Top Moving Companies in New York

Top Moving Companies in New York

When you’re searching for the best moving companies in New York, there is no better place than here!

You will find the top-rated movers in New York under one roof and you can easily choose a company based on your preferences. Since our network has got only properly verified, licensed, BBB-certified moving companies, the safety of your belongings during the move is guaranteed.

What are the best moving companies in New York to help you move?

Here’s a list of 8 top-rated movers in New York.

In the past 10 years, we have helped about 1 million people relocate their homes both locally and long-distance across the country. This supreme track record vows for our performance.

We have filtered down 8 moving companies in New York-based on their track record, quality of services, and cost factor.

As every mover in our network is professionally trained to move any type of item at your home, you can assign a mover the task with utmost confidence. We’ve got only reliable and licensed movers.

Let us see some of the top-rated moving companies in New York

Moving Company NameVerified or NotServices OfferedOperation HoursContact Number
Eagle Moving GroupVerifiedInterstate moving9:00 AM -5:00 PM(877) 540-2992
All Coast Moving GroupVerifiedInterstate moving(561) 770-3862
All Moving USAVerifiedInterstate moving(844) 305-9005
Empire Moving GroupVerifiedInterstate moving(407) 993-6535
Nationwide Moving ServiceVerifiedInterstate MovingLocal MovingStorage Services9:00 AM -5:00 PM
(855) 967-0102
All City VanlinesVerifiedInterstate MovingLocal Moving9:00 AM -5:00 PM
(347) 462-4642
Trinity VanlinesVerifiedInterstate moving(844) 239-8463
24 x7 LogisticsVerifiedInterstate moving(800) 309-9430
Top Moving Companies in New York

Things to know before you hire a moving company in New York

While you look for a moving company to relocate the household stuff to the new home, be specific about your needs. Ensure the mover fits your demands. Do not just consider the cost as the only factor but it should be one among the many factors. A cheap moving quote does not mean that you’ve got the best moving company in New York.

You need to consider both experience and reliability as major factors. Here are a few factors you need to consider while hiring a moving company.

A verified mover should be your pick

While you assign a mover the task to handle your household belongings, you need to remember that the stuff may have both expensive and special items and someone with a suspicious background handling them is the last thing you want. Your moving company must be a verified one. Some companies evade legal hurdles by frequently changing names and addresses. Ensure your mover does not belong to that league.

Always go for a licensed and certified mover

The US federal law demands an interstate mover to be licensed. Ask the company about the license details and you can verify it by going online. When a mover hesitates to reveal the license number, drop the plan to hire it as it may give you trouble on a moving day. Confirm the moving company’s profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), whether it is accredited by the BBB.

An experienced mover should be your choice

A comparatively new mover may not have the expertise to lift heavy items or handle fragile items at your home. While a veteran may have the knack to disassemble heavy furniture and later reassemble it, a new company may not be able to do that in a short span. Similarly, the chances to mishandle an item, especially a heavy one are more. This may lead to damage to the object and the floor. While a veteran company will have the required equipment. Your mover should have a minimum 10-year experience.

Also, when a mover is in the business for a long time, it proves the commitment to the business.

Be specific about the service type

Your choice of moving company in New York should be based on where you are moving. While you are moving cross-country, the company should also be experienced in moving cross-country. Some movers limit their services to local moving or less than a 100-mile radius and you can hire them while moving locally.

Our network consists of both local and interstate movers and we specifically mention the type of service of each mover, based on which you can hire one. However, do not assume that an interstate mover will deliver better local services because a local moving company can be sometimes more efficient in delivering your household items locally. The quality of services needs to be the benchmark in deciding a moving company.

Look for the types of insurance it offers

You hand over your household belongings to a moving company which will take them to the new home via road. And there is a heavy risk involved. How hard a moving company claims to be safe, it is your responsibility to make sure that nothing wrong happens. Always you need insurance against the goods and most genuine moving companies offer insurance. The coverage might be a huge one but that proves how much a moving company in New York values your items.

There should be no hidden costs

Before you hire a moving company, confirm that no hidden cost exists in the moving quote. Normally, genuine moving companies have transparent quotes which mean you don’t need to pay anything extra than what is mentioned in the quote.

Some movers do not practice ethics and their quotes will have clauses to trap the clients. For example, the company would charge you extra for the absence of an elevator or the existence of narrow corridors. Similarly, you may also be asked to pay extra for packing materials that may disrupt the entire moving budget.

Before you agree to a moving quote, read it thoroughly and understand how much the final cost would be. Ask questions to clarify your concerns and ensure what is mentioned in the quote would be the final amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I need a moving company in New York?

Every time you think about moving, you would assume to do it yourself. You may think it is easier to pack and load your belongings but the reality is different. Your house may have heavy furniture and even a minor mistake can either damage the floor or cause your injury. 
You need to be highly cautious while handling a piano or a grandfather clock. The same care is needed while packing an aquarium. And professional support is the best bet here. 
A moving company in New York can help you pack your belongings and load the truck efficiently in a minimum time.

What happens when a mover in New York does not pick up or deliver my goods as per the dates provided?

Every mover is expected to meet “reasonable dispatch” requirements, which means it is the mover’s responsibility to ensure that the transportation happens within the scheduled dates as mentioned on the order of service and bill of lading.

However, things that are beyond its control, such as the weather, are accepted reasons for the delay.

Should a mover in New York visit my home to give the final cost estimate?

A moving representative visiting your home will have an accurate account of the belongings and this helps in giving the accurate quote. This reduces the chances of unhealthy discussions related to the cost on the final day. It is always good to have a representative at the home before you receive the final moving estimate.

Should I tip a mover?

Legally, tipping is not mandatory and there’s no minimum amount you can tip to workers. However, when you are happy with services, you can offer a tip as a good gesture. Offer beverages (water, sports drink, soda) and food (breakfast rolls, sandwiches, pizza, cookies), which will be a good gesture.