Packing Tips – How To Pack Your Electrical Appliances

Packing Tips – How To Pack Your Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances are some of the most important household items you’ll have to pack during a relocation.  You may do it yourself, or with the help of hired moving labor, a friend, colleague, neighbor, or the moving company you hire. But regardless of who will pack your electronics, here are professional packing tips to make the packing easier:

Refer To The User Manual of Your Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances often come with a user guide or manufacturer’s guide, and these guides often contain detailed instructions on how to pack these appliances safely. Follow the instructions on the guides and check for diagrams or illustrations that explains how your appliances should be packed appropriately.

If you’ve lost the guide, visit the manufacturer’s website or call to request a copy.  Packing your electronics appropriately will make them easier to load, transport, unload, unpack and set up for use at your new home.

Play It Safe With Your Electrical Appliances

If any of your electrical appliances has a toner or ink cartridge, detach it and store it in a sealable bag. Make sure you pack the bag in the same box with the appliances it was detached from. You should remove all DVDs, CDs, and any other tape from its appliances before packing.

You should consider packing the appliances separately from the removed items to prevent damage. Ensure you label and tape all boxes that contain electrical appliances to make it easier to identify them during packing, loading, unloading and unpacking.

Use The Original Packaging

Electrical appliances often come in a customized package. If you still have such original package, use it for packing your appliance. If you no longer have the original package, you may purchase an electronic specialty moving box from the manufacturer or movers you hire. You may as well use a double wall box, which is bigger than the electronics you intend to pack.

Use Colored Labels

As you pack your electrical appliances, it’s important to consider how to set them up for use at your new home. Get colored labels that are large enough to write on, and small enough to secure appliances connection cables and port for easy re-connection.

Before you disconnect any plug or wire, mark the plug or wire and the port you’re disconnecting it from with colored labels. Use similar color for the port and wire so you can reconnect easily at your destination.

If you eventually run out of different colors, consider using exact numbers on the port and wire. As soon as you have the wires or cables disconnected, use twist ties to carefully keep the cables safe to prevent unraveling and pack them in a seal-able pack. Better still, you can take pictures of the wires before disconnecting them.

Personal guide

To make setting up your electrical appliances easier, you should consider creating a personal guide. Write down each stage of the disconnection process. With that, you can refer to your personal guide, whenever you intend to reconnect your appliances at your new home.

Use anti-static popcorn or bubbles

Avoid using harsh packing materials for your electrical appliances. Always play safe.

Use anti-static packing bubbles or popcorn to wrap your electrical appliances. Any attempt to use materials that may conduct electricity may damage your appliances. Detach any part that could be separated and pack in seal-able bags then seal the end with tape.

Place larger and heavier appliances at the bottom, and place the least heavy ones at the top. To prevent the appliances from shifting during transit, fill holes with antistatic packing materials.

Don’t forget to seal the end of the box with packing tape. Also, indicate what part of the box should be up and label it “Fragile”. With that, the movers or any other person will handle the appliances carefully.

If you own any other sensitive items, ask your movers before the moving date about how to move such items safely.

Many electrical appliances are fragile and can damage easily during relocation. During your move, pack your electronics carefully using the most appropriate packing supplies for a safe relocation. After moving, do not forget to recycle your packing materials appropriately.

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