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It is no secret that Thornton, Colorado is emerging as a hot-moving destination. Located just ten miles northeast of Denver, residents here experience a fabulous suburban lifestyle drenched in scenic beauty. And at the same time, they are just a short drive away from city life. Moving to Thornton has got its own merits and it is important you know everything related to Thornton before making the final call.

Here’s everything you need to know about Thornton in detail. This ultimate Thornton moving guide discusses the cost of living, economy, accommodation, transport, weather, safety, education, and much more. As we’ve done detailed research, the facts are accurate and informative.

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Quick facts to know before you move to Thornton, CO

  • The city was named Thornton to honor former Colorado Governor, Dan Thornton
  • Thornton is the 6th most populous city in Colorado and the 191st most populous city in the US
  • The city has vast wildlife and it is common to cross paths with wild animals
  • The economy is diverse here
  • Many fun options are available in Thornton
  • Thornton is well-known because of its extensive park system
  • Avid golfers have got unlimited golfing options

Top 10 things to know before moving to Thornton

  • Thornton is racially diverse
  • The population is too low here
  • Most people in Thornton commute to Denver on a regular basis for work
  • The city has low property tax and high property prices
  • There are low risks of natural calamities including hurricanes and volcanoes
  • The city is home to 25 big city parks with 2,500-plus acres of space
  • The city hosts dozens of annual festivals, including community and adventure
  • The housing costs are much lower than average Colorado costs
  • You may encounter wildlife in any part of the city
  • The public transport system is excellent in Thornton

What's the population of Thornton, CO?

Thornton has a population of 148,113 people which means 4,195 people per square mile. There are 41,359 households in the city and about 9.9% of the population lives below the poverty line. The city population is growing at a rate of 1.58% annually and currently, it is the 6th largest in Colorado. About 50.4% of the residents are males while 49.6% are females.

To know the population better, here are a few stats.

  • Thornton’s total population is 148,113
  • The population is made up of 50.4% males and 49.6% females
  • The median age in Thornton is 32.3
  • The city population is made up of 57.6% White, 1.6% Black or African American, 4.9% Asian, and 2.1% from two or more races
  • About 33.4% of the population is of Hispanic ethnicity
  • Thornton is the 6th most populated city in Colorado and the 193rd most populated in the US
  • The population has increased by 4.88% in the last decade
  • The median household size in Thornton is 3 persons
  • About 42.6% of the residents are married couples living together
  • On average, 16.7% of the residents are single and have children

How fast can you commute to Thornton, CO?

Most Thornton residents commute to Denver for job purposes and this chokes the city roads during peak hours making you spend a long time behind the driving wheels. Despite a robust public transport system, you may take 30.2 minutes for the average one-way commute. This is longer than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

If you are keen to know how the city residents reach the office regularly, here are the latest stats.

  • About 80.1% drive their car alone
  • About 9.8% carpool with others
  • About 5.5% work from home
  • Approximately 3.1% take mass transit

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What is the weather like in Thornton, CO?

While you have a plan to relocate to Thornton, the climate of the city can be a concern. And you need to know that the summers are hot and mostly clear and the winters are very cold, snowy, and partly cloudy here. March is the snowiest month while July is the hottest in Thornton. It snows for about 9 months a year.

We’ve got a few additional facts about the Thornton climate

  • The city receives about 16 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year
  • Thornton averages 46 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year
  • On average, the city gets about 245 sunny days per year against the US average of 205 sunny days
  • The city receives some kind of precipitation, on average, 77 days per year in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail
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Top reasons to move to Thornton, CO

Have you wondered why a lot of people prefer moving to Thornton? It is not just the proximity to Denver that plays a significant role. Instead, there are many more reasons. And we’ve got a few among them.

  • Low population
  • Robust transportation
  • Family-friendly surrounding
  • Vast open spaces and parks
  • Amazing wildlife
  • Racially diverse population
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Pros & Cons of Living in Thornton, CO

Similar to living in any other city, living in Thornton has some upsides and downsides. Understanding both can help you make the right decision about moving to Thornton or not.

Here are the pros and cons of living in Thornton, CO:

The pros of Living in Thornton CO
  • Low property tax
  • Robust public transport
  • Proximity to Denver
  • Low hurricane risk
  • High diversity
  • More sunny days
The cons of Living in Thornton CO
  • High property cost
  • High sales tax
  • Heavy traffic
  • Extreme winter
  • Few good air days

Best neighborhoods in Thornton, CO

As you reach Thornton, your first priority would be to find a good home in a decent neighborhood.

Rank City Population Home Value
1 Severance, CO 7,691 $404,600
2 Eaton, CO 5,648 $349,200
3 Windsor, CO 31,972 $452,000
4 Frederick , CO 14,127 $421,200
5 Firestone, CO 15,949 $399,900
6 Greeley, CO 101,014 $296,300
7 Berthoud, CO 10,188 $399,000
8 Milliken, CO 8,122 $336,000

And this becomes easier when you have a list of good neighborhoods in Thornton and nearby areas. To help you, we’ve prepared a list of the 8 best neighborhoods in Thornton.

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Cost of living in Thornton, Colorado

It is true that the cost of living is a major factor in determining whether we should move to a new place.

And this matters highly when your new destination is Thornton which is one of the most expensive places in Colorado. Everything ranging from housing, transport, and groceries is costly in Thornton.

Living Expense Thornton Colorado National Average
Overall 122.9 120.5 100
Grocery 100 100.7 100
Health 85 83.8 100
Housing 160.3 167.5 100
Median Home Cost $467,600 $488,600 $291,700
Utilities 98.3 98.4 100
Transportation 121.4 106.7 100
Miscellaneous 111.3 120.4 100

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How is the job market in Thornton, Colorado?

Many people move to Thornton as it is just 10 miles away from Denver, one of the largest cities in the US with many jobs.

The presence of a strong job market along with a booming economy makes Thornton a hot destination, but you may be keen to know more. And knowing this, we’ve collated a few job-related facts, which may benefit you.

  • The job growth in Thornton has been positive
  • The future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 47.4%
  • The unemployment rate here is 6.9%
  • Jobs have increased by 2.8% over the past year
  • The average salary in Thornton is $26,782
  • The median home cost in Thornton is $467,600

Here is a breakdown table to better understand the Thornton job market

Employment Information Thornton, Colorado United States
Income per Cap. $30,094 $31,177
Household Income $73,517 $57,652
Unemployment Rate 6.9 6
Recent Job Growth -4.95% -6.18%
Future Job Growth 47.41% 33.51%

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Fastest growing jobs in Thornton, CO

Most people moving to Thornton would be hoping to find a suitable job and knowing the jobs that are high in demand will be helpful. To help them, we’ve made a table of the fastest-growing jobs along with the average salary.

Here are the top ten fastest-growing jobs in Thornton and the areas nearby.

Rank Job Title Growth % Average Salary
1 Home health aid 167.4% $27,080
2 Information security analyst 164.6% $102,280
3 Diagnostic medical sonographer 162.5% $81,830
4 Interpreter and translator 160.6% $67,510
5 Esthetician 158.0% $47,260
6 Physician 153.5% $100,140
7 Marketing internship 152.1% $73,300
8 Physical therapist assistant 147.4% $53,220
9 Personal care assistant 142.9% $23,840
10 Surgical technician 141.8% $49,720

Top career options in Thornton, CO

When you have a list of the best-paid jobs in a city, job hunting becomes easier. And knowing this, we’ve filtered out the highest-paying jobs in Thornton and nearby areas.

Rank Job Title Average Salary Entry Level Salary
1 Orthopedic surgeons, except pediatric $317,850 $51,240
2 Surgeons, all other $280,950 $96,500
3 Ophthalmologists, except pediatric $273,050 $128,390
4 Physicians, pathologists $237,210 $99,920
5 Financial managers $180,660 $103,030
6 Computer and information systems managers $74,970 $120,740
7 Purchasing managers $168,140 $103,030
8 Judges, magistrate judges, and magistrates $167,420 $83,320
9 Advertising and promotions managers $166,620 $99,880
10 Podiatrists $164,170 $58,640

What's the average salary & income in Thornton, CO?

It is crucial to know the average salary you may get in Thornton as you are moving to lead a comfortable life. The proximity to Denver and the presence of many business houses make Thornton a good place to have a stable professional life. A good job can get you approximately $26,782 but there are people who earn $47,000 and more. If your salary is $41,000, you will be earning more than 50% of the people living in Thornton.

Here are a few informative points related to the average salary and income in Thornton.

  • Thornton’s average annual pay for average jobs is $26,782 a year
  • Thornton’s average hourly pay for average jobs is $22.0 an hour
  • Thornton’s average weekly pay for average jobs is $846 per week
  • Thornton’s average monthly pay for average jobs is $3,666 per month
  • Thornton’s top earners (90th percentile) make $83,000 annually

Major industries in Thornton, Colorado

When you are at the leg of moving and a job is a major priority, it is good to know the major industries in the city. This helps you analyze whether moving to Thornton is a wise decision. Here is a list of major industries in Thornton

  • Financial services
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Health/medical/bio-science
  • Energy

Best companies to work for if you’re moving to Thornton, CO

We all prefer working at a place that is employee-friendly and productive. And when you’re in Thornton, having a list of the best companies to work for will be of great help. We’ve researched to find 10 firms that rank high in employee satisfaction.

Here’s the list

  • The Home Team
  • Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.
  • Advanced Systems Group
  • Adams 12 Five Star Schools
  • Westgate Community School
  • Healthnotes LLC
  • AMI Mechanical
  • Saint Andrews Electric
  • The Senior Hub
  • Sun Enterprises

What are taxes like in Thornton, CO

When you calculate the final income, your take-home salary would be minus the tax levied and hence, it is vital to know the different taxes in Thornton.

When you know the different taxes in Thornton, it becomes easier to calculate the earnings, based on which you can decide whether moving to Thornton would be a wise decision. Here are a few tax-related facts existing in Thornton, CO.

  • The Sales Tax Rate for Thornton is 8.6%. The US average is 7.3%
  • The income tax in Thornton is 4.6 which is the same as the US average of 4.6%.
  • The average property tax rate in Thornton is 0.48%

What are the best things to do in Thornton, Colorado?

Thornton, Colorado is situated amidst a natural setting and is drenched in scenic beauty.

The endless attractions, both natural and man-made, would keep you busy till the last date you are here.

To make things easier for you, we’ve filtered down 10 top things to do in Thornton.

  • Enjoy a picnic at Pelican Ponds Open Space
  • Practice golf at Thorncreek Golf Course
  • Pick a pumpkin at Maize in the City
  • Escape a Haunted Hotel at 303 Escape
  • Play bowling at the Summit Thornton
  • Pay homage at Thornton Veterans Memorial
  • Play with your dog at Trail Winds Dog Park
  • Catch a show at Play Prairie PlayHouse
  • Ride a bike through the Platte River Trail
  • Play sports at Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center

How safe is Thornton, Colorado?

Safety is a major factor in deciding a new moving destination. As per the latest crime statistics, the crime rate in Thornton is the lowest in Denver-area cities and the city is safer than 6% of US cities. Only 5% of the residents feel crime is a major concern in Thornton.

To help you know the crime stats in Thornton, we’ve got a few facts.

  • Thornton’s violent crime is 20.0 while the US average is 22.7
  • Thornton’s property crime is 42.2 while the US average is 35.4
  • Your chance of being a violent crime victim is 1 in 310 in Thornton
  • Your chance of being a property crime victim is 1 in 29 in Thornton
  • About 58% of the population feels safe in Thornton

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What are the top schools in Thornton, CO?

When you are moving to Thornton with the family, the education of children would be a concern and luckily.

Thornton has many good schools and colleges. We’ve researched to prepare a list of the best educational institutions in the city, which may help you once you are here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thornton is naturally scenic and boasts a low population. While it is just a 10-mile drive away from Denver, it has a suburban set-up that makes you feel relaxed. And the first-class public transport, absence of natural disasters, and low property tax make the city a good place to live.

Thornton is just 10 miles away from Denver and is a part of the Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. A majority of the city residents commute to Denver every day for jobs. The proximity makes it easy to have a life amidst a semi-urban setting while having all the facilities of a big city within a short distance.

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