The Right Way to Pack a Box before Moving

The Right Way to Pack a Box before Moving

After you have moved into your new home and started unpacking, you may find out that a few of your belongings have been damaged in transit. This can be quite a scary proposition for anybody and one that is best avoided.

If you had enlisted the services of a professional moving carrier, you could have made them liable for the damage caused. However, there would be no one to blame and hold accountable  for if you have done the packing on your own.

What can you do to prevent your personal items from getting harmed during the moving process? One way you can minimize this risk is by taking time to pack correctly.  The right way to pack a box so that the contents stay safe is quite simple and the actual steps are listed below:

–  Assemble the box. Use a tape to secure the bottom seam. You can add tape perpendicular to the main seam to strap the bottom of the box for added reinforcement.

–  Use crumpled paper to form a cushion on the bottom of the box. Ideally, you should not be able to feel the bottom of the box when you press down on the paper.

–  Use extra paper to stuff the corners. These are the areas that bear the maximum brunt when the box is accidentally dropped.

–  Wrap every item with bubble wrap, or paper before placing them carefully in the box. Make sure that there is enough room on the sides and the top for more padding.

–  Do not fill the boxes with less than what they can hold.  Over filling of boxes can cause them to collapse when they are stacked one over the other. You can use paper, towel or clothing to fill in the small gaps in some of the boxes.

–  After you have placed everything, tape the box securely and label it with your name or its general content. A good practice is to label each side of the cartons so that they are visible from different angles when the boxes are stacked.

Follow the above-mentioned techniques to ensure that your prized possessions are safe!