Moving to Maine in 2023? Complete Moving Guide

This is a complete maine moving guide.
Get all the information you need to know about moving to Maine.

If you’d love to see the precise first spot the sun rises in the entire United States, moving to Maine will make that happen.

Maine has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. People in the state are warm, friendly, and the stunning coastlines stretch as far as the eyes can see.

If you enjoy swimming, hiking, kayaking, skiing, biking, and sailing in the summer, moving to Maine will be perfect for you. Maine also houses tons of camping sites, making the beautiful outdoors more exciting.

Maine is famous for its beautiful oceans, breathtaking mountains, lighthouses and delicious lobsters. If you’d like to see historic lighthouses, see one of the most beautiful Falls in the country or even experience all four seasons, moving to Maine will be such a great idea.

If you’re wondering if moving to Maine is right for you or not, this guide contains all the key things you need to know about the state in order to make an informed decision.


Maine Demographics

A quick look at the population and other demographics of Maine.

Male vs Female Population of Maine 2021

Male vs Female Population by Age Groups in Maine 2021

Population distribution by Ethnicity in Maine 2021

facts of Maine

Quick facts to know before moving to Maine

  • Crime rate in Maine is lower than the national average
  • Maine is one of the safest states to live in America
  • The average annual pay for an average job in Maine is $58,015 a year
  • The average hourly pay for jobs in Maine is $27.89 an hour
  • The cost of living in Maine is lower than the national average
  • The median home value in Maine is $269,753
  • The average Maine resident pay $2,597 a year in property taxes
  • Maine’s unemployment rate is 2.4%. The United States average is 3.7%

How is the weather and climate like in Maine?

If you’re moving to Maine, you’ll most likely be interested in the state’s climate and weather. One of the easiest ways to figure out if Maine is suitable for you or not is to compare the state’s weather and climate with where you are currently. Here’s a simple stat about Maine’s weather and climate:

  • Maine averages 75 inches of snow per year
  • Maine average 46 inches of per year
  • Summer high in July is around 78 degrees in Maine
  • On average, Maine gets 46 inches of rain per year. U.S. average is 38 inches
  • Maine gets an average of 75 inches of snow annually. U.S. average is 28 inches
  • Maine averages 192 sunny days per year. U.S. average is 205 sunny days
  • Maine gets an average of 131 days of precipitation per year
move to maine

Top 10 reasons to move to Maine

Why is moving to Maine such a great idea? There are so many reasons why moving to Maine could be perfect for you.

  • The crime rate in Maine is incredibly low

    Maine is one of the safest states in the US. It ranks first in public safety and has the 4th lowest property crime rate.

  • Maine houses tons of beautiful camping sites

    Camping is practically synonymous with Maine. And those who love to sleep out watching the stars need to know that there is no place better than Maine to experience it.

    Here’s the list of best campgrounds in Maine:

    • Seawall Campground
    • Blackwoods Campground
    • Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront Campground
    • Winslow City Park Campground
    • Sebago Lake State Park
    • Paradise Park Resort Campground
    • Searsport Shores Ocean Campground
    • Timberland Acres RV Park
    • Red Apple Campground
    • Hid’n Pines Family Campground

  • Maine is home to oceans, lakes, and mountains

    Mine is a total nature beauty. From amazing beaches to breathtaking lakes to stupendous mountain ranges, The Pine Tree State is about as gorgeous as it gets.

    Here is a list of spectacular lakes and mountains in Maine:

    • Lake Auburn
    • Sabattus Pond
    • Gulf Island Pond
    • Tripp Pond
    • Jordan Pond
    • Moosehead Lake
    • Sebago Lake
    • Bigelow Mountain
    • Cadillac Mountain
    • The Crockers
    • Dorr Mountain

  • Stunning Fall foliage

    Fall foliage in Maine is spectacular and perhaps the best with bright orange, yellow and red leaves on maples, oak, elm, and birch, in dramatic contrast against the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the many freshwater lakes and rivers.

  • You’ll enjoy all four seasons in Maine

    Maine weather is dramatic as the season changes 4 times a year. The summer is mild and the breeze from the Atlantic cools off the state when the temperature is at its peak. Early to mid-fall temperatures average in the high 60s and low 70s and winters are cold with snowfall. Annual snowfalls on the Southern Maine Coast can reach over 70 inches, while Northern Maine may get over 100 inches of fresh snow in a season.

  • Warm and friendly neighbors

    Maineiacs or the residents of Mainer are the friendliest in the country and they can be kind neighbors. You will come across strangers smiling at you while crossing on the road or waiting at a billing counter and the next you will see is the beginning of a happy conversation.

  • Gorgeous and historic coastlines

    You may be surprised to know that Maine has more coastline than California. The Pine Tree State has more than 5,000 miles of shoreline with an abundance of picturesque lighthouses and seafood shanties.

  • Charming restaurants with tasty food

    Lobster is the culinary landmark of Maine but there is a lot more on offer. Restaurants here serve more than lobster rolls. To satisfy your appetite, each town has restaurants that use local produce, seafood, and meats and prepare mouth-watering cuisines.

    Here are some of the best restaurants in Maine that deserve a visit

    • White Barn Inn, Kennebunkport
    • Earth, Kennebunkport
    • Hugo's, Portland
    • Fore Street, Portland
    • Union, Portland
    • The Contented Soul, Pemaquid Harbor
    • The Lost Kitchen, Freedom
    • Palace Diner, Biddeford
    • Bite into Maine, Portland

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  • Maine is a perfect state for retirement

    The low cost of living complemented with an extremely low crime rate, amazing cuisines, pleasant climate, and serene atmosphere make Maine a perfect state to retire.

  • Acadia National Park

    The 49,000-acre Acadia National park preserves about half of Mount Desert Island, part of the Isle au Haut, the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula, and portions of 16 smaller outlying islands. Cadillac Mountain, the tallest on the Atlantic coast of the US, is in Acadia. The many lakes, streams, wetlands, forests, meadows, and coastlines contribute to the diversity of animals and plants here.

pros and cons of maine

Pros & Cons of Living in Maine

Living in Maine has some benefits and downsides. Here we give you the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of living in the state since you’re considering moving to Maine:

The pros of living in Maine The cons of living in Maine
You’ll enjoy lots of seafoods in MaineHome values in Maine are higher than U.S. average
Maine is one of the safest places to live in the United StatesMaine seems to be a retirement community
Maine is home to forests and recreational spacesInternet speed isn’t so fast in Maine, unlike other states
Summers in Maine are always pleasantThe atmosphere is plain and a leftover of the past
Maine unemployment rate is lower than the U.S. averageThe low unemployment rate doesn’t guarantee a great job
There’s a fair wage for work done in MaineWinter can be really harsh in Maine
You don’t have to bother about rush hour if you’re living in MaineYou’ll have to cope with strange laws
You’ll enjoy a remarkable hospitality and charmCommercial entertainment options are limited in Maine
Easy and regular access to beautiful and remarkable coastlines
Maine is home to many cats
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Where are the best places to live in Maine?

If you’re moving to Maine, you’d most likely be interested in the best places to live in the state. Here we’ve made a list of the ten best places to live in main indicating each city’s population, unemployment rate and home value. Take a look:

Rank City Population Unemployment Rate Home Value
2South Portland25,5484.8%$257,200
cost of living in maine

What’s the cost of living in Maine?

The cost of living in Maine is rated 96.5. The United States average is 100. This means that the cost of living in Maine is lower than the national average. This is one of the key things to mull over if you’re moving to Maine.

Median House Price in Maine vs USA 2021

Median Rent Price in Maine vs USA 2021

Cost of Living by Categories in Maine vs USA 2021

What’s the average cost of renting a home in Maine?

Moving to Maine could mean renting a home. Up to 21.8% of Maine residents are renters and renting a home in the state could be a good idea. About 1.6% of homes and apartments in Maine are open to rent.

What’s the median monthly rental cost in Maine?

The following are the average costs of renting a home or apartment in Maine:

  • Average cost of a studio apartment in Maine is $754
  • Average cost of a 1-bedroom home or apartment in Maine is $801
  • Average cost of a 2-bedroom home or apartment in Maine is $1006
  • Average cost of a 3-bedroom home or apartment in Maine is $1,309
  • Average cost of a 4 -bedroom home or apartment in Maine is $1500

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What’s the median home value in Maine?

Buying a home is a good option if you’re moving to Maine. Here’s a simple breakdown of the state’s housing market to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • The median home value in Maine is $269,753
  • Home values in Maine has increased by 10.5% over the past year
  • Experts predicts a 10.9% rise in the value of homes in Maine next year
  • 78.2% of Maine residents are homeowners
jobs in Delaware

Maine Job Market

What are the top Industries in Maine?

Maine is home to several large industries powering the state’s economy. Since you’re considering moving to Maine, we’ve listed the top six industries in the state:

  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Shipbuilding
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Mining

What are the fastest growing jobs in Maine?

As some industries grow rapidly than others, some talents and skills are in higher demand than others. Since you’re considering moving to Maine, take a look at the fastest growing jobs in the state to give you an idea of how to position your skills if you’re job hunting.

Rank Job Title Growth % Average Wage Jobs in 2024
1Nurse Practitioner124.6%$99,1401,470
2Physician Assistant119.0%$104,5201,130
3Physical Therapist117.3%$75,2801,560
4Software Developer116.0%$85,4401,740
5Taxi Driver115.7%$25,4001,400
6Business Analyst115.4%$81,2201,100
7Occupational Therapist114.6%$64,6201,100
8Home Health Aid114.3%$24,6903,760
10Registered Nurse110.9%$63,80016,220

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What’s the median salary in Maine?

In Maine, the average annual pay for an average job is $58,015 a year. If you’re considering moving to Maine, here’s a simple analysis of the average pay in the state for hourly jobs:

  • The average hourly pay for jobs in Maine is $27.89 an hour
  • The average weekly pay for a job in Maine is $1,116 a week
  • The average monthly pay for an average hourly job in Maine is $4,835 per month
  • Top earners (90th percentile) make an average of $82,658 annually in Maine
  • Annual salaries in Maine can be as high as $124,905 and as low as $18,828

What’s the unemployment rate in Maine?

Maine’s unemployment rate is 2.4%. The United States average is 3.7%. This means that the unemployment rate in Maine is way below the national average.

  • Over the past year, jobs in Maine have increased by 0.6%
  • Job growth has been generally positive in Maine
  • Future job growth over the next 10 years is 33.7%. U.S. average is 33.5%

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Who are the biggest employers in Maine?

Moving to Maine could mean starting a new job. If you’re considering working for some of the biggest companies in the state, check out this list of the ten biggest employers in Maine:

Rank Company City Employees
1Support Enforcement & RecoveryAugusta13,420
4University of Maine SystemBangor8,000
5Idexx LaboratoriesWestbrook7,000
6Hannaford SupermarketsScarborough5,410
9WEXSouth Portland3,500
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Taxes in Maine

How are taxes like in Maine?

How much will you be paying in taxes if you move to Maine? You can compare taxes in Maine with the ones in your current state to know if taxes in Maine are better or not. Here are key stats about Maine taxes to give you a head start:

  • Property tax rates in Maine are well above the U.S. average.
  • Maine’s average effective property tax rate is 1.30%. The U.S. average is 1.07%.
  • The average Maine resident pay $2,597 a year in property taxes
  • Maine’s income tax ranges from 5.80% - 7.15%
  • Sales tax in Maine is 5.50%
  • Maine’s gas tax is 30 cents per gallon of regular gasoline
  • Maine’s gas tax is 31.2 cents per gallon of diesel

What is Maine most known for?

Maine is famous for so many things and so many reasons. If you’re moving to Maine, you’d most likely be interested in what the state is most known for. Here are the things Maine is mostly known for:

  • Main lobsters

    A special lobster species found on the Atlantic coast of North America especially in Maine is now a revered delicacy in Maine and is served at most restaurants in the state.

  • Main lighthouses

    For over two centuries, Maine lighthouses have stood as beacons in the night along Maine’s rocky coast. The 65 historic lighthouses that guided ships safely to harbors are now major attractions in the state.

    Here are the 10 best Maine lighthouses:

    • Portland Head Light
    • West Quoddy Head Light
    • Monhegan island Light
    • Bass Harbor Light
    • Cape Neddick Light
    • Whaleback Lighthouse
    • Boon Island Light
    • Spring Point Ledge Light
    • Seguin Island Light
    • Cape Elizabeth Light

  • Beaches

    Maine boasts of some of the best beaches in the US packed with jewel-like coves, craggy, impressive cliffs, and white sand. The state has about 5,000 miles of shoreline, much longer than California and we’ve compiled a list of the best beaches to explore while you are in Maine.

    • Kennebunk Beach
    • Wells Beach
    • Sand Beach
    • Crescent Beach
    • Ogunquit Beach
    • Old Orchard Beach
    • Popham Beach
    • Higgins Beach

  • Moose

    Maine is popular for moose and it is estimated to have a moose population of around 76,000, making it the highest population in the United States outside of Alaska.

  • L.L. Bean

    An American retail company headquartered in Freeport, Maine, L. L Bean is specialized in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment.

  • Blueberries

    Maine produces 10% of the total blueberries in North America and is its largest cultivator in the world. Blueberries are farmed on 44,000 acres across the state.

  • Mountains

    The iconic Appalachian mountain range stretching the length of the United States’ east coast passes through Maine, promising the state a pristine environment. From mountaineering to hiking to alpine skiing, there is a perfect mountain destination for everyone in Maine.

    Some of the best mountains worthy of exploring in Maine are:

    • Bigelow Mountain
    • Doubletop Mountain
    • Goose Eye Mountain
    • Saddleback Mountain
    • Mount Abraham
    • Mount Redington
    • Spaulding Mountain
    • Sugarloaf Mountain
    • Katahdin Mountain
    • Mansell Mountain

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  • Maine Windjammers

    Windjammers or traditionally rigged ships offer fun and relaxation on the sea and there is no better place than Maine to experience it. There are unlimited windjammer cruises in Maine. There is no excuse for skipping it while here.

  • Rocky and wild coast

    Maine’s rocky coast is packed with activities. Apart from serene towns housing dining places and restaurants serving seafood, there is amazing stuff including biking and trailing to engage in. The coasts of Maine are also popular destinations to kayak, fish, boat, or ski.

  • Thick pine forests

    Eastern white pine is the official tree of Maine and the state is nicknamed ‘Pine Tree State’ for the extensive pine forests that cover the state.

  • Sailing and boating

    With 3,500 miles of coastline and 6,000 lakes, it is natural for Mainers to be crazy about boating and sailing. For people here, sailing and boating are not just fun activities but are serious sports. For those coming to Maine without a boat, renting options are also available.

schools and university in maine

How is the Maine School System?

Maine is home to lots of highly-rated elementary, middle, and high schools. The state also houses several well-known colleges such as the University of Maine, Colby college, and the University of New England. If you’re moving to Maine, you’d most likely be interested in the best schools in the state.

Here we’ve made a list of the best colleges, elementary, middle, and high schools in Maine.

Top Rated Elementary Schools in Maine

  • Islesboro Central School
    Islesboro Public Schools, Public, K-12 | 91 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Mildred L Day School
    Regional School Unit 21, Public, K-5 | 234 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Kennebunkport Consolidated School
    Regional School Unit 21, Public, K-5 | 177 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Asa C Adams School
    Regional School Unit 26, Public, PK-5 | 286 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Longfellow School-Portland
    Portland Public Schools, Public, K-5 | 346 students, Rating: 9/10

Best Middle schools in Maine

  • Islesboro Central School
    Islesboro Public Schools, Public, K-12 | 91 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Easton Junior-Senior High School
    Easton Public Schools, Public, 7-12 | 113 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Falmouth Middle School
    Falmouth Public Schools, Public, 6-8 | 498 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Marshwood Middle School
    Regional School Unit 35 Msad 35, Public, 6-8 | 483 students, Rating: 9/10

  • Central Aroostook Jr-Sr High School
    Regional School Unit 42 Msad 42, Public, 7-12 | 194 students, Rating: 9/10

Best High schools in Maine

  • Falmouth Middle School
    Falmouth Public Schools, Public, 6-8 | 498 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Islesboro Central School
    Islesboro Public Schools, Public, K-12 | 91 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Me School Of Science & Mathematics
    Me Sch Of Science & Mathematics, Public, 9-12 | 136 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Yarmouth High School
    Yarmouth Schools, Public, 9-12 | 515 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Greely High School
    Regional School Unit 51 Msad 51, Public, 9-12 | 644 students, Rating: 10/10

Best universities and colleges in Maine

  • Rank 1. Colby College , Waterville, ME

  • Rank 2. Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME

  • Rank 3. Bates College, Lewiston, ME

  • Rank 4. University of Maine, Orono, ME

  • Rank 5. Saint Joseph's College of Maine, Standish, ME

  • Rank 6. University of New England, Biddeford, ME

  • Rank 7. Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, ME

  • Rank 8. Husson University, Bangor, ME

  • Rank 9. Thomas College, Waterville, ME

  • Rank 10. University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

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