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Are you considering moving to Clearwater Florida?

Clearwater is rated as one of the best places to live in Florida. The city is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the state. Clearwater's amazing outdoors and great weather makes it one of the most sought-after cities in America.

If you’re wondering if moving to Clearwater FL is right for you, this guide contains all you need to know to make the right moving decision.

Let’s find out if moving to Clearwater Florida is right for you.


Quick facts to know before moving to Clearwater

  • On average, Clearwater gets 0 inches of snow per year
  • Clearwater’s average one-way commute time takes 24.2 minutes
  • Around 31.7% of Clearwater’s residents are renters
  • Future job growth in Clearwater is expected to hit 41.12%
  • Clearwater’s average hourly pay is $21.88 per hour
  • The median age in Clearwater is 34 years making it a city of millennials
  • Over the last ten years, home values in Clearwater have risen by 135.4%

Should I move to Clearwater Florida?

Moving to Clearwater Florida can be a great idea. The city is in the Gulf of Mexico's Gulf Coast. Due to the city's abundance of outdoor activities, affordable cost of living, and mild weather all year round, moving here is an excellent decision.

Is it expensive to live in Clearwater Florida?

Housing costs in Clearwater are 17% less expensive than the national average, and utility costs are 2% less expensive. Gas prices and other transportation costs are 2% less than the national average. Grocery costs in Clearwater are 3% more expensive than those nationwide.

What is lifelike in Clearwater Florida?

The 116,000 year-round residents of Clearwater reside in a variety of areas that accommodate a wide range of budgets and lifestyles. A thriving and expanding arts district downtown draw locals and guests to events like the annual Clearwater Jazz Festival and the Christmas Boat Parade as well as concerts, galleries, and festivals.

How cold does it get in Clearwater Florida?

In Clearwater, the seasons are long, warm, oppressive, and generally cloudy in the summer; short, chilly, windy, and partly cloudy in the winter; and rainy all year long. The temperature rarely drops below 44°F or rises above 93°F throughout the year, often fluctuating between 55°F and 90°F.

What is the average electric bill in Clearwater Florida?

Residential customers in Clearwater, Florida pays an average monthly energy bill of $219, which is determined by multiplying the average monthly use by the average electric rate of 1,438 KWh.

Is Clearwater or Tampa more expensive?

Tampa costs 1.8% more than Clearwater. Housing costs in Clearwater are 5.1% less expensive than those in Tampa. In Clearwater, healthcare costs have increased by 2.9%.

What is Clearwater Known for?

The pristine beaches and crystal-clear Gulf Coast waters of Clearwater Beach are well-known. This region of Florida is a must-see because of Clearwater Beach's beaches and the sunset over the water at the pier. Swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking are just a few of the beach activities you may enjoy on this barrier island.

Is Clearwater Beach a good place to retire?

Thanks to its enchanting sand beaches, water-themed attractions, and impressive cost of living (especially when it comes to living arrangements) when compared to the national average, Clearwater, Florida, which is brimming with beauty and elegance, enjoys one of the best reputations for upcoming retirees.

What’s the population of Clearwater?

Clearwater’s population is 119,214 people. The city stretches across 36 miles making it the 19th largest city in Florida. Clearwater is nestled in Pinellas County. The city is also the county seat of Pinellas County Florida.

  • Clearwater has a population density of 4571 people per square mile
  • The median age in Clearwater is 34 years
  • 33.4 years is the median age for males and 34.4 years for females
  • Clearwater is currently growing at a rate of 0.81% annually
  • Clearwater’s population has increased by 1.64% since the last census

How fast can you commute in Clearwater?

Clearwater’s average one-way commute time takes 24.2 minutes. That’s lower than the U.S. average of 26.4 minutes. You’ll spend less than 30 minutes commuting to work if you move to Clearwater. Less time on the road means less stress and having more time for other things.

Here’s how people in Clearwater get to work:

  • About 73.7% of Clearwater residents drive their own car alone
  • Around 8.9% of Clearwater residents carpool with others
  • Up to 6.8% of Clearwater residents work from home
  • About 3.7% of Clearwater residents take mass transit

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How is the weather like in Clearwater?

Clearwater averages 240 sunny days per year. The United States average is 205 sunny days. If the weather is one of the key things you’d like to consider before moving to Clearwater, the following is a quick snapshot of the Motor City’s weather:

  • Clearwater’s summer high in July is around 90 degrees
  • Clearwater gets 51 inches of rain on average per year. The U.S. average is 38 inches
  • On average, Clearwater gets 0 inches of snow per year. U.S. average is 28 inches
  • Clearwater’s winter low in January is 52 degrees
  • Clearwater gets 120 days of precipitation every year
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Top 10 reasons to move to Clearwater

People are moving to Clearwater for many reasons. As the capital city of New Jersey, Clearwater is constantly attracting people from all over the state and beyond.

Since you’re considering moving to Clearwater, the following are the key reasons people are moving to the city

  • A Growing Cultural Scene

    The Tampa Bay region, including Clearwater, has a developing arts scene. In addition to the distinctive Chalktober Arts Festival, which showcases the work of chalk artists between the beach and downtown, Clearwater is home to the Clearwater Music & Arts Festival

  • The Cleveland Street District

    The Cleveland Street District, located on the western end of Cleveland Street downtown, is home to several cafes, eateries, and the lovely Bilheimer Capitol Theatre, which is decorated in a classic Art Deco style. Additionally, it features shops, including the sole U.S. site of the Gioffrè Boutique from Milan

  • Clearwater Is Home to the Jazz Holiday

    The Clearwater Jazz Holiday has developed from its humble beginnings in the 1980s into one of the largest jazz festivals in the nation. Up to 35,000 people come to Clearwater for the four-day festival to enjoy the music, food, and cultural offerings.

  • The Lack of Taxes

    There is no income tax in Florida. Due to the state's homestead exemption, you are exempt from paying taxes on the first $50,000 of the assessed house value, or $25,000, if you purchase a home. You will have a lot more money in your pocket just from these two elements

  • The Tampa Bay Area Is Growing

    One of the nation's fastest-growing metro areas, the Tampa Bay area, includes Clearwater as its center. Why? Because firms and job-seeking professionals are migrating to Tampa. Additionally, the region still draws a considerable number of retirees. The region is now buzzing with enthusiasm, which has been building for years

  • Clearwater is the Original Beach Town

    Although Florida is home to several fantastic beaches, there is only one Clearwater Beach. It consistently places among the best beaches in the country (and, on some lists, in the world). And the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are always nearby, only a short distance away

  • Clearwater is Affordable

    Even though the beach is well-known worldwide, the small town close to it is nonetheless reasonably priced. From areas along the shore to the expanding downtown area, Clearwater has a ton of real estate available for purchase or rental

  • Clearwater is Home To Great Neighborhoods

    There is Clearwater Beach, which is where many people who want to live near popular tourist destinations call home. However, there are many wonderful communities in Clearwater for both families and individuals

  • Clearwater is Home to Great Attractions

    Clearwater is well-known for housing Winter, the dolphin with the prosthetic tail who appeared in the 2011 film "A Dolphin's Tale" and its 2014 sequel, at the Clearwater Aquarium. But there are an incredible number of fantastic attractions, the aquarium being only one

  • Clearwater is one of the best places to live in Florida

    Moving to Clearwater means you’ll be living in one of the best cities in Florida. Clearwater’s great outdoors, beautiful beaches, and amazing diverse lifestyles makes its a great place for everyone

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Pros & cons of moving to Clearwater FL

If you’d like to find out if moving to Clearwater is right for you or not, we’ve made a list of the pros and cons of living in the city.

This can make it easier for you to figure out if moving to Clearwater is right for you or not:

Pros of living in Clearwater
  • Best place to live in FL
  • Excellent beaches
  • Connectedness to other cities
  • Excellent dining and nightlife
  • Good Education
  • The Weather is Almost Perfect
  • There’s So Much to Do!
  • The Beaches are Gorgeous
  • The schools are Good
  • The Housing Market is Strong
  • The People are Friendly
  • The Economy is Booming
  • There’s No State Income Tax in Florida
  • There’s Always Something to Do
Cons of living in Clearwater
  • Intense humidity and the threat of hurricanes
  • Pests
  • Higher than average crime and poverty rate
  • There Are a Lot of Tourists
  • There’s Not Much Nature
  • The Sales Tax Is High
  • It’s Not the Safest City in Florida
  • It Can Be Difficult to Meet People
  • Hurricanes are a Risk
  • It Can Be Expensive to Live Here
  • Heavy traffic
  • Public Transport
  • The Traffic Can Be Terrible
  • It Can Be Expensive to Live Here

Best places to live in Clearwater FL

Clearwater is home to several beautiful livable neighborhoods. Moving to Clearwater gives you the perfect chance to live in any of these neighborhoods. If you’re moving to Clearwater and wondering what neighborhood the best for you is, the following is a list of the ten best neighborhoods in Clearwater:

  • Sand Key
  • Clearwater Beach
  • Island Estate
  • Clearwater Beach North
  • Harbor Oaks / City Center
  • Shady Oak Farms
  • Sunset Point Rd / Edgewater Dr
  • Coachman Ridge / Alcove
  • Clubhouse Estates / Oak Forest of Countryside
  • Feather Sound

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Cost of living in Clearwater FL

Affordable living in a big city is one of the key perks of moving to Clearwater. The cost of living in Clearwater is 98.3 The United States average is 100.

Clearwater’s average cost of living is below the national average. The following are the key components that make up Clearwater’s cost of living:

Living Expense Clearwater Florida National Average
Overall 98.3 102.8 100
Grocery 105.1 102.8 100
Health 101.4 98 100
Housing 90.1 102.6 100
Median Home Cost $268,600 $294,900 $291,700
Utilities 104.9 101.3 100
Transportation 98.8 112.6 100
Miscellaneous 102.5 96.9 100

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Clearwater’s housing market

If you’re interested in buying a home after moving to Clearwater, we have the key information you need to know about the city’s housing market. This will make it easier for you to make up your mind about buying a home or not if you’re moving to Clearwater, New Jersey:

  • Clearwater’s median home cost is $268,600
  • Over the last ten years, home values in Clearwater have risen by 135.4%
  • Currently, Clearwater’s home values have appreciated by 23.5%
  • Around 31.7% of Clearwater’s residents are renters
  • Up to 2.4% of homes and apartments in Clearwater are open to rent

What’s the average home rental price in Clearwater FL?

Clearwater’s rental market is known for its affordable homes. If you’re considering renting a home or an apartment after moving to Clearwater, look at the average rental prices below:

  • Clearwater’s average rent for a studio apartment is $973
  • Clearwater’s average rent for a 1-bedroom home or apartment is $1,034
  • Clearwater’s average rent for a 2-bedroom home or apartment is $1,255
  • Clearwater average rent for a 3-bedroom home or apartment is $1,614
  • The average rent for a 4-bedroom home or apartment is 1,500

How is the job market in Clearwater, Florida?

How is the job market in Clearwater, Florida? How fast can you get a job if you need one in Clearwater? The COVID-19 pandemic has affected several job markets across the United States and Clearwater wasn’t left out.

Since you’re considering moving to Clearwater, here’s a breakdown of the city’s job market:

  • Clearwater’s jobs have increased by 2.3% over the past year
  • Clearwater’s unemployment rate is 4.6. America’s
  • Recent job growth in Clearwater is predicted to hit -4.34%
  • Clearwater’s job growth has been positive so far
  • Future job growth in Clearwater is expected to hit 41.12%

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What are the top career options in Clearwater?

You’ll find lots of jobs to choose from if you’re moving to Clearwater. Which ones should you opt for? You may be interested in some of the city’s highest-paying jobs. The following is the list of the highest-paying jobs in Clearwater.

Rank Job Description Average Salary Entry Level Salary
1. Physician $201,818 $113,000
2. Internist $195,271 $110,000
3. Chief Executive Officer $158,383 $83,000
4. Vice President $143,610 $82,000
5. Pharmacist $120,769 $82,000
6. Pathologist $114,320 $47,000
7. Engineering Director $110,567 $64,000
8. Chief Finance Officer $107,218 $57,000
9. Principal Software Engineer $104,994 $78,000
10. Automated Teller Manager $102,599 $56,000

What’s the best companies to work for Clearwater, FL

You’ll find lots of amazing companies to work for if you’re moving to Clearwater, Florida. To give you an idea of what to expect, the following are the ten best companies to work for if you’re moving to Clearwater Florida

  • Traditions Senior Management
  • Tech Data
  • Lincare Holdings
  • Senior Home Care
  • AmeriLife
  • Tires Plus
  • Hercules Sealing Products
  • BIC Graphic
  • Tui Marine
  • SCC Soft Computer

What is a good salary in Clearwater?

Moving to Clearwater could mean getting a new job. But how many bucks can you earn in the city? Will you be earning more money or less compared to where you are right now? Let’s find out:

  • Clearwater’s average annual pay for average jobs is $45,508
  • Clearwater’s average hourly pay is $21.88 per hour
  • Clearwater’s average weekly pay is $875 per week
  • Clearwater’s average monthly payment is $3,792 per month
  • Florida’s minimum wage is $10 per hour

Top Industries in Clearwater, FL

Like several other large cities, Clearwater’s economy is powered by several industries. The best part is that whether you work in a small or large industry, you’ll most likely find a suitable spot for your job in Clearwater. The following is a list of the city’s largest industries since you’re considering moving to Clearwater, FL:

  • Health Care & Social Assistance
  • Retail Trade
  • Accommodation
  • Food Services
  • Utilities
  • Management of Companies & Enterprises
  • Professional
  • Scientific
  • Technical Services

How are taxes like in Florida?

If you’re moving to Clearwater from out of state, you may have to get familiar with Florida’s taxes.

Taxes are always part of the key things to consider before moving to Florida. Depending on where you’re moving from, moving to the sunshine state could mean paying in taxes. Here’s a simple breakdown of taxes in the state if you’re moving to Florida:

  • There is no income tax in Florida
  • Florida sales tax is 6% - 8.50%
  • Florida property tax: 0.83% average effective rate
  • Florida gas tax is 4 cents per gallon of regular diesel and gasoline

Best things to do if you move to Clearwater, FL?

There are lots of exciting things you can do in Clearwater. The city is home to several attractions, and you’ll find lots of amazing things to do in Clearwater.

If you’re moving to Clearwater, we’ve made a list of the various things you can do and places to visit and explore. Look at the list:

  • Grab a table on a scenic dinner cruise
  • Marvel at beautiful marine life at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium
  • Visit the Sand Key Park
  • Shop till you drop at the Westfield Countryside Mall
  • Go dolphin-watching!
  • Board Captain Memo’s pirate cruise
  • Embark on a helicopter tour of Clearwater Beaches
  • Hop from one beach to another on the Clearwater Ferry
  • Devour a tropical-themed buffet on the Calypso Queen
  • Walk along the famous Pier 60
  • Set sail on a private boat at Clearwater Beach
  • Watch the Clearwater Threshers at the BayCare Ballpark
  • Take a Guided Tour of the Moccasin Lake Nature Park
  • Ride a Rollercoaster at Busch Gardens
  • Sail through the Clearwater Pass at sunset

What is the crime rate in Clearwater, Florida?

Is Clearwater a safe city for you and your loved ones? Like several other large cities in the United States, Clearwater has its fair share of crime problems. The following are key stats about the city’s crime rates since you’re considering moving to Clearwater, FL:

  • The violent crime rate in Clearwater is 30.4. The national average is 22.7
  • The property crime rate in Clearwater is 51.9 The national average is 35.4
  • Residents have a 1 in 256.2 chance of being the victim o f a violent crime
  • Residents have a 1 in 52.8 chance of being the victim of a property crime

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Statistic Count Raw Clearwater/ 100k People Florida/ 100k People National/ 100k People
Total Crimes Per 100K 2,692 2,284.1 2,153.0 2,346.0
Murder 0 0.0 5.9 6.5
Robbery 87 73.8 62.2 73.9
Aggravated Assault 281 238.4 280.1 279.7
Violent Crime 460 390.3 383.6 387.8
Burglary 249 211.3 240.6 314.2
Larceny 1,850 1,569.7 1,352.7 1,398.0
Car Theft 133 112.8 176.1 246.0
Property Crime 2,232 1,893.8 1,769.4 1,958.2

Best Schools & Universities in Clearwater

Clearwater Florida is home to several top-quality schools. If you’re moving to Clearwater, you’ll have easier access to several excellent schools from universities and colleges to elementary, middle, and high schools..

The following is a list of the best schools in the city if you’re moving to Clearwater, Florida:

Contact Info
20130 Lakeview Center Plaza
Ashburn, VA 20147