Top Moving Companies in New Jersey

Top Moving Companies in New Jersey

If good moving companies in New Jersey is what you’re looking for, you are at the right place.

Our network has every top moving company not just in New Jersey, but from every part of the US. As all movers are properly verified, licensed, and BBB-certified, you can confidently pick one that suits you the best.

What are the best moving companies in New Jersey to help you move?

We’ve filtered out 10 top-rated movers in New Jersey for you.

We take pride in moving more than 1 million homes in the last 10 years, both locally and long-distance. And we exactly know what you look for in a moving company. Based on the quality of services and track record, we’ve narrowed down the 10 best moving companies in New Jersey for you.

All movers in our list are certified and verified and you can confidently entrust them with the task to move your home.

Let us see some of the top-rated moving companies in New Jersey

Moving Company NameVerified or NotServices OfferedOperation HoursContact Number
Eagle Moving GroupVerifiedInterstate moving9:00 AM -5:00 PM(877) 540-2992
Four Links LogisticsVerifiedInterstate moving(845) 447-3588
All Coast Moving GroupVerifiedInterstate moving(561) 770-3862
All Moving USAVerifiedInterstate moving(844) 305-9005
Empire Moving GroupVerifiedInterstate moving(407) 993-6535
Nationwide Moving ServicesVerifiedInterstate MovingLocal MovingStorage Services9:00 AM -5:00 PM
(855) 967-0102
All City VanlinesVerifiedInterstate movingLocal moving9:00 AM -5:00 PM
(347) 462-4642
24 x7 LogisticsVerifiedInterstate moving(800) 309-9430
Falcon Moving & StorageInterstate MovingLocal MovingStorage ServicesMoving labor 8:00 AM -8:00 PM(908) 212-2238
All in One MovingVerifiedInterstate MovingLocal Moving9:00 AM -5:00 PM
(800) 773-1747
Top 10 Moving Companies in New Jersey

Things to know before you hire a moving company in New Jersey

The moving company you prefer relocating the home in New Jersey needs to be a trustworthy one. It should not be the moving quote alone that you need to consider. Though cost is a major factor, you should also consider reliability, experience, and coverage.

Let us see a few factors to consider while you hire moving companies in New Jersey.

Your mover must be verified

The security of your belongings must be the priority. Never hire a moving company without verifying its past record. The mover shouldn’t have changed names in the past to evade legal issues. Read reviews online and see how customers have reacted to the services received. Hire a moving company only after you find it trustworthy enough to handle your personal belongings at home.

A license and certification is must

The federal law demands every interstate mover to have a proper license, without which it cannot relocate your household belongings interstate. It is your right to ask for the license details and when a mover is hesitant to reveal it, do not hire the company. Check the moving company’s profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), whether it is accredited by the BBB.

Experience promises better performance

A moving company in New Jersey you hire needs to have a minimum of 10 years of experience in home moving. Someone experienced in moving special and heavy items at homes will be helpful when you have furniture to be disassembled and later assembled.  The quality of services will always be higher and it will have all the required equipment types and vehicles to pack and move your heavy furniture and other stuff at home.

When you have an experienced moving team, handling special items like an aquarium, piano, art pieces, and glassware would be a cakewalk.

Apart from that, being in the industry for long years also proves that the company is serious about business.

The type of services is crucial

The type of services you mover deliver is vital. While the new destination is on the other side of the US, you need a company with experience in cross-country moving. And hiring someone with local moving experience will not work out here.

Fortunately, MoverJunction specifically states whether a It is tough task to directly answer as the moving is decided my many factors, such as labor time, travel time, and number of labors. The floor you reside is also a major factor in determining the cost. However, on an average, moving a studio apartment would cost you between $280 and $650, while one-bedroom home would be between $480 and $950. A mover may bill you somewhere between $1,800 and 44,500 for a 4-bedroom apartment.

Delivers just local services or helps you relocate both locally and interstate.

However, you don’t need to always hire an interstate mover for local moving as often local moving companies provide equal or sometimes better moving services. While you hire a moving company, the quality of services needs to be the only priority.

Type of insurance it offers

You assign a mover the task to relocate every belonging at home. Despite a mover claiming to be utmost safe, there is a risk involved. And most genuine movers offer coverage against the items on transit. Though an average coverage may not be enough, it is token support from the company. Also, insurance speaks about how the company values your belongings.

No hidden costs must exist

The moving quote you receive needs to be transparent. Confirm there are no hidden charges by repeatedly reading the contract. Ask questions wherever you have doubts. Though most legitimate companies practice transparent business and charge only what is mentioned in the quote, some bad apples exist in the industry. You may be charged extra by them for the absence of an elevator or the existence of narrow corridors. On the moving day, you will be shocked when you are billed extra for such flimsy reasons. Confirm you are hiring someone genuine to move the home.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much does it typically cost to hire movers in New Jersey?

Moving a studio apartment would cost you between $280 and $650, while a one-bedroom home would be between $480 and $950. A mover may bill you somewhere between $1,800 and $4,500 for a 4-bedroom apartment.
However, you need to remember that moving costs are decided by many factors, such as labor time, travel time, and number of laborers.

Should I empty the drawers before moving my dresser to New Jersey?

No. A mover in New Jersey will move your dresser loaded. Though a full dresser will be heavy, if you don’t unload its contents, you save time. You’ll also open up space in the moving van.

Will movers assemble and disassemble furniture?

Yes, movers will assemble and disassemble your furniture when required. Unless heavy, furniture does not require disassembling. However, some items will, such as bed frames and large dining room tables. For a local move, a company will charge their normal rates by the hour. If you are moving long distance, movers will charge for the service by the weight.