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Moving Storage Containers

Over the past few years, a new way of moving and storage has come into the industry. Moving Containers. Relocating with a moving container is one of the most convenient and cost-effective moving options. It is also one of the most flexible moving options available today.

Using a moving container simplifies the moving process by allowing you to complete your move at your own pace. Also, using a moving container for your move doesn't require packing or loading under pressure because a moving truck is out there waiting. This makes your entire move less stressful.

Let's show you how the process works.


What are moving containers?

Moving containers are simply portable storage units made of wood or metal and large enough to contain household items which make them suitable to use for relocation. Moving with moving containers is also referred to as You Pack They Drive, which implies exactly that, you pack and load the container, then the company sends a truck to drive the container to your destination, where you again unload and unpack yourself.

Since moving containers are portable units, it means they can be hauled on a truck and transported to a nearby location or across a long distance. This makes moving containers a super-convenient option for loading and transporting household belongings from one location to the next.

You may also hire moving labor help to help you load and unload the items from the container, in case you don't want to do everything yourself.

Basically moving containers are a happy medium between hiring a full service professional moving company and a DIY move.

How can I use moving containers for my move?

You can request for a moving container to be delivered to your home, office, or any other location you prefer. The container is placed on the most convenient spot you prefer on the ground and you can load it with your household or office items.

It's up to you to decide the most convenient method of packing your items and loading the moving container. Many moving container companies will give you up to three days or even more to pack and load your items into the container.

The idea here is to load your belongings at your most convenient schedule. So, if the allotted loading time is not enough, you can request for more days or choose a moving container company that is most suitable for your schedule.

Once you're ready for the relocation, all you have to do is call the moving container company. They will show up at your doorstep with a moving truck and a professional driver to pick up, transport, and deliver the moving container to the precise location you want.

Once delivered, you can unload your items from the container and when you're done, you can call the company to and pick up their container. It's that easy! A moving container is also very useful if you're looking to store your household or office items before, during, or after moving. This means you're using the container as a storage unit.

When you choose to do this, you'll be offered the flexibility of either storing the moving container on your own property or at the moving container company's storage facility. You may get the option of renting the container

But how will you find a suitable moving container?

With just a few days left to pack the household belongings, you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for a moving container. In addition, moving on a minimal budget is your priority and spending high on a moving container is the last thing you want.

You don’t need to worry as MoverJunction is at your side. We can get you the best moving containers in your area. As we provide pre-screed and certified moving container companies, you can be sure that your belongings would be in safe hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Moving containers are suitable for almost all types of moves. From moving down the street to moving across the country, moving container companies are available to help you move conveniently.

You can rent a moving container for a local move (moving less than 50 miles radius) or a long-distance move (moving beyond 50 miles radius) across the country.

Moving containers are available in several sizes giving you the option to choose the most suitable one for your move. The moving container size you need to move a studio apartment is different from the one you need to move a 3-bedroom apartment.

So, how can you tell what size is right for you? Below are the three common moving container sizes and type of move they are suitable for:

The 7-Foot Size Moving Container

This is a relatively small size container that is mostly suitable for apartment residents (500sq. ft. space), college students, or anyone interested in downsizing. The 7-Foot moving container is also suitable for small or partial relocation, moving furniture, or other larger household items.

The 7-Foot moving container can be compared to a 10' rental truck or a 5x10 storage unit. It has a weight limit of 5,200 lbs. and has a dimension of 7'x7'x8' with 385 cubic ft.

The 12-Foot Size Moving Container

The 12-foot moving container is mostly suitable for a short-distance move or for storing items during a home renovation project. This moving container can hold a 2 to 3 rooms' worth (500-800 sq. ft. space) of household items.

You can also compare this container size to 10'x10' storage unit or a 15' rental truck. The weight limit of what this container can hold is 4,700 lbs. It has a dimension of 12'x8'x8 with a 689 cubic ft. Many moving container companies offer this size for moving within a town and for storage purposes.

The 16-Foot Size Moving Container

The 16-foot size moving container is the most suitable size for larger households. This is the largest moving container size most moving container companies can provide.

It can accommodate a 3 to 4 bedroom's worth (1,200 sq. ft. space) of belongings. This moving container size is also suitable for moves that require using a temporary storage.

The 16-foot size moving container can be compared to a 20' rental truck or a 10'x15' storage unit. It has a weight limit of 4,200 lbs., 835 cubic ft. and a dimension of 16'x8'x8.'

While the moving day nears by, your schedule will be highly packed and we know how valuable your every minute is. There will not be much time left to research moving container companies. Realizing this, we offer you a free moving cost calculator (found on top of the page).

You need to answer a few simple questions related to your moving and instantly will receive up to 4 moving container quotes.

You can compare them to pick the best moving container.

Our network has only licensed, registered, and BBB-certified moving container companies and hence, you can be confident about the quotes, service quality, and reliability.

MoverJunction is your one-stop solution for all moving-related concerns. We offer affordable and reasonable moving quotes for both local & long distance. In addition, our services also cover auto moving, truck rental, storage facility, and office moving.

Here are the services we provide in addition to moving container quotes:

  • Full-service moving quotes - A full-service moving company relieves you from moving-related stress as it takes up packing, loading, and unloading the truck, driving it to the new home, and later unpacking the household stuff. Despite being costlier, it is a great pick as it is faster and covers all tasks, from scratch to end. Here is all you need to know about full-service moving quotes.
  • Mover labor quotes - When full-service moving company quotes seem costly, hire a moving labor company. It will load and unload the moving truck. Though a moving labor quote usually includes just loading and unloading the truck, you can add packing services into it on request. Know more about moving labor quotes.
  • Long-distance moving company quotes - A long-distance moving company quote is calculated based on the distance, types of services, moving season, and many other factors. MoverJunction can get you the best and affordable long-distance moving quotes in your area. Read here how to get our long-distance moving quotes.
  • Local moving company quotes - A local moving company quote considers the number of workers and hours taken to complete the task. You can hire the best movers with affordable local moving company quotes in your area at MoverJunction. Read to know how to get our local moving quotes.
  • Moving truck rental quotes - Renting a truck is the most cost-effective way to move the home. Even when you add the moving labor quote to it, the moving budget will be the lowest. Read for more about moving truck rentals.
  • Auto/car moving quotes - While moving home long-distance, hire an auto moving company to transport the car as driving it thousands of miles is stressful. We can get you the best auto moving quotes near your home. Here is what you need to know about auto moving.
  • Storage unit quotes - Hiring a storage unit is the safest way to stock your household belongings while you are moving. We can get you storage units of multiple sizes near your home. Read to know all about storage units.
  • Office/commercial moving quotes - Hire an office moving company as you need to relocate the business within the minimum time, without disrupting the daily operations. Here is what you need to know about office/commercial moving.

Moving container companies are often rated based on the quality of services they provide, their coverage areas (where their services are available) and how competitive their prices are. The following are the best moving container companies in the United States:

  • U-Pack - Offers the most competitive costs for long distance moves
  • PODS - Suitable for all types of relocations with moving containers
  • U-Haul U-Box - Offers nationwide services
  • Smartbox - Offers some of the most competitive prices in moving containers
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT - Offers various discounts to make moving with containers less expensive

All moving container companies offer various prices for their containers, though they are mostly competitive. Moving containers costs are often based on the distance of your move and the number of containers you need to move.

Here's a simple breakdown of the average cost of renting a moving container:

  • The average cost of a moving container for a local move (and 1 month of storage) range from $150 to $400
  • For moves that requires multiple containers, you'll have to pay within $800 - $1,100
  • For long distance moves, the average cost of moving containers is typically within $1000 - $7000 and above.

Usually moving containers will come out less expensive than a full service move as you'll be doing a bit of the work yourself. Unless you want to hire moving labor help.

Tip: It's a good idea to compare prices of moving containers and full service moving companies before you make your decision.

To find out how much a full service moving company will cost, click here on moving cost calculator

Eventhough container companies don't have their own helpers, most of them will be able refer you to professional moving labor help companies near you. However, you have the freedom to choose the service provider you prefer. You can also check our Moving Labor page to find moving labor companies near you.

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