Tips to Help You Unpack like a Pro

Tips to Help You Unpack like a Pro

So you arrived at your new home, and almost everything seems new to you. You want to savor the newness, but there’s one more thing to do.


You look around your new house and are overwhelmed by the number of boxes of all different sizes and all the disassembled furniture. The biggest challenge is often where to start from. But don’t worry, relax and take a deep breath. The good news that you need to remember is that you don’t need to do it all at once.

Moreover, our step-by-step guide is here to help you!

Let’s start from the FIRST thing that you need to unpack: Your Essentials Box.

Once you’re done arranging your essentials its time to dive into the rest of the of the stuff. Here are a few things you’ll need to make unpacking easier:

  • Utility knife to open boxes
  • Screwdriver, hammer and nails to reassemble furniture and to hang pictures
  • Room plans
  • Recycle bin to recycle the cardboard boxes
  • And most of all, Patience! You don’t have to unpack everything in one day!

Now lets get on with it.

Inventory List and Essential Box

Before you unpack, take a look at your inventory list, either the one you created, or the ones given to you by your moving company. Then you need to find your essential box. The essential box is the box where you pack all your useful tools such as scissors, first aids kit, tapes, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, paper products, tapes etc.

Unpack the Kitchen

You can easily unpack the kitchen items if you’ve labeled all your boxes appropriately. You may start by lining up the cupboard first, or you may unpack only the items you need first.

Your pots and pans should be among the first things to unpack. Also, set up your major appliances, and the smaller ones such as toaster and coffee cup. As soon as the kitchen is unpacked and set up to function, it could be a place for you and your family to converge and take a break from the plethora of boxes in other rooms.

Unpack the Bedroom

You don’t have to unpack everything in the bedroom in just one day. But you need to put the bed together. Also, unpack the linens for each bedroom. However, if you can’t put the bed up in one night, drag mattresses and pillows together in one room and sleep together as a family.

Unpack the Bathroom

The bathroom should be unpacked too before you go to bed. Unpack the most useful items you and your family will need in the bathroom.  Your medication, the shower curtain and towels are some of the major things you’ll need in your bathroom.

Unpack your Furniture

You may need to rearrange furniture in the living room, bedroom, and dining room. First, you need to have a plan, where exactly should each piece be placed and how do you want them to appear?

So you only have to arrange your furniture once if you have your plan in place. Large pieces that require assembling should be done once if you stick to your plan.

Unpack the Garage

One of the last places to unpack may be the garage. Do your best to organize the garage before unpacking. You may need to get the tools you need to make the garage functional. Then place tools and items you’ll need in the garage so you can easily find them when you need them.

A lot of times people start unpacking in the wrong order only to discover that they are too tired and still haven’t unpacked the stuff they need more urgently. Avoid this scenario and follow this list in the right order. You shouldn’t have any issues settling in your new home.

All the best!