How To Slash Moving Cost With The Right Moving Supplies

How To Slash Moving Cost With The Right Moving Supplies

Contrary to what many people think, moving isn’t always an uphill task.

But if you really want to get the big event right, then you better be all set on the D-Day. Getting all set for the move involves having all the moving supplies you’ll need to make your moving as easy as a piece of cake.

But what exactly are moving supplies?

In a nutshell, moving supplies are the materials you’ll need to pack your household items exactly the way you should, so you can load them into the moving truck easily, unload, and unpack by the end of the day.

What more? Once you’re armed with the moving supplies you need, moving wouldn’t be such a big mountain that’s too high to climb.

But its easy to assume you can make a quick move without any moving supplies. While that may seem pretty true to you if you’ve never moved before, having your moving supplies handy on the D-Day can make your moving a smooth ride.

Here are the key moving supplies you’ll need to make your moving a memorable one.

Moving supplies guaranteed to slash your budget for a stress-free move

#1. Boxes (plastic or cardboard)

Almost every household item can be boxed. From the big flat screen TV on your living room to the tiniest utensils in your kitchen, each household item can end up in a perfect box. That means you’ll need boxes of different sizes to pack your items when you’re moving.

Moving supplies
You’ll need boxes of different sizes to make your packing easier.

Another key thing to remember is that you have two options of boxes – cardboard boxes and plastic boxes. If your preference is cardboard boxes, then check out these 10 best places to get free boxes. If you’re looking to buy new boxes, sturdy and high quality boxes should be at the top of your list. You can get such boxes from moving supplies shops.

But if you prefer plastic boxes, see these 5 companies that provide plastic moving boxes.

Having said that, if you intend to pack with used or free boxes, avoid the ones that are too weak to bear the weight of your items. You may consider reinforcing the seams of such boxes with tapes. Most importantly, packing your household items into boxes will make your loading and unloading as easy as pie.

#2. Packing papers

Packing papers can wrap almost anything, but of course it can’t wrap the moving truck. Otherwise known as unprinted news print, packing papers are one of the most multipurpose packing supplies that will make your entire packing seem like a walk in the park.

You can use these papers to wrap and protect several items including electronics, glassware, plates, knick knacks and even pieces of furniture.

But you shouldn’t make the mistake of using printed newspapers, the ink could rub off and stain any of your items and the stains could be difficult to remove. What’s more? you can use packing papers to fill up empty spaces in boxes to prevent items it contained from shifting while in transit. This is especially true for fragile items.

#3. Shrink wrap

You can use shrink wraps to protect your household items from debris, dust, and dirt. Chances are some items will be thrown around while the packing is on. Using shrink wrap will make sure your items stay clean even while inside the moving truck.

Even more, you can use shrink wraps to hold furniture wrappings (blankets/pads) or other protective covering in place. Another key thing to remember is that you can use shrink wraps to bundle containers or boxes together to make moving large items quicker and easier.

Nonetheless, you need to prevent the surface of some of your items from coming in direct contact with shrink wrap. Household Items such as delicate wood finish, upholstery, or leather can be damaged if shrink wrap melts as a result of high temperatures or condensation from humidity. You can protect such items by wrapping them first with wrapping papers or furniture pads.

#4. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most common packing supplies you can use to protect fragile household items. The good news is you can use bubble wrap to wrap several different items including glasses and delicate china.

Similar to shrink wrap, do not use bubble wrap for directly wrapping items such as wood, glass or artwork.

The bubble wrap plastic can melt in high temperatures, confine condensation and the air pockets or the bubbles can leave scathe marks on items. However, some bubble wraps like the green varieties are designed to be eco-friendly. Such bubble wraps dissolve in warm water so you can dissolve all the ones you’ve used for your move easily.

#5. Box cutter or Scissors

When you’re ready to start unpacking, you’ll be shocked to realize you have more boxes than you thought. That’s the point where scissors and box cutter walk into your moving picture. Scissors and box cutters are extremely important moving supplies for opening boxes before unpacking.

I’ll suggest you have both cutters handy just in case someone decides to help with opening the boxes. Your teenagers can join the box cutting party but definitely not kids. While you’re opening the boxes, cut them open away from you and not towards you. Don’t forget that scissors and box cutters are sharp objects and must be handled with care.

#6. Packing tape

If you’re moving with cardboard boxes, you’ll sure need packing tapes. You should use heavy-duty packing tapes to hold the bottom of boxes especially if they aren’t new. Some items often fall off the bottom of cardboard boxes because these boxes couldn’t hold their weight.

Packing tape is one of the most useful moving supplies.
Use packing tapes to seal the tops and bottom of your boxes.

When you’re done packing each box, use packing tapes to seal the boxes. That way, items inside the boxes can stay intact while in transit.

#7. Markers or Labels

Markers and labels make it very easy to identify each box by the items it contains. Some boxes will contain very fragile items such as wine glasses and china, and the only way to identify such boxes is to label them. Not to mention that while unpacking, marking or labeling your boxes makes it easier to know where the content of each box will end up.

For instance, all boxes marked “Kitchen Utensils” should end up in the kitchen while boxes labeled “Bathroom” will end up in the right room. Without a labeling system in place, unpacking is always a nightmare and too many items get damaged unintentionally.

Labels and markers are important moving supplies.
Labels and markers makes it easier to identify each box by their content.

To make labeling as easy as pie, it’s important to indicate the content of each box and the room they are meant for. Boxes with fragile items should be labeled “Fragile” and indicate what side should be up e.g. “This side up.” Even more, you may color-code your boxes. You can use color coordinated labels or stickers so you can easily identify each box and its content. These are some of the important moving supplies that are often overlooked.

#8. Blankets or Furniture pads

None of your furniture should be damaged just because you’re relocating. Moving isn’t a sabotage adventure. So I’ll suggest you play it smart by using blankets or furniture pads. You can use protective furniture pads to protect your pieces of furniture from debris, dirt and sharp edges.

All you have to do is make sure your furniture is absolutely covered and then you should secure the pads tightly with packing tape. Another smart option is to use paper pads or sheets of cardboard to cover your furniture. That way, your furniture can stay safe through out the move.

You can purchase furniture pads from moving supplies retailers. But moving companies do provide furniture pads if you hire one. Request for free moving quotes to compare the costs of hiring a good moving company.

#9. Mattress cover

Mattress cover is one of the most overlooked moving supplies. You can use mattress box or plastic mattress cover to protect your mattresses from tears or smudges while you’re moving. Ask your moving company about the availability of mattress covers and its cost, before the moving day.

#10. Specialty boxes

Specialty boxes are the boxes designed specifically to house some particular household goods. But its easy to assume that you don’t need any specialty box as part of your moving supplies.

Some household items must be packed carefully in specialty boxes, so you can load them into the moving truck easily, transport and deliver them safely, so you can unload and unpack them the right way.  Below are some of such items:

Glass table tops

Glass-topped dining room tables and a coffee top table are both fragile and heavy. If you intend to move any of these, after removing the glass from the top, wrap it carefully with paper/blanket and bubble wrap then place in flat large telescoping box to shield it. Telescoping boxes are the perfect boxes for packing glass-topped tables.


You can use wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes. Many of these wardrobe boxes are designed with a rod inside to hang clothes and protect them from getting crushed or wrinkled. If you enjoy wearing furs and leathers, consider buying wardrobe boxes to pack them easily.


Wine glasses and other glassware are often the key casualties whenever people are moving. But yours shouldn’t be so.

You can use cell boxes for your fragile wine glasses as well as other glassware-thin cardboard dividers. The cell boxes will separate each piece and prevent them from banging against each other, scratching or shattering while in transit.


Odds are you’ll really need a very good sleep at the end of your moving day. I guess that’s the point when you really need the comfort of your mattresses. But just before you move, you should invest in mattress cartons. It can be used as protection for your bed during the tough process of packing and hauling it out of your home.

Artworks, Mirrors and Pictures

Genuine artworks don’t come cheap. So when its time for you to move artworks, mirrors or pictures, I’ll suggest you invest in the right moving supplies – artwork and mirror boxes. Artwork and mirror boxes are large, flat cartons used to move items like artwork, pictures and mirrors. The boxes will ensure your items are safe while in transit and delivered in one piece.

Now that you’re armed with all the right moving supplies, I guess its time to start planning your move. You can plan your moving with Mover Junction, its 100% free.