The Ultimate Guide To Moving Truck Rental

The Ultimate Guide To Moving Truck Rental

Is moving truck rental the best moving option for you?

Let’s find out!

If you’re on the verge of moving, it’ll be pretty smart if you look at all available moving options to see which one is right for you. No doubt, renting a moving truck is one of the best moving options.

But what exactly should you expect when you rent a moving truck?  I’ve created a simple guide that can help you out. Let’s take a look!

The pros of moving truck rental

Are there any benefits of moving truck rental? Let’s find out!

Moving truck rental guarantees flexible moving options

If you’re moving to start a new job, or for a wedding ceremony or any other reason that requires moving on a specific date within a short notice, you may pick a precise moving date. When you hire a moving company, you may not have the freedom to choose the exact moving date you want.

Moving truck rental

Some movers may ask you to pay an extra cost if you insist on moving only on a specific date. But you can keep your moving options open by renting a moving truck. You’ll have the freedom of choosing any moving date you want and you can move at your convenient pace. You can use a moving truck rental for either short distance or long distance move.

Whenever you choose a moving truck rental, you can pack at a convenient pace and can cut down the number of repeated trips you’ll have to make.  You can avoid all the extra charges you’ll be asked to pay for such trips when you hire a moving company.

Its easier to cut your moving cost with a moving truck rental

Moving is never cheap. But you can cut down your moving cost if you choose a moving truck rental company and do the packing with the help of friends and family or hire moving labor help. One of the key benefits of truck rental is cutting your moving cost as much as you can.

You can cut as much as 70% of your moving cost if you rent a moving truck compared to hiring a moving company.  Request for free truck rental quotes to see how it works.

Moving truck rental guarantees easy access to moving equipment and tools

Moving often involve the use of tools and equipment to make the entire process easier and faster. If you choose a moving truck rental, they’ll give you the options of renting such equipment while the cost is added to your rental cost.

But if you decide you wouldn’t need any of such equipment, the cost will not be included in your truck rental cost. Moving truck rental tips

Many moving truck rental companies provide nationwide service

Many moving truck rental companies offer their services nationwide. This means they maintain a pick-up and drop-off centers in many states across the country. You can rent a truck for an inter-state move without bothering about going back to your previous state just to return the truck.

Some moving truck rental companies provide nationwide services

Transporting your vehicle

If you choose to transport your vehicle through a rented truck, you can do so without any additional charges. All you have to do is pay for the normal rate of renting the truck and you can move your vehicle to wherever you want.

Truck size options

All moving truck sizes are not exactly the same. Moving truck rentals will give you the opportunity to choose any moving truck size that will be big enough for the items you intend to move. You don’t have to bother about moving your items on the same truck with other people’s belongings like many moving companies do. Here’s how to figure out the right moving truck size you need.

You’re not at risk of dealing with rogue movers

Its a shame how rogue movers take advantage of people who are looking to move. In many cases, some people end up hiring moving scammers because they don’t know how to identify rogue movers and avoid moving scams. There are several reports of rogue moving companies carting away entire household goods without any trace.

But when you opt for moving truck rental, you wouldn’t be at risk of dealing with rogue moving companies. You wouldn’t have to bother about anyone disappearing into thin air with your household goods. You’ll be in charge of your moving from start to finish. You wouldn’t have to bother about the location of your household goods while they are in transit, you’ll be the one overseeing the entire move.

The cons of moving truck rental

Moving truck rental doesn’t always guarantee all aspects of your moving will go as planned.

Here are the cons of moving truck rentals:


Are you sure you have the stamina to handle the wheel of a moving truck?

If you’re only comfortable with driving a car, sitting on the driver’s seat of a moving truck could be pretty intimidating. This is especially true if you’ve spent the most part of your day packing and loading the moving truck.

You wouldn’t want to fall asleep while on the wheel of such a large vehicle. If you get tired on the wheel, you may start ignoring road signs. This is mostly dangerous when you’re making a long distance move. When you hire a moving company, you wouldn’t have to bother about driving a moving truck. Read these top 4 safety concerns when moving.

Moving truck rental, don't ignore road signs

Late returns and extra charges

Whenever you rent a moving truck, you’re expected to return the truck within a specified period of time. If you fail to do so, the moving truck rental company will request for extra charges to cover up for lost time. If you hire a moving company you wouldn’t bother about returning the moving truck.

Paying for damages you know nothing about

If the moving truck you rented is in a bad shape and you didn’t realize that, you may end up paying for any further damage that happens to the truck while you’re moving. An often overlooked simple issue such as dripping oil could be an indication of a big problem in the truck engine.

If you’re not careful enough to observe the dripping oil and the truck engine develops a bigger problem while you’re moving, you may have to pay for the cost of fixing the engine. When you hire a moving company, you wouldn’t have to bother about truck engines. You only focus on your move!

Getting lost during long distance moves

If you’re moving across state lines and you don’t know the routes so well, you may get lost while trying to locate your new home. Long distance driving is not often as easy as it seems especially if you’re only used to driving to your office back and forth.

You can easily lose track of where you’re headed if you take your mind off the routes for few minutes. You wouldn’t bother about getting lost with your household belongings if you hire a moving company. Nonetheless, here are six tips for making a long distance move.

My final thought

Most of the DIY movers who rent a moving truck often do so for a short distance move or moving within state lines. If you’re looking to move beyond state lines or inter-state, make sure you can really handle the moving truck before you rent one.