Packing Tips – How To Pack Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro

Packing Tips – How To Pack Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro

Moving boxes are one of the most important moving essentials that can make your relocation easier. Packing with boxes can make your items easier to carry, load, unload and unpack. New corrugated boxes are often the most reliable when packing with boxes. But if you intend to cut costs by packing with used boxes, you’ll need to test them carefully to ensure they are good enough. Any box you intend to use must be strong enough to protect the content it contains. Before you start packing, make sure all your boxes are rigid, without tear, punctures, rip, or damaged edges, and are in good conditions.

The following are simple packing tips you can use to pack your moving boxes appropriately for a safe trip:

Make the bottom of the box stronger with packing tapes:

Photo by Beth Kanter  @ Flickr / CC BY
Photo by Beth Kanter
@ Flickr / CC BY

the bottom of the box is its foundation, and it needs to be strong enough to hold the contents in the box. Also, making the bottom of the box stronger will prevent contents of the box from falling off during the move. If you intend to pack with used boxes, all the bottom of the box and its edges should be appropriately taped.

Load heavy items first: when packing items into the boxes, load heavier items first and load the lighter ones at the top. This will prevent the heavier items from damaging the lighter ones with their weight during transit.

Leave no empty space in the box: during transit, it’s important to keep items in the box intact. After loading the boxes, you may fill the empty spaces in the box with fabric, such as clothing or dish towels. Also, you may use bubble wrap or butcher paper to support items in the box. Leaving no empty spaces will ensure contents in the box remain intact during transit.

Set a 20 Kilogram box weight limit: boxes that are heavier than 20 kilograms will be difficult to carry, load and unload. Such boxes may easily give way from the bottom. Ensure contents in each box are not heavier than 20 kilogram. Don’t forget this tip while packing your essential box.

Use boxes that can close or seal at the top: pack items into boxes in such a way that the boxes can be sealed or closed at the top. If you intend to pack with used boxes, check if they are strong enough before packing items into them.

What should be packed in your boxes?

You can pack the following items in boxes:

Kitchen Equipment: you can pack all small kitchen appliances in a box. Appliances such as slow cooker, blenders, and deep fryers can fit in a box. Also, you may pack your pots and pans in a box. Also, you can pack your dining room easily by using moving boxes.

Computer systems:

MJ Moving boxes 11
Boxes that are heavier than 20kg are heavier to carry, load and unload. Keep the weight of your boxes below 20kg.

you can pack your personal computer system in a box. Also, any other personal electronic items that can fit into a box should be packed in a box. Use a strong box for packing your computer to ensure it stays intact during transit.

Wall hangings, pictures and small mirrors: all these items can easily fit into a box and conveyed safely to your new destination.

Outdoor equipment and tools: if you own any outdoor equipment that can fit in a box, don’t hesitate to box it. Small tools that can fit in a box should go into a box too.

Clothes: clothes can fit in boxes and should be boxed. Garbage bags can tear easily during loading or unloading, but boxes are often strong enough to hold clothes.

Electronic equipment: most of your electronic equipment that can fit in a box should be boxed. Items such as speakers, radio, stereo, DVDs etc. can be packed in boxes. You may ask your movers how to pack your TV, or contact an electronic store for appropriate box for TV packing.

Ottomans, chairs and small tools: any of the items that are small enough to fit into boxes should be packed in boxes.

Other relevant small items: drapes, blinds, shoes, boots, coats, jackets, pillows, quilts, bedding, lampshades, small lamps, small and medium sized rugs as well as toys, and other outdoor play equipment that fits into boxes should be boxed.

Label all your boxes on all sides and indicate the room you want each box to end up in your new home. This will make your unpacking easier once you arrive your new home. The essence of packing with moving boxes is to make your items easier to load into the moving truck, transport safely, unload and unpack like a pro, let that be on your mind as you search for new or used boxes.  See when to consider hiring a professional packing service company for your move.