
  • Low cost of living
  • Low risk of natural disasters
  • Low rent
The cons
  • Low house ownership ratio
  • Wet weather
  • High sales taxes
  • High tornado risk

Best neighborhoods in Dothan, AL

As you move into Dothan, your first priority would be to find a home in a decent neighborhood, especially when you’ve a family.

Dothan has no shortage of neighborhoods within its boundaries and nearby. To help you, we’ve filtered out the best places to live here.

Here are the 10 best neighborhoods in Dothan to rent or buy a house.

Rank Neighborhood Home Value Average rental
1. Kelly Springs $338,615 $2,462
2. Brannon Stand $304,802 $1,769
3. Green Acres $226,600 $1,554
4. Spring Valley Acres $233,315 $1,352
5. Stone Bridge Estates $235,360 $1,310
6. Ardilla $195,422 $1,337
7. Rehoboth/Madrid $161,170 $1,620
8. Wiregrass Hills $179,699 $1,158
9. Woodsvale $160,132 $1,012
10. Lakeview/Columbia $117,378 $995

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Cost of living in Dothan, AL

Dothan is slightly an affordable city when you compare it with many neighboring Alabama cities.

Much of the amenities here are economic and you may stay here comfortably without burning the wallet. Maybe that’s a reason more prefer calling the city their home.

Here is a break-up of the cost of living in Dothan.

Living Expense Dothan Alabama National Average
Overall 79.6 84.1 100
Grocery 96 94.4 100
Health 118.9 118.9 100
Housing 50.6 56.6 100
Median Home Cost $181,400 $214,000 $338,100
Utilities 96.6 101.2 100
Transportation 79.1 85.9 100
Miscellaneous 78 71 100
Job Market

How is the job market in Dothan, AL?

Interestingly, Dothan has a growing economy and this contributes to the job sector.

While a job is your goal behind the moving plant, you’ve reasons to smile as jobs have increased by 1.2% in the last one year. Aviation, automobile manufacturing, mineral extraction, steel production & fabrication are major areas where you can apply for a job.

And we’ve got a few job-related facts in Dothan, which may benefit you.

  • The job growth in Dothan has been positive.
  • The future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 29.7%.
  • The unemployment rate here is 3.8%.
  • Jobs have increased by 1.2% over the past year.
  • The average salary in Dothan is $47.008.
  • The median home cost in Dothan is $181,400

Here is a breakdown table to better understand the Dothan job market.

Employment Information Dothan, Alabama United States
The income per Cap $26,371 $31,177
Household Income $43,316 $57,652
Unemployment Rate 3.8 6.0%
Recent Job Growth -2.27% -6.18%
Future Job Growth 29.69% 33.51%

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Fastest growing jobs in Dothan, AL

Dothan has a growing economy that contributes plenty of jobs. With many offices and companies within the boundaries, it is always tough to pick the best jobs in Dothan. And making a list of the fastest-growing jobs is a little tougher. However, we’ve researched and made a list of the 10 fastest-growing jobs in Dothan.

Here are the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in Dothan.

Rank Job Title Growth% Average salary Openings
1 Registered nurse 147.8% $59,480 562
2 Physician 141.6% $217,248 489
3 Sales associate 139.1% $39,120 416
4 Delivery driver 137.4% $31,986 232
5 Server 133.1% $20,240 214
6 Customer service representative 131.2% $23,433 166
7 General manager 129.0% $63,077 164
8 Assistant manager 127.8% $47,066 162
9 Cashier 121.4% $21,156 155
10 Hospitalist physician 117.4% $226,509 135

Top career options in Dothan, Alabama?

While you’re job hunting in Dothan, the pay slip would be the priority. And knowing the best-paying jobs in the city would make things easier. Knowing this, we’ve prepared a list of top career options in Dothan.

Here are the highest-paying jobs in Dothan, AL

Rank Job Title Average salary Entry level salary
1 General surgeons $290,355 $151,000
2 Loan servicing specialists $273,214 $166,000
3 Hospitalist physician $226,509 $134,000
4 Physician $217,248 $124,000
5 Cardiologist $214,653 $110,000
6 General internist $207,538 $118,000
7 Internist $205,806 $115,000
8 Hospitalist $188,807 $116,000
9 Neurologist $175,831 $95,000
10 Pediatric neurologist $150,482 $82,000

What's the average salary & income in Dothan, AL?

Salary is a major factor that decides whether the place is good to live in. Once you’re in Dothan, you would like to know how much you would be able to earn. Fortunately, this city has good job options and the salaries you receive will also be fair. The average salary in Dothan is $47,008 and anything above $38k is good enough to comfortably live.

Here are a few informative points related to the average salary and income in Dothan.

  • Dothan’s average annual pay for average jobs is $47,008 a year
  • Dothan’s average hourly pay for average jobs is $18.75 an hour
  • Dothan’s average weekly pay for average jobs is $750 per week
  • Dothan’s average monthly pay for average jobs is $3,250per month
  • Dothan’s top earners (90th percentile) make $82,000 annually

Major industries in Dothan, AL

Dothan is a growing city and while moving here for a job, you won't be disappointed. However, when you are in the last leg of the moving process, it is natural to be curious about the major industries here. Knowing this, we’ve listed them out for you.

  • Aviation
  • Fabricated metals
  • Food processing
  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Healthcare

Best companies to work for if you’re moving to Dothan, AL

We all love working at companies that maintain outstanding employee relationships. And fortunately, Dothan has many such organizations where you may apply for a job during the job hunt. We’ve got a list of the top 10 among them. Go through the best companies which will help you tweak the search list while you are looking for a job in Dothan.

Here’s our best company list.

  • AAA Cooper Transportation
  • Flowers Hospital
  • The Cochran Firm
  • Sony Magnetic Products Inc of America
  • Houston County
  • DSI Security
  • Wallace Community College
  • Larry Blumberg & Associates Inc
  • Airspeed Aviation Limited
  • Dothan Rescue Mission

How is the housing market in Dothan, Alabama?

Moving to Dothan, you’ll be surprised to know that the home prices are extremely pocket-friendly here. And this makes buying a house easier in Dothan than in most Alabama cities. As per the latest stats, you could easily buy one for $181,400, much lower than half the national average.

We’ve got the latest city housing facts for you.

  • Dothan’s median home cost is $181,400.
  • The median age of Dothan’s real estate is 38 years old.
  • The city’s home appreciation in the last 10 years has been 45.3%.
  • Renters make up 35.5% of the Dothan population.
  • About 4.8% of houses and apartments in Dothan are available to rent.

Average rental prices in Dothan, Alabama

After you reach Dothan, your first few months, or maybe the initial years would be at rented homes. And, fortunately, just like home prices, even home rentals are cheaper here. We’ve researched the average home rental in the city and the details may help you.

  • Dothan’s average rent for a studio apartment is $660
  • Dothan’s average rent for a 1-bedroom home or apartment is $760
  • Dothan’s average rent for a 2-bedroom home or apartment is $800
  • Dothan’s average rent for a 3-bedroom home or apartment is $1,080
  • Dothan’s average rent for a 4-bedroom home or apartment is $1,230

What are taxes like in Dothan, AL?

Taxes play a major role in your salary and your takeaway is based on how much the authorities tax you.

Knowing this is crucial in deciding whether you need to relocate to Dothan. And as you would be keen to know the taxes in Dothan, we thought to point down the major tax factors here.

Here are a few tax-related facts in Dothan.

  • The sales tax rate for Dothan is 9.0%. The US average is 7.3%.
  • The income tax rate for Dothan is 5.0%. The US average is 4.6%.
  • The average property tax rate in Dothan is 0.41%.

What are the best things to do in Dothan, Alabama?

After moving to Dothan, you can be sure of having fun every weekend as the city is packed with many activities, both indoor and outdoor.

We’ve got a list of the 10 best things to do in Dothan.

  • Spend the day at Adventureland
  • Catch a movie at Continental Drive-In
  • A night at the opera with Dothan Opera House
  • Visit Cherry Street AME Church
  • Come to the National Peanut Festival
  • Look up The Peanut King
  • Browse the murals of the Wiregrass
  • Smell the roses at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
  • Brush up on your history at George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum
  • Learn about the city’s heritage at Landmark Park

How safe is Dothan, AL?

One of the biggest drawbacks of Dothan is crime. Though the authorities claim the crime has declined in recent years, it is still higher than the national average. The city has a violent crime rate of 37.2, which is over 60 percent higher than the US average of 22.7. However, about 71% of the city residents feel safe here.

To help you know the crime stats in Dothan, we’ve got a few facts.

  • The violent crime rate in Dothan is 37.2 while the US average is 22.7.
  • The city’s property crime is 52.8 while the US average is 35.4.
  • Your chance of being a violent crime victim here is 1 in 1,047.
  • Your chance of being a property crime victim is 1 in 254 in Dothan.
  • About 71% of Dothan’s population feels safe in the city.

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What are the top schools in Dothan, AL?

When you plan to relocate to Dothan with the family, you may be worried about your child’s studies.

However, you will be relieved to know that Dothan has many good schools within the city boundaries. And we’ve collated the best ones here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dothan promises plenty of jobs ranging to different sectors and the cost of living is lower than most neighboring cities. Dothan also ranks high in safety. So when your intention is to live somewhere that promises safety, jobs, money, and fun, Dothan is your home.

Dothan produces one-third of the total peanuts in the US and it is nicknamed as the ‘Peanut Capital of the World’. The city is also affordable in terms of housing and transport. And the city is good in terms of safety along with plenty of fun options.

Dothan is one of the best places to raise a family when you consider the living cost, crime rate, jobs, and education. In addition, the city is also home to unlimited fun and adventure.

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