Moving to Livonia MI in 2023? Complete Moving Guide

This is a complete guide for Moving to Livonia, MI.
Get all the information you need to know about moving to Livonia, MI.

Are you considering moving to Livonia Michigan?

Rated as the best suburb in Southeast Michigan, Livonia is known for its low crime rates and affordable housing. The city is home to colleges and universities, parks, and a recreation center.

If you’re considering moving to Livonia MI and wondering if the city is right for you, this guide contains all you need to know to make the right decision.

Let’s jump in to find out if moving to Livonia is right for you.

facts of Livonia, MI

Quick facts to know before moving to Livonia Michigan

  • Livonia’s median home cost is $256,800
  • Livonia averages 180 sunny days per year
  • Livonia’s cost of living is lower than the national average
  • Livonia averages 180 sunny days per year
  • Livonia’s average one-way commute time takes 24.2 minutes
  • Livonia has a population density of 2665 people per square mile

What’s the population of Livonia MI?

Livonia’s population is 95,112 people. The city stretches across 36 square miles making it the 8th largest city in Michigan. Livonia is nestled in Wayne County Michigan. The following is a quick breakdown of the city’s population since you’re considering moving to Livonia Michigan:

  • Livonia has a population density of 2665 people per square mile
  • The median age in Livonia is 45.3 years
  • 44 years is the median age for males and 46.5 years for females
  • Livonia is currently declining at a rate of -0.15% annually

How fast can you commute in Livonia MI?

Livonia’s average one-way commute time takes 24.2 minutes. That’s lower than the U.S. average of 26.4 minutes. You’ll spend less than 30 minutes commuting to work if you move to Livonia. Less time on the road means less stress and having more time for other things.

Here’s how people in Livonia get to work:

  • About 88.6% of Livonia residents drive their own car alone
  • Around 6.4% of Livonia residents carpool with others
  • Up to 3.4% of Livonia residents work from home
  • About 0.3% of Livonia residents take mass transit

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What’s the weather like in Livonia Michigan?

Livonia averages 180 sunny days per year. The United States average is 205 sunny days. If the weather is one of the key things you’d like to consider before moving to Livonia, the following is a quick snapshot of the city’s weather:

  • Livonia’s summer high in July is around 84 degrees
  • Livonia gets 34 inches of rain on average per year. The U.S. average is 38 inches
  • On average, Livonia gets 36 inches of snow per year. U.S. average is 28 inches
  • Livonia’s winter low in January is 17 degrees
  • Livonia gets 127 days of precipitation every year
moving to Livonia

Top 10 reasons to move to Livonia Michigan

People are moving to Livonia for many reasons. As the capital city of New Jersey, Livonia is constantly attracting people from all over the state and beyond.

Since you’re considering moving to Livonia, the following are the key reasons people are moving to the city:

  • Lots of scenic beauty
  • No natural disasters
  • Good higher education options
  • Plenty of exciting things to do
  • Variety of lifestyle choices
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Affordable housing
  • There are four seasons
  • You can enjoy small-town living at its finest
  • Plenty of fun festivals to enjoy each year
  • Livonia pros and cons

    Pros & cons of moving to Livonia MI

    If you’d like to find out if moving to Livonia is right for you or not, we’ve made a list of the pros and cons of living in the city.

    This can make it easier for you to figure out if moving to Livonia is right for you or not.

    Pros of living in Livonia Cons of living in Livonia
    Affordable cost of livingBrutal winters
    Amazing foodie sceneHigh taxes
    Festivals galorePoor transportation infrastructure
    Access to top-notch outdoor recreationSpotty economic opportunity
    Enjoy the best of midwestern hospitalityHigh cost for a college degree
    The craft beer scene is amazingQuestionable governance
    Age diversityAwful car insurance rates
    Religion diversityHarsh summer humidity
    Higher educated people
    place to live Livonia

    Best places to live in if you move to Livonia MI

    Livonia is home to several beautiful livable neighborhoods. Moving to Livonia gives you the perfect chance to live in any of these neighborhoods.

    If you’re moving to Livonia and wondering what neighborhood the best for you is, the following is a list of the ten best neighborhoods in Livonia:

    • Windridge Village / Woodbury Park
    • Curtis / Levan Rd
    • Hubbard St / Myrna St
    • Greenwood Park
    • Helman Park
    • Coventry Gardens East
    • Coventry Gardens
    • Rotary Park
    • Edward N Hines Dr / Stark Rd
    • Schoolcraft Rd / Yale St

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    cost of living in Livonia

    Cost of living in Livonia, MI

    Affordable living in a big city is one of the key perks of moving to Livonia. The cost of living in Livonia is 98.6. The United States average is 100.

    Livonia’s average cost of living is below the national average. The following are the key components that make up Livonia’s cost of living:

    Living Expense Livonia Michigan National Average
    Median Home Cost$256,800$207,800$291,700

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    Livonia’s housing market

    If you’re interested in buying a home after moving to Livonia, we have the key information you need to know about the city’s housing market. This will make it easier for you to make up your mind about buying a home or not if you’re moving to Livonia, MI:

    • Livonia’s median home cost is $256,800
    • Over the last ten years, home values in Livonia have risen by 113.1%
    • Currently, Livonia’s home values have appreciated by 14.9%
    • Around 14.5% of Livonia’s residents are renters
    • Up to 0.6% of homes and apartments in Clearwater are open to rent

    What’s the average home rental price in Livonia?

    Livonia’s rental market is known for its affordable homes. If you’re considering renting a home or an apartment after moving to Livonia, look at the average rental prices below:

    • Livonia’s average rent for a studio apartment is $877
    • Livonia’s average rent for a 1-bedroom home or apartment is $1,015
    • Livonia’s average rent for a 2-bedroom home or apartment is $1,297
    • Livonia’s average rent for a 3-bedroom home or apartment is $1,641
    • The average rent for a 4-bedroom home or apartment is 1,763
    jobs in Livonia

    What’s the job market like if you move to Livonia, Michigan?

    How fast can you get a job if you need one in Livonia? The COVID-19 pandemic has affected several job markets across the United States and Livonia wasn’t left out.

    Since you’re considering moving to Livonia, here’s a breakdown of the city’s job market:

    • Livonia’s unemployment rate is 2.5%. The U.S. average is 6.0%
    • Livonia’s job growth has been positive so far
    • Over the past year, Livonia’s jobs have grown by 0.7%
    • Livonia’s future job growth is predicted to hit 39.23
    • Getting a job in Livonia is easier compared to other similar sized cities in the state
    Employment Information Livonia, Michigan United States
    The income per Cap$35,605$31,177
    Household Income$74,882$57,652
    Unemployment Rate2.56.0%
    Recent Job Growth-10.54%-6.18%
    Future Job Growth39.23%33.51%

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    What are the top career options if you’re moving to Livonia MI?

    You’ll find lots of jobs to choose from if you’re moving to Livonia. Which ones should you opt for? You may be interested in some of the city’s highest-paying jobs. The following is the list of the highest-paying jobs in Livonia.

    Rank Job Title Avg. Salary Hourly Rate Job Opening
    2Senior Vice President$212,571$102.2061,380
    3Vice President$160,674$77.25119,530
    4Director, Applications$149,996$72.1175,822
    5Senior Sales Manager$149,771$72.01115,070
    6Director Of Systems Engineering$140,891$67.74123,068
    7Chief Finance Officer$139,700$67.16145,184
    8Engineering Director$131,589$63.2663,868
    9Corporate Controller$130,714$62.8457,715

    What is a good salary in Livonia MI?

    Moving to Livonia could mean getting a new job. But how many bucks can you earn in the city? Will you be earning more money or less compared to where you are right now? Let’s find out:

    • Livonia’s average annual pay for average jobs is $52,000
    • Livonia’s average hourly pay is $25 per hour
    • Livonia’s average weekly pay is $1000 per week
    • Livonia’s average monthly payment is $4000 per month
    • Livonia’s minimum wage is $9.65 per hour

    Top Industries in Livonia, MI

    Like several other large cities, Livonia’s economy is powered by several industries. The best part is that whether you work in a small or large industry, you’ll most likely find a suitable spot for your job in Livonia. The following is a list of the city’s largest industries since you’re considering moving to Livonia, Michigan:

    • Manufacturing
    • Health Care & Social Assistance
    • Retail Trade
    • Utilities
    • Finance & Insurance
    taxes in livonia

    Livonia Michigan taxes

    If you’re moving to Livonia from out of state, you may have to get familiar with Michigan’s taxes.

    The following are the key components that make up the city’s taxes. This will give you an idea of what to expect if you’re moving to Livonia, Michigan:

    • Michigan’s income tax is 4.25% flat rate
    • Local income tax in Michigan is 0% - 2.40%
    • Michigan sales tax is 6%
    • Michigan’s property tax is 1.45% average effective rate
    • Michigan’s gas tax is 26.30 cents per gallon of regular gasoline and diesel
    Livonia to do

    Best things to do if you move to Livonia, MI

    There are lots of exciting things you can do in Livonia. The city is home to several attractions, and you’ll find lots of amazing things to do in Livonia.

    If you’re moving to Livonia, we’ve made a list of the various things you can do and places to visit and explore. Look at the list:

    • Stock up on fresh fruit and support local farmers
    • Taken at Joe's Produce Gourmet Market
    • Design your own perfect six-pack
    • Taken at the Beer Baron
    • Fawn over classic rides and watch masters at work at the ROUSH Automotive Collection
    • Cross "sculpt ice with a blowtorch" off your bucket list
    • Taken at the Plymouth Ice Festival
    • Get your "Antiques Roadshow" on and look for a hidden treasure at the Town Peddler
    • Chow down on the scrumptious Caterpillar Roll at New York Sushi
    • Get a glimpse of the past at Greenmead Historical Village
    • Reach true cupcake nirvana at Just Baked
    • Celebrate a year of hometown goodness with the locals at the Livonia Spree
    • Yuck it up with the jokesters at Joey's Comedy Club
    • Get fresh produce delivered right to your doorstep from Door-to-Door Organics
    • Take in all the local art year-round at Art Is in Market
    • Dye" to get your hands on a locally made Brightly Twisted scarf
    • Get the best big game grub around at Stable's Bar and Grill

    What is the crime rate in Livonia?

    Is Livonia a safe city for you and your loved ones? Like several other large cities in the United States, Livonia has its fair share of crime problems. The following are key stats about the city’s crime rates since you’re considering moving to Livonia, MI:

    • The violent crime rate in Livonia is 13.6. The national average is 22.7
    • The property crime rate in Livonia is 28.7 The national average is 35.4
    • Residents have a 1 in 446.6 chance of being the victim o f a violent crime
    • Residents have a 1 in 1.78.0 chance of being the victim of a property crime

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    Statistic Count Raw Livonia/ 100k People Michigan/ 100k People National/ 100k People
    Total Crimes Per 100K1,4051,505.21,838.92,346.0
    Aggravated Assault171183.2365.1279.7
    Violent Crime209223.9478.0387.8
    Car Theft102109.3184.5246.0
    Property Crime1,1961,281.31,360.91,958.2
    schools in livonia

    Best Schools & Universities if you’re moving to Livonia Michigan

    Livonia is home to several top-quality schools. If you’re moving to Livonia, you’ll have easier access to several excellent schools from universities and colleges to elementary, middle, and high schools.

    The following is a list of the best schools in the city if you’re moving to Livonia:

    Best elementary schools in Livonia, MI

    • Niji-Iro Japanese Immersion Elementary School
      Public, K-6 | 267 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Roosevelt Elementary School
      Public, PK-4 | 376 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Coolidge Elementary School
      Public, K-4 | 483 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Hoover Elementary School
      Public, K-4 | 516 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Kennedy Elementary School
      Public, K-4 | 387 students, Rating: 7/10

    Best middle schools in Livonia, MI

    • Holmes Middle School
      Public, 7-8 | 759 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Frost Middle School
      Public, 7-8 | 585 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Emerson Middle School
      Public, 6-8 | 701 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Branch Line School
      Charter, PK-8 | 142 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Grand River Academy
      Charter, PK-8 | 788 students, Rating: 7/10

    Best high schools in Livonia, MI

    • Stevenson High School
      Public, 9-12 | 1,790 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Churchill High School
      Public, 9-12 | 1,396 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Franklin High School
      Public, 9-12 | 1,456 students, Rating: 7/10

    • Clarenceville High School
      Public, 9-12 & Ungraded | 614 students, Rating: 7/10

    Best universities and colleges in Livonia, MI

    • Henry Ford College

    • Northwood University

    • Siena Heights University

    • Madonna University

    • Schoolcraft College

    • Madonna University

    • Eastern Michigan University Livonia

    • University of Michigan-Dearborn

    • Davenport University

    • Central Michigan University

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Is Livonia Michigan a good place to live?

    Wayne County's Livonia is among the best places to live in Michigan. Residents in Livonia enjoy a sparse suburban vibe, and the majority own their homes. There are numerous eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Livonia.

    Is it a good idea to move to Michigan?

    Moving to Michigan is a wise choice for a variety of reasons. This state features a stunning terrain, a wide variety of leisure opportunities, and consistent economic growth. Additionally, Michigan has a rather low cost of living.

    What is the crime rate in Livonia Michigan?

    At 17 crimes per 1,000 persons, Livonia's crime rate is not among the highest in the country, but it is significantly higher than the average for all municipalities in America, from the largest to the smallest.

    What’s it like living in Livonia Michigan?

    Living in Livonia is an excellent choice, especially if you want to raise a family there. Both the houses and the city are often quite inexpensive. The best suburb in southeast Michigan is without a doubt Livonia! Numerous parks, five colleges and universities, three golf courses, and a beautiful recreation center are all present.

    What is Livonia MI famous for?

    The City of Livonia has managed to preserve a significant portion of its past because to historic preservation efforts and the purchase and development of more than 1,800 acres of parkland and open space. The 103-acre farm/history museum known as Greenmead Historical Village is located on the southwest corner of Eight Mile and Newburgh Roads in Livonia.

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