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10 Useful Packing Tips


Packing Tips will come in handy when its time for you to move. Follow these simple and easy moving and packing tips, and your next move is bound to go more smoothly.

  1. Use strong sturdy moving boxes. Moving boxes come in different sizes. You can even get wardrobe boxes that you can use to hang your clothes just like in a closet, making it a breeze to pack and unpack. Used boxes are just as good as new one in most cases.
  2. Label everything, clearly, on the outside of the box. Mark what’s in the box and the room or area where it should be placed at your new location (i.e. living room, garage, attic).
  3. When packing liquid items like soap, shampoo, oil etc check all the lids to see if they are secure. As an extra precaution, put bottles in ziplock bags to prevent any damage in case of a leak.
  4. Use lots of tape on the seams of moving boxes, at least three strips on the bottom.
  5. Don’t overload boxes, try to stick to 40 pounds or less per box.
  6. Pack all of your valuables and paperwork (such as jewelry, photos, keepsakes, medicine, and financial records) in a separate box, and handle these yourself. Don’t turn them over to a moving company.
  7. Give yourself adequate time to pack – start at least 30 days before the moving company arrives.
  8. When dissassembling furniture, make sure you pack the screws and other parts securely and label each of them. Tip: Put parts in small ziplock bags and tape them to the respective furniture so you don’t misplace them.
  9. Back up all of your computers before you disconnect anything, and clearly mark the cables so that you can easily set up your equipment once you’re in your new home.
  10. Make sure you count all the boxes and make an inventory list before the movers pick up your stuff.

We hope these packing tips will help you in making sure your items are protected and you move is a safe one.


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A moving industry expert and an internet marketing enthusiast, I have been involved in the moving industry since 2004. Combining my passion towards technology and online marketing with my expertise in the moving industry, I've been focusing on building solutions to make your move easier. From planning to successfully executing your move, my tips and tricks will guide you all along the way. Have any questions for me? Send them to

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