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Moving Truck Rental Companies

Moving Truck Rental Companies, like their name suggests are companies that own a large fleet of trucks and rent them out to customers on hourly, daily or weekly basis. Most of the companies that specialize in truck rental and national companies like Uhaul, Penske, Budget Truck Rental, with locations in almost every state. This makes finding a truck even at a short notice, very convenient. Due to this vast coverage area, companies are able to offer a variety of options and features to fit every individual's needs. With flexible availability, large inventory of vehicles and different truck sizes, customers get a lot of options to make sure all they needs are met.

Budget Moving Truck Rental

Though a long distance moving rental truck can come in handy for a variety of situations, their most common use is for moving & relocation. There are a lot of times, when a full-service moving company just isn't a feasible option. Full Service Moving Companies mainly focus on moves that are going long distances or are bigger, fully-furnished houses. But what do you do if you are only moving a few blocks and don't have too much stuff? Even though moving companies can sometimes handle smaller moves, it might not be the best option for you in terms of price. This is where Rental Trucks come in handy.

But how can you find good truck rental companies in your area?

As you are in the last leg of planning the move, there is limited time left to search for reliable truck rental companies in your area.

However, you need not worry as MoverJunction is there for your rescue. We help you get moving truck rental quotes from multiple moving truck rental companies in your area and compare them.

How to get a moving truck rental quote through MoverJunction?

It is simple to obtain a moving truck rental quote on MoverJunction.

Just use the free moving cost calculator (found at the top of this page). You provide the zip codes for both the current destination and the destination you intend to move to. Fill in the moving date, volume of stuff you intend to move, and provide your contact info.

You will instantly receive up to 4 free moving truck rental quotes which you can compare. As our network has all the top moving truck rental companies, you will get competitive price quotes. Compare them to pick the most affordable one and save your money.

How hiring a truck rental company from MoverJunction helps you?

MoverJunction can be your best guide in obtaining a moving truck rental quote as we have a robust network of the best truck rental companies in the country.

You will benefit in many ways by buying a moving truck rental quote through us.

  • Large network of moving truck rental companies
  • Free-to-use moving calculator to estimate the truck rental
  • Up to 4 free moving truck rental quotes

Our network of moving truck rental companies is perhaps the best in the country as this gives you the opportunity to hire the most reliable and top-rated truck rental company in your area. Using our free-to-use moving calculator, you can even compare the truck rental quotes to grab the lowest one.

Since we properly prescreen every moving truck rental company, you will find only reliable companies here and this ensures that the trucks are hygienic and are in good condition.

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What should you consider while hiring a moving truck?

When choosing a truck to rent, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The most important of these is, "What size truck will you need to get?". Although there's no fixed answer to this question, the size requirement will vary depending up each individual scenario. Your home size, size of furniture and appliances, distance of mover are all factors that'll effect what size truck you need. Below is a simple guide to help you decide:

10 Truck: these are the smallest moving truck size suitable for people moving from a small one-bedroom apartment or studio apartment. Such moving truck accommodates household items that do not include large appliances or huge pieces of furniture.

14 Truck: are trucks that can accommodate household items of a small one-bedroom apartment or a larger two-bedroom apartment with a relatively larger appliances and bigger load of boxes.

17 Truck: are trucks that can accommodate household items of two to three-bedroom apartment or houses.

24 Truck: are truck sizes that are often used for moving household items of town homes, houses or condos. They can accommodate large appliances and large pieces of furniture and household items of three to four-bedroom apartments.

26 Truck: is the largest size of moving truck and can accommodate household items, appliances, and pieces of furniture of homes with four or more bedrooms apartments. has partnered with the biggest names in the truck rental industry to bring you the biggest selection of trucks available at any time. With partners like Penske, U-haul and Budget, we aim to meet all your truck rental needs.

What additional services do we provide?

In addition to moving truck rental quotes, we provide quotes related to full-service moving, moving labor service, long-distance moving, local moving, and moving containers as well. We also help in auto moving, office moving, and finding a storage unit affordably.

Take a look at our additional moving services.

  • Full-service moving quotes

    Hire a full-service moving company as it will pack, load, and unload the truck, drive it to the new home, and later unpack your belongings. Though a full-service moving company is costlier, it is faster and also relieves you from all moving-related stress and. Here is all you need to know about full-service moving company quotes.

  • Moving labor service quotes

    While a full-service moving company quote is costly, a moving labor company charges much less as its quotes cover only loading and unloading the hired truck. However, you can include packing services into the labor moving company quote on request. Know more about moving labor quotes.

  • Long-distance moving company quotes

    A moving company considers the distance, volume of household stuff, service quality, and other factors to decide its long-distance moving quote. We help you obtain cheap long-distance moving quotes from the top-rated movers near your home. Know how to get our long-distance moving quotes

  • Local moving quotes

    While you move locally, a moving company considers the number of workers involved and the time taken to calculate the cost. MoverJunction provides you amazing and affordable local moving quotes from the best movers in your area. Read to know how to get our local moving quotes.

  • Moving container quotes

    Hiring a moving container is more cost-effective than renting a moving company. Moving containers got popular in recent years and here is all you need to know about moving containers.

  • Auto/car moving quotes

    Hire a car moving company to save from the stress of driving your car thousands of miles while relocating to a new home. MoverJunction can help you find the auto moving companies in your area. Read here about auto moving.

  • Storage unit quotes

    Storage facilities are available on rent to when you need additional space to stock your belongings. The quotes may vary as per the size, service facilities, and location. We can help you get affordable storage unit quotes. Read to know all about storage units.

  • Office/commercial moving quotes

    While moving an office, you need to ensure it is complete within minimum time, without losing many business hours, but with utmost safety of the office items. Here is what you need to know about office/commercial moving.

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