Moving to Madison AL in 2023? Complete Moving Guide

This is a complete guide for Moving to Madison, AL.
Get all the information you need to know about moving to Madison, AL.

If you or anyone you know is moving to Madison, Alabama, ensure you go through this ultimate Madison moving guide as we’ve got everything you need to know about this mid-sized city in the extreme north of Alabama.

There are many misconceptions about Madison like everyone in the city owns cows and they speak with a deep accent. Not everything you heard about the city is true and not all are false.

Know about the city in detail including the lifestyle, jobs, climate, safety, education, and transport. You’ve got many things in store and it is vital you know the city in and out before you pack the bags to Madison.

Here we start to check whether Madison is right for you.

facts of Madison

Quick facts to know before you move to Madison

  • The city is located in Madison County and is part of the Huntsville metro area
  • The first resident reached here in 1818
  • Formerly, the city was known as Madison Station but got its present name in 1869
  • Madison has rich historical monuments as the city was the center of the American Civil War
  • A 1.5-hour drive will take you to Nashville and Birmingham
  • Madison is just 3 hours away from Atlanta, Memphis, and Knoxville
  • Madison is a melting pot of many cultures
  • There is a lot to escape to nature in Madison

Top 10 things to know before moving to Madison

  • Madison is the wealthiest city in Alabama
  • This is the second most affordable city in Alabama
  • There is a fabulous food scene here
  • The city is culturally diverse
  • Madison is a major space center in the country
  • Madison homes are larger than many cities
  • The city allocates a major part of the budget for schools
  • The city residents are crazy about sports, especially hockey
  • About half of the population holds a bachelor's degree in Madison
  • Madison experiences all four seasons

How is it living in Madison?

Madison is one of the fastest growing cities in the state and this reflects in the city’s lifestyle. While being diverse and a big share of the residents are young, the city is packed with many places to hang out. Amazing dining, wining, and shopping venues await you. In addition, there are also good schools and colleges in the city. While living here, you’re also never away from outdoor fun as there are unlimited landscapes in and around Madison

How far is Madison from the ocean?

A five-hour drive from the city will take you to Orange Beach, which is 309 miles south of Madison. And if you are keen to drive a little more, Myrtle Beach, SC is there for you 550 miles away. This will work out, especially on weekends.

What is Madison, AL known for?

Madison is the second-largest city north of Tennessee and is a major financial house of Alabama State. The city is known for its quaint downtown, high-quality schools, and concentration of well-educated professionals. It is also famous for its warm southern hospitality and charm in a family-friendly community. Moving to Madison, you will feel you are at home as the city boasts of a warm and embracing attitude towards every newcomer.

What is the population of Madison?

The city has a population of 52,654, making the density 1,737 people per square mile. A total of 13,540 families is residing in the city. As per the stats, the population of Madison is one of the fastest growing in the US

Let’s take a look at the population stats of Madison to know the residential data in detail

  • Madison’s total population is 52,564
  • The population is made up of 49.1% males and 50.9% females
  • The median age in Madison is 37.9
  • The population is made up of 70.1% White, 14.7% Black or African American, 5.6% Asian, 0.5% Native American, and 3.3% from two or more races
  • About 5.1% of the population claims Hispanic Ethnicity in Madison
  • The median household size in Madison is 2.7 persons

How fast can you commute to Madison, AL?

In Madison, you may take approximately 19.4 minutes to commute, which is much shorter than the US average of 2.4 minutes. Despite Madison being the fastest-growing city in Alabama and the population increasing every year, you would spend less time on the road in comparison with many other Alabama cities. The commuting time is lower than the Alabama average of 23.9 minutes

Here’s how people in Madison get to work

  • About 91% drive their car alone
  • About 3.8% carpool with others
  • About 3.4% work from home

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What is the weather like in Madison, AL?

Madison experiences hot, long, and muggy summers while winters are short, cold, and wet. The city will be partly cloudy year-round. The temperature in the city typically varies from 33°F to 89°F and is rarely below 18°F or above 96°F

Here are a few facts about the weather in Madison that will help you decide whether moving here is a good choice

  • The city receives about 55 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year
  • Madison averages 2 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year
  • On average, the city gets about 202 sunny days per year against the US average of 205 sunny days
  • The city receives some kind of precipitation, on average, 121 days per year in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail
moving to Madison

Top 10 reasons to move to Madison, AL

Madison is a fast-growing city but is that the only reason why people move here? We’ve collated the top 10 reasons why you see a large population moving to Madison

  • Living here gives you a small-town feel
  • Low cost of living
  • Highly diverse population
  • Quality schooling
  • All four seasons are here
  • Near to most big cities in Alabama
  • Amazing culinary options
  • The city is a space center
  • Plenty of fun options around
  • Vibrant sports culture
Madison pros and cons

Pros & Cons of moving to Madison

Are you still confused about whether to move to Madison or not? Here are a few pros and cons of moving to Madison. Analyze them to make the final call

To help, we’ve collated the pros and cons of moving to Madison.

Pros of living in Madison Cons of living in Madison
Living costExtreme weather
Diverse populationHigh earthquake risk
JobsLow internet speed
Good food scene
Sports culture
Low poverty rate
No income tax
place to live Madison

Best neighborhoods in Madison

When you are in Madison, your priority will be to find a home in a good neighborhood and fortunately, Madison has no shortage of good neighborhoods. We’ve listed out the top neighborhoods in the city.

Rank Neighborhood Home Value
1.Madison West$502,087
2.Madison Northwest$471,745
4.Hermitage Place$414,187
5.Farley office Center $404,670
7.Triana / Willows at the River Landing$396,307
8.Village at Oakland Springs / Burgreen Gi$393,882
9.Greenbrier / Peets Corner$347,817
10.Madison Park / Clift Acres7$323,857

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cost of living in Madison

Cost of living in Madison

A major plus of moving to Madison is the low living cost. You would need to spend less here in comparison to many US cities.

As a result, your wallet will be fatter while living in Madison.

The following are the key components that makeup Madison’s cost of living:

Living Expense Madison Alabama National Average
Median Home Cost$293,200$165,200$291,700

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How is the housing market of Madison, AL?

While moving to Madison, the housing market will be one of your major concerns as your income will be highly based on the rent or home price. Interestingly, only 26.4% of the population stays in rented homes, and the rest of the population owns a house here.

Here is a list of a few housing facts in Madison, which we’ve collated to help you know more about homes in the city.

  • Madison’s median home cost is $293,200
  • The median age of Madison real estate is 22 years old
  • The home appreciation in the city in the last 10 years has been 41.9%.
  • Renters make up 26.4% of the Madison population
  • About 1.3% of houses and apartments in Madison are available to rent

Average rental prices in Madison, AL

As you’ve decided to move to Madison, knowing the latest home rental trends will help analyze future expenses in the city. We’ve got the recent rental stats

  • Madison’s average rent for a studio apartment is $660
  • Madison’s average rent for a 1-bedroom home or apartment is $773
  • Madison’s average rent for a 2-bedroom home or apartment is $916
  • Madison’s average rent for a 3-bedroom home or apartment is $1,214
  • Madison’s average rent for a 4-bedroom home or apartment is $1,458
jobs in Warwick

How is the job market in Madison, AL?

When you’re moving to Madison for job purposes, you would be too curious to know about the opportunities in the city.

Madison, as per the latest reports, has had positive job growth of 3.6% over the last year. The future job growth is also expected to be 43.64%, much higher than the US average of 33.51%

If you are keen to know more about jobs in Madison, here are a few job stats

  • The city records positive job growth
  • Jobs have increased by 3.6% over the past year
  • The average salary in Madison is $92,965
  • The unemployment rate in Madison is 4.1%, much lower than the national average of 6.0%
  • In Madison, the household income is $92,197

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What are the highest paid jobs in Madison?

Having any idea about the best-paid jobs in Madison will make the job hunt easier. This will help you filter out the jobs that give the best income in Madison. We’ve got a list of all the highest paid jobs in the city.

Rank Job Title Average Salary Entry level salary
2Family Physician$194,035$112,000
3Operations Project Manager$123,856$73,000
4Senior Consultant$95,140$67,000
5Engineering Manager$92,859$59,000
6Electronics Design Engineer$88,549$60,000
7Technology Architect$88,447$62,000
8Senior Technician Specialist$87,669$49,000
9Software Consultant$85,790$62,000
10Senior Mechanical Designer$82,790$58,000

Best companies to work for if you’re moving to Madison, AL

Knowing the best companies in Madison would benefit you if you’re moving here for a job. Here’s a list of companies that ensure utmost employee satisfaction in the city and you can attempt to join one among them for a better future.

  • Intergraph
  • Mesa Associates
  • Total Solutions
  • International Fire Protection
  • Spectrum Solutions
  • Hexagon Safety and Infrastructure
  • FPMI Solutions
  • Platinum Mortgage
  • Alliance HR
  • Cabinet Document Management Solutions

What are the top career options in Madison?

At Madison, you will find many jobs but which are the best ones you should try? You may be curious to know the jobs in Madison that may get you fat paychecks. Here is a list of the top 10 highest-paid jobs in Madison.

Rank Job Title Average Salary Entry Level Salary
2Family Physician$194,035$112,000
3Operations Project Manager$123,856$73,000
4Senior Consultant$95,140$67,000
5Engineering Manager$92,859$59,000
6Electronics Design Engineer$88,549$60,000
7Technology Architect$88,447$62,000
8Senior Technician Specialist$87,669$49,000
9Software Consultant$85,790$62,000
10Senior Mechanical Designer$82,790$58,000

What is a good salary in Madison, AL?

Madison indeed has no shortage of jobs. But how much will you earn here? This will be one of the major concerns when you are moving to Madison for job purposes. Do not worry as we’ve got a few salary-related stats in Madison

  • Madison’s average annual pay for average jobs is $58,632
  • Madison’s average hourly pay is $24.04 per hour
  • Madison’s average weekly pay is $961 per week
  • Madison’s average monthly payment is $4,166 per month
  • Alabama’s minimum wage is $7.25 per hour

What are the top industries in Madison, AL?

Just like any major business center in the US, Madison’s business space comprises multiple industries, and knowing the top industries would help you in job hunting. The following is a list of the city’s largest industries since you’re considering moving to Madison.

  • Defense
  • Aerospace technology
  • Software technology
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Automobiles
taxes in rhode island

What are taxes like in Alabama?

As you start earning, the take-home paycheck will be greatly based on taxes charged by the state.

In Alabama, both the sales tax and income tax are higher than the US average, which may impact your income.

  • The Sales Tax Rate for Madison is 10.0%. The US average is 7.3%
  • The Income Tax Rate for Madison is 6.0%. The US average is 4.6%
  • The average property tax rate in Madison is 3.33%
Madison to do

What are the best things to do in Madison, AL?

As you are moving to Madison, it would be good to know the things to do there. You’d be happy to know that Madison has no shortage of fun and entertainment. With a pristine outdoor scene and pleasant climate, the city promises amazing fun options to explore. We’ve listed out just 10 among them.

  • Explore Rainbow Mountain Trail
  • Stroll at Dublin Memorial Park
  • Learn science at U.S. Space & Rocket Center
  • Do winter activities at Insanity Skate Park
  • Catch up with the best wines at Mad County Winery
  • Visit Madison Public Library
  • Explore Burritt on the Mountain
  • Know the nature at Huntsville Botanical Garden
  • Make a trip to Monte Sano State Park
  • Appreciate arts and culture at Huntsville Museum of Art

How safe is Madison, AL?

Safety is a major factor in deciding whether you need to move to a new place. And knowing this, we researched the safety aspects of Madison, and here are our findings.

  • The rate of crime in Madison is 3.14 per 1,000 residents during a standard year
  • The violent crime rate in Madison is 18.5. The U.S. average is 22.7
  • The property crime rate in Madison is 32.2. The U.S. average is 35.4
  • Madison is safer than 35% of US cities
  • Residents have a 1 in 318 chance of being the victim of a violent crime
  • Residents have a 1 in 72 chance of being the victim of a property crime

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schools in Madison

What are the top schools in Madison, AL?

While moving to Madison, AL with the family, education would be a major concern but luckily, Madison boasts of some of the best schools and colleges in the state.

Your child will have more opportunities to receive a premium education here. The reason – Madison is home to first-class schools and colleges.

Here’s a list of the best education institutions in Madison.

Top 5 Public Elementary Schools in Madison, AL

  • Mill Creek Elementary School
    Public, K-5 | 942 students

  • Horizon Elementary School
    Public, K-5 | 597 students

  • Columbia Elementary school
    Public, K-5 | 844 students

  • Heritage Elementary School
    Public, K-5 | 842 students

  • Midtown Elementary School
    Public, K-5 | 541 students

Top 5 Public Middle Schools in Madison, AL

  • Discovery Middle School
    Public, 6-8 | 1,312 students

  • Liberty Middle School
    Public, 6-8 | 1,315 students

  • Monrovia Middle School
    Public, 6-8 | 972 students

  • Athens Renaissance School
    Public, 6-8 | 633 students

  • Morris Middle School
    Public, 6-8 | 465 students

Top 4 Public High Schools in Madison, AL

  • James Clemens High School
    Public, 9-12 | 2,152 students

  • Bob Jones School
    Public, 9-12 | 1,880 students

  • Sparkman Ninth Grade School
    Public, 9-12 | 610 students

  • Jemison High School
    Public, 9-12 | 828 students

Top colleges and universities in Madison, AL

  • The University of Alabama in Huntsville

  • Calhoun Community College

  • Alabama A&M University

  • Alabama State University

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