Useful Tips to Reduce Your Moving Cost Even More

Useful Tips to Reduce Your Moving Cost Even More

When its time for you to move to a new house or an apartment, you have a variety of moving options available to make your experience as simple as possible. You can choose from Full Service Moving Companies, Self-Service Movers or just rent a truck from Uhaul or Budget and do the move yourself.

Whatever option you choose though, its important to keep a check on the cost of your move, because little things can really add up. This specially holds true in the case of Full Service Movers.

Here are some tips that’ll help you keep the cost in check when using a full service moving company.

1. Pack your own belongings. Packing your stuff yourself and having it ready before the movers show up have two-fold benefits. One, it saves you time and money if the movers are charging by hour (which is common in local moves). Two, you can take extra care while packing to avoid any breakage or damage to your items. Movers usually have blankets and bubble-wrap to protect any glass items or TVs that could be damaged during the move.

2. Disassemble the furniture beforehand.Once again, having furniture disassembled and ready to be loaded in the truck will not only save precious time but money and reduce the possibility of any damage.

3. Inform movers of any stairs and extra levels in the house when getting an estimate. People seldom complain about the estimate changing when the movers show up, but they fail to realize why it happens. A lot of times people forget to mention that there are stairs in the house or that the items are on 2 or 3 different levels which usually increases the price of the move.

4. Be as accurate as possible about your inventory to avoid any extra charges. Not disclosing completely how much stuff you have can result in a lower but incorrect moving quote which will end up changing when the movers show up. Give the entire list of items that you are moving when getting a quote. A few boxes more or less don’t affect the cost as much as having an extra bed or a big cabinet.

Follow these tips to optimize your moving experience. If you need free moving quotes for your upcoming moving please fill our online moving quotes form