How To Pack And Transport Heavy Items When You’re Moving

How To Pack And Transport Heavy Items When You’re Moving

I’m not an orthopedist, but I know the backbone is one of the most important bones in the body. I also know that one of the easiest ways to fracture or break your backbone is by lifting heavy items the wrong way. This usually happens when people are moving and its often too late to save the spine when the injury occurs.

So, I wrote this article to let you know exactly how to pack and ship heavy household items to avoid damages, and how to prevent breaking any bone in your body, especially your back bone. I’m dishing my best safety moving tips so your friends and loved ones wouldn’t send you flowers while you’re lying in a hospital bed downtown, all because you had a DIY move.

Packing heavy household items

Once you’re ready to pack up and move, you’ll suddenly realize how many your household items are and how heavy some of them are. Some of the heaviest household items are dish washers, couches, desks, sofas, refrigerators, wardrobes, cookers, freezers, beds, bookcases, water heaters, ovens, safes etc. If you hire a full service moving company, you’ll avoid all the stress and risk of packing heavy household items.

So let’s get started. First, you’ll have to prepare for the move. I’m sure you know planning is one of the key things that makes all the difference between a memorable move and a traumatic one. So I’ll suggest you plan every bit of your of move and leave nothing to chance.

See details of the moving supplies you’ll need to get ready for the move or you can hire moving labor helpers rather than risk packing your valuables and end up damaging your precious items.

 How To Pack A Wardrobe, Dresser or Desk

Start by removing every item in the desk, dresser or wardrobe including drawers and shelves. But sometimes, the doors of these furniture are very fragile or made of glass. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to take them down and carefully wrap them with blankets or bubble wraps to avoid damage while in transit.

Drawers and doors of wardrobes, dressers and desks often open while in transit. So what’s the way out? You shouldn’t tape drawers and doors shut. Packing tapes are not so easy to remove on wood surfaces and they can damage the finish easily.

If the doors and drawers can be locked, that could be your best option. But if you can’t lock them, use shrink wrap to hold them in place and keep them intact while in transit. To protect your desk, wardrobe or dresser, wrap the piece in blanket and use padding or tape to keep the piece intact.

If you intend to slide any of these furniture across the room, place furniture moving pads under each edge or stand to prevent scratches on your hard floor or torn carpets.

How To Pack Appliances

Chances are, you’ll have at least one of these appliances in your home; cooker, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher and freezer. I’ll show you exactly how to pack these large heavy appliances.

So before you start packing appliances, make sure you unplug them from power outlet.

First, you’ll have to empty these appliances especially your freezers and refrigerators. Use up or remove food, drinks, or any other item in your freezer or refrigerators. Make sure you defrost your freezers and refrigerators at least 48 hours before your move.

Remove all movable parts such as shelves and drawers from all kitchen appliances and then pack them one after the other in bubble wraps or blanket. To prevent the door of any appliance from opening while in transit, use a packing tape or shrink-wrap to hold the door in place.

When you’re done packing, you should use a dolly to transport the appliance to the moving truck. To use the dolly, lift one side of the appliance you intend to transport, carefully slide the dolly underneath and then you’ll have to tip the appliance onto the dolly and make sure you strap it very tightly.

How To Pack King Size Mattresses

I’m sure you’ll need a good sleep on the night you arrive your new home, and your king size mattress is the right stadium for you to spend the night.

Start by removing and packing the bedding separately. You can wrap your mattress in thick plastic or place it inside a special mattress bag to protect it from moisture, tear or dirt.

Packing heavy household items like mattresses

To hold the mattress in place, you’ll need two strong long ropes. You’ll have to wrap the first rope around the length of the mattress 2 0r 3 times and then use the second rope to wrap the mattress width as many times as possible. When you’re done, tie the end of both ropes tightly.

How To Lift Heavy Items Without Getting Injured

Here’s how to lift heavy household items without getting injured:

  • First, check the weight of whatever item you intend to lift. If you don’t have the strength to lift it all alone, ask someone to help you out. Most times, its easier for two or more people to carry an item. But if you’re strong enough to carry the item, follow these simple steps:
  • Start by positioning your feet one shoulder width apart. Make sure the ground you’re standing on is level and without obstacles. Put one foot next to the box or item you intend to carry and the other foot in front of it.
  • Bend down with your knees to the box or item. Do your best to keep your back straight by tucking your chin into your chest. Grab the item will open hands and spread your fingers. For a firm grip, grasp under the item.
  • Gradually shift your weight into your feet and lift the item using your leg muscles. You should push the item up with your legs too. While doing that, make sure your heels are strongly planted on the floor.
  • Make sure your arms and elbow are close to your body and the item or box is close to your chest. Don’t twist your body as you walk and take the quickest and shortest route to the place you’re carrying the item to.
  • When you intend to put the item or box down, lower the item/box by bending at the knees. Don’t make the mistake of bending from the waist. You can strain your lower back muscles if you do.

How To Transport Heavy Household Items

If you’re having a DIY move, your best bet is to hire a moving truck rental. Some moving truck rental companies have moving labor helpers that can help you load your household items into the moving truck.

Make sure you hire a moving truck size that is slightly larger than what is required for your household items. Its better to have unused space in your truck than to make several trips that will cost more.