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Are You Moving to Michigan?.
Get all the information you need to know about moving to Michigan.

Are you considering moving to Michigan? If you love water-based sports and activities such as swimming, diving, surfing, fishing, waterskiing, kayaking, rowing, sailing, and canoeing etc. moving to Michigan will be perfect for you. The state is home to 3,288 miles of freshwater and borders four of the five Great Lakes in the U.S.

Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful attractions in the United States and hosts tons of exciting activities to keep families entertained.

Moving to Michigan gives you the perfect opportunity to see more than 129 scenic lighthouses, shorelines lined with maritime museums, speedways, roller coasters, aquarium, water parks, zoos and more.

Even more, Michigan is home to some of the best higher institutions in the world including the world-famous University of Michigan. The state’s low cost of living, amazing nightlife, and top quality institutions makes it one of the favorites among millennials.

If you’re mulling over moving to Michigan and wondering if the state is right for you or not, we have collated all the key information you need to know about the state to make the right choice.

facts of Michigan

Quick facts to note before moving to Michigan

  • The average household income in Michigan is $75,703
  • The poverty rate in Michigan is 13%
  • The median home value in Michigan is $184,304
  • The average rental price for a home or apartment in Michigan is $1,150
  • The average hourly rate in Michigan is $30 per hour
  • Michigan is home to some of the top-rated higher institutions across the world
  • The cost of living in Michigan is rated 89.6. The U.S. average is 100
  • Violent crime rates in Michigan is rated 4.5, higher than the U.S. average of 3.7
  • Property crime rates in Michigan are 16.5. its lower than the U.S. average of 22.0
move to Michigan

Top 10 reasons why people are moving to Michigan

People are moving to Michigan every year for several reasons. Here we’ve compiled the key reasons why moving to Michigan could be right for you. Here they are:

  • Opportunities and easier access to top-quality education

    Living in Michigan, you’ll have access to high-quality education as the education system is one of the best in the country and the state boasts of top-notch colleges and schools.

  • You’ll enjoy all four seasons

    Lying in the Midwestern region of the US, Michigan has a 4-season climate. The summers are warm but short and winters are longer and colder. In winter, the temperature goes beyond the freezing level and snowfall is common. The state experiences 30 days of annual rainfall and about 17 tornadoes hit Michigan every year.

  • Michigan is home to the Great Lakes

    The iconic shape of Michigan is carved by four of the Great Lakes: Superior, Huron, Erie, and Michigan. And no state other than Michigan has got the presence of four of the Great Lakes.

  • If you love beaches, you’ll love Michigan

    No state in the US other than Alaska can boast of a shoreline lengthier than Michigan. Surrounded by four of the Great Lakes and characterized by peninsulas and islands, Michigan has thousands of miles of beaches to explore.

    We’ve compiled a list of 10 top beaches in Michigan.

    • Cheboygan State Park Beach
    • Mackinaw City Beach
    • Lakeside Beach
    • Grand Haven City Beach
    • Manistique Beach
    • Silver Lake Sand Dunes
    • Tawas Point State Park Beach
    • Warren Dunes Beach
    • Hunter's Point Park Beach
    • Caseville Beach

  • Easier access to lots of farmer’s markets

    Farmer’s markets are a vital part of Michigan’s culture and there are about 300 Farmer’s markets in the state. Apart from playing a pivotal role in Michigan’s economy, these markets also provide residents with options for affordable and healthy food and related products.

    Some of the best farmer’s markets in Michigan are:

    • Flint Farmers' Market
    • Ann Arbor Farmers Market
    • Fulton Street Farmers Market
    • Marquette Farmer’s & Artists Market
    • Holland Farmers Market
    • Eastern Market
    • Midland Area Farmers Market
    • East Lansing Farmers Market

  • Michigan has a booming job market

    Michigan’s economy is highly based on agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, and automobiles, and it continues to boom, opening up more job opportunities. This means job hunters should seriously consider moving to Michigan.

  • Affordable cost of living

    One of the big pluses of Michigan is the low cost of living. The cost of living here is almost 10 times less than the national average. Everything including food, groceries, housing, transportation, utilities, and healthcare cost much less than the neighboring states. Despite the hike in the property rates, a house in Michigan is much cheaper than the national average.

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  • Beautiful natural landscape

    Thinking about the picaresque visuals of Michigan, the breathtaking landscapes that change colors with every season come to mind. Each region has unique and diverse landscapes, with experiences that change with every season.

  • Access to remarkable outdoor living

    Michigan boasts of unlimited outdoor activities and since the state is surrounded by Great Lakes and there exist many water bodies, a majority of the activities are water-based adventures. However, the state also has no shortage of pristine trails and biking venues. Even hunting is a popular outdoor activity in Michigan.

  • Sports are amazing in Michigan

    Michigan has a strong sports culture and the state is home to four major-league professional sports teams, all of which play in the Detroit metropolitan area. Baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and football are major sports in Michigan.

    The major league teams in Michigan are:

    • Detroit Tigers
    • Detroit Lions
    • Detroit Red Wings
    • Detroit Pistons

pros and cons of Michigan

Pros & Cons of Living in Michigan

Before making up your mind about moving to Michigan, you should consider the pros and cons of living in the state.

The pros The cons
Michigan is the home of remarkable small-town livingYou’ll have to deal with some lake effect snow every year
Homes are affordable in MichiganIn summer, the beaches in Michigan get overcrowded easily
Summers are truly remarkable in MichiganThe weather is always changing in Michigan
Ton of great educational opportunitiesThe cost of education in Michigan is relatively high
The cost of living in Michigan is lowThe cold weather has negative impacts on the roads in Michigan
Michigan hosts several festivals and events each yearThere are no snow days in Michigan
You’ll experience all four seasons in MichiganIt takes several hours to travel from the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula
Michigan’s economy is constantly growingMichigan is extremely cold in the winter
Deer hunting is remarkable in Michigan
You’ll enjoy Apple season in Fall
You’ll get the chance to see the northern light
Michigan is one of the most beautiful states in the country
Access to various gorgeous natural attractions
palce to live in Michigan

Best Places to Live in Michigan

Michigan is home to many cities, towns, communities and neighborhoods. Here we’ve made a list of the ten best places to live in Michigan. This will make it easier for you to make the right choice since you’re considering moving to Michigan.

Rank City Population Unemployment Rate Home Value
2Huntington Woods6,3403.9%$349,500
3East Grand Rapids11,6422.9%$353,700
5Beverly Hills10,4402.8%$360,400
6Grosse Pointe Park11,2073.3%$347,900
8Grosse Pointe Farms9,2243.5%$341,500
9Grosse Pointe Woods15,5593.5%$227,600

Michigan Cities Moving Guides

cost of living in Michigan

Cost of living in Michigan?

The cost of living in Michigan is 89.6. This is lower than the United States average of 100. This means the cost of living in Michigan is 10.4 times lower than the national average. This is one of the key things you’ll have to look at since you’re considering moving to Michigan.

How is the rental market like in Michigan?

Moving to Michigan could mean renting a home. About 24% of Michigan’s residents are renters and about 1.4% of homes and apartments in Michigan are available to rent.

  • Average rental cost for a home in Michigan is $1,150. U.S. is average is $1,470
  • Michigan Studio Apartment is $603. The U.S. average is $821
  • Michigan 1 Bedroom is $697. The U.S. average is $930
  • Michigan 2 Bedroom is $885. The U.S. average is $1,148
  • Michigan 3 Bedroom is $1,169. The U.S. average is $1,537
  • Michigan 4 Bedroom is $ $1291. The U.S. average is $1791

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How is the real estate market like in Michigan?

The median home value in Michigan is $185,000. The United States average is $295,300. The prices of homes in Michigan has increased by 6.1% in the past year. Experts predict that home values in Michigan will rise by 7.3% within the next one year.

jobs in Michigan

How’s the Michigan Job Market?

What are the top industries in Michigan?

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Health and education
  • Professional and business services

What are the fastest growing jobs in Michigan?

The fastest growing jobs in Michigan could be among the key things you’ll have to consider before settling for any job in the state. Since you’re considering moving to Michigan, you’ll most likely be interested in this. Here’s a list of the fastest growing jobs in Michigan, their average wage, and their projected growth in 2024:

Rank Job Title Growth % Average Wage Jobs in 2024
1Credit Counselor136.1%$47,7601,660
2Operations Analyst135.7%$84,0102,700
3Interpreter And Translator131.2%$45,4401,640
4Computer Numerical Controller Machinist130.6%$37,18013,910
5Dental Laboratory Technician128.7%$39,4602,020
6Computer Numerical Controller Supervisor128.7%$49,3302,020
7Physical Therapist Assistant128.6%$50,6404,770
8Industrial Mechanic127.1%$51,70018,030
9Home Health Aid126.2%$22,56047,870
10Occupational Therapy Assistant126.1%$51,5201,160

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What’s the unemployment rate in Michigan?

Moving to Michigan could mean starting a new job or even a new career. To help you get started, here’s a simple analysis of Michigan’s job market:

  • Unemployment rate in Michigan is 5.10%. U.S. average is 3.70%
  • Recent job growth in Michigan is 0.72%. U.S. average is 1.59%
  • Future job growth in Michigan is 32.48%. U.S. average is 33.51%
  • Getting a job in Michigan is fairly easy

The 10 largest companies in Michigan, 2020

If you’re looking to start a new job after moving to Michigan, what company are you most likely to work for. Chances are you may be interested in working for some of the largest companies in the state. So, we’ve curated a list of the top ten largest companies in Michigan:

Rank Company City Employees
1Ford Motor CompanyDearborn199,000
2General MotorsDetroit173,000
4WhirlpoolBenton Harbor92,000
5MeijerGrand Rapids77,000
6ZF North AmericaNorthville68,037
7The Dow Chemical CompanyMidland55,000
9KelloggBattle Creek37,369
10Cooper-Standard AutomotiveNovi32,000

What’s the median salary and income in Michigan?

Depending on where you’re moving from, moving to Michigan could mean earning more or less income. To figure out what you’ll most likely earn in Michigan, we’ve compiled the average salary and income in the state so you can make a fair comparison before moving to Michigan.

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  • Average annual salary in Michigan is $59,093
  • Average monthly salary in Michigan is $4,924
  • Average weekly salary in Michigan is $1,136
  • Average hourly rates in Michigan is $28 per hour
  • Average income per capita in Michigan is $28,938. U.S. average is $31,177
  • Average household income in Michigan is $52,668. U.S. average is $57,652
Michigan taxes

How much will you pay in taxes in Michigan?

Michiganders pay a flat tax rate of 4.25%. However, about 24 Michigan cities are permitted to charge their own local income taxes in addition to the state income tax. Since you’re considering moving to Michigan, here’s a simple breakdown of the state’s tax facts.

  • Income tax in Michigan is a flat rate of 4.25%
  • Local income tax in Michigan is 0% - 2.40%
  • Sales tax in Michigan is 6%
  • The average effective property tax rate in Michigan is 1.64%
  • Gas tax in Michigan is 41.98 cents per gallon of regular gasoline
  • Gas tax in Michigan per gallon of diesel is 43.30 cents

What is Michigan most known for?

Michigan is most known for fishing, cold winters, and other remarkable tourist attractions and exciting outdoor activities. Since you’re considering moving to Michigan, we’ve listed the various things the state is most known for. Here they are:

  • Michigan is known for Mackinac Island

    A 4.3 square miles-island in Lake Huron at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac is now a tourist attraction. The entire island is a National Historic Landmark and most of the old structures there have been renovated. The island hosts many cultural events and motor vehicles are banned there.

  • Michigan is most known for summer tourism

    Breathtaking landscapes, tray skies, unlimited outdoor adventures – Michigan’s summers are amazing and tourists flock here once winter parts away.

    Here are the top 8 places to visit in Michigan in summer:

    • Mackinac Island
    • Grand Haven
    • Mystery Spot
    • Sleeping Bear Dunes
    • Turnip Rock
    • Frankenmuth
    • Petoskey
    • Holland

  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

    The 25-mile long stretch on the eastern coastline of Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore includes lush forests, clear inland lakes, unique flora, and fauna. There is also an 1871 lighthouse, three former Life-Saving Service/Coast Guard Stations, and an extensive rural historic farm district inside the park to explore.

  • Michigan is home to the largest inland lake

    Houghton Lake, the largest inland lake in the US, is in Michigan. The lake with a 30-mile shoreline is spread over 20,044 acres and hosts many festivals and events in summer.

  • Michigan is mostly known for beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and lakes

    A nature’s paradise, Michigan is packed with beaches, waterfalls, and lakes. Here is a list of the best beaches, lakes, and waterfalls to explore in Michigan.

    Best falls in Michigan

    • Bond Falls
    • T Tahquamenon Falls
    • Ocqueoc Falls
    • Munising Falls
    • Hungarian Falls

    Best beaches in Michigan

    • Grand Haven
    • Empire Beach
    • Copper Harbor
    • Warren Dunes State Park
    • North Manitou Island

    Best lakes in Michigan

    • Lake Superior
    • Lake Michigan
    • Lake Huron
    • Lake Erie
    • Lake Charlevoix

  • Tip: While moving the home, safety of your belongings is the priority and you need a trustworthy mover at your side. Know the top-rated moving companies in Michigan.

  • Michigan is known for wine and craft beer

    Michigan’s craft beer is one of the best-brewed beers in the world and about 357 breweries are cranking out over 899,792 gallons per year in the state. And being one of the largest grape-growing states in the country, Michigan has more than 13,000 vineyard acres, out of which nearly 4,000 acres are devoted to more than 50 varieties of wine grapes, both vinifera, and hybrid.

  • Michigan is most known for outdoor recreation and cherries

    Michigan topography makes it the best bet to try out outdoor recreation, including water sports, trailing, hiking, and even hunting. The state is also one of the largest cherry producers in the country, contributing to the farming industry where cherries are dried, frozen, concentrated, and canned.

  • Michigan is known for automobiles

    The Great Lakes State is not just about farming and tourism but it is also one of the largest automobile hubs in the country. Detroit is home to Ford, General Motors, Dodge, and Chevrolet, the top four automakers, which contribute to the state coffers.

  • Michigan is famous for many watersports

    Surrounded by the Great Lakes, there is no better place than Michigan to try out adrenaline-pumping water activities in the country.

    Here’s a list of some thrilling water sports to try out in the Great Lakes State this summer.

    • Bodyboarding
    • Jet skiing
    • Kayaking
    • Scuba diving
    • Tubing
    • Parasailing
    • Windsurfing

  • Michigan is known for being the home of the Isle Royale National Park

    The 206-square mile Isle Royale National Park is the fourth-largest lake island in the world. A UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve, the park is accessible only by boat or floatplane. Wolves, moose, ever-changing weather, crystal clear water, and rugged shoreline make the park highly popular among visitors and residents.

schools and university in Michigan

Michigan School System

If you have school age kids, and considering moving to Michigan, the following are the best public elementary, middle, high schools,and universities in Michigan:

Best elementary schools in Michigan

  • Baldwin Elementary School
    Rochester Community School District, Public, K-5 | 563 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Woodland Meadows Elementary School
    Saline Area Schools, Public, K-12 | 484 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Hamilton Elementary School
    Troy School District, Public, K-5 | 517 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Schroeder Elementary School
    Troy School District, Public, K-5 | 520 students, Rating: 10/10

  • Harvest Elementary School
    Saline Area Schools, Public, K-3 | 488 students, Rating: 10/10

Best middle schools in Michigan

  • Williamston Middle School
    3845 Vanneter Road, Williamston, MI, 48895, Rating: 10/10

  • Hillside Middle School
    775 North Center Street, Northville, MI, 48167, Rating: 10/10

  • Eastern Middle School
    2200 Pettis Avenue Northeast, Ada, MI, 49301, Rating: 9/10

  • Larson Middle School
    2222 East Long Lake Road, Troy, MI, 48085, Rating: 9/10

  • Bellaire Middle/High School
    204 West Forest Home Avenue, Bellaire, MI, 49615, Rating: 9/10

Best high Schools in Michigan

  • Community High School
    401 North Division Street, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104, Rating: 10/10

  • Beaver Island Community School
    37895 King's Highway, Beaver Island, MI, 49782, Rating: 10/10

  • Chelsea High School
    740 North Freer Road, Chelsea, MI, 48118, Rating: 10/10

  • East Grand Rapids High School
    2211 Lake Drive Southeast, East Grand Rapids, MI, 49506, Rating: 10/10

  • Frankenmuth High School
    525 East Genesee Street, Frankenmuth, MI, 48734, Rating: 10/10

Best universities and colleges in Michigan

  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • Michigan State University, East Lansing

  • Wayne State University, Detroit

  • Michigan Technological University, Houghton

  • Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

  • Calvin University, Grand Rapids

  • Grand Valley State University, Allendale

  • Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant

  • Oakland University, Rochester

  • Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti

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