10 Best Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

10 Best Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

Aah! Moving boxes…you’ll need lots of them when you’re moving.

But where exactly can you get all the moving boxes you need? You can either buy or get them for free!

Since moving is not so cheap, you should consider getting free moving boxes to save some cash. But if you’re not interested in cardboard boxes, check out these 5 companies where you can rent plastic moving boxes.

Places to get free moving boxes

1. Visit Bookstores

Many of the boxes you’ll find in a bookstore are very sturdy because of the weight of books. Many of these boxes can hold the weight of some household items especially your books. Read more about how to pack your moving boxes like a pro just so you’ll know the type of items to pack in your boxes.

2. Search on Free Cycle

This is one of the easiest places to get free moving boxes. Free cycle is actually an online community where people freely donate items they no longer need. You can search for your community and search for free moving boxes.

3. Visit home improvement stores

Many home improvement stores have tons of boxes they can give away whenever you ask. Consider stores like ACE, ACEO, Home Depot and Lowes, odds are you’ll get more than enough free moving boxes for your household items.

4. Local Retailers

Walk into retail stores near you and ask for free moving boxes. Odds are they’ll be glad to hand out the boxes, they are always looking for easier ways to get rid of their boxes and they often have lots of them.

5. Visit local bars and restaurants

free moving box
Retail stores are some of the best places to get free moving boxes.

Liquor boxes are some of the strongest boxes you can find for packing household goods. Bars and restaurants are always concerned about how to break down and haul their boxes to the dumpster.

So whenever you ask them for boxes, they’re always eager to give them out. You can use liquor boxes for packing, clothes, plants, toiletries, and several other household items you intend to take in your car.

6. Don’t miss grocery stores

Grocery stores always have boxes. But many people often target grocery stores whenever they need boxes for anything. So, you should consider visiting several grocery stores and do so several weeks before your move so you can have enough free moving boxes for your items.

7. Visit office supply stores

Local office supply stores often have many strong boxes at their disposal. You can ask for strong boxes that are designed for packs of computer papers. These boxes are often good for items like pans, DVDs, pots and CDs. Many of these boxes often come with a lid so you wouldn’t have to bother about moving tapes. Office stores like Office Max, Office Depot and Staples often have strong boxes.

8. Search on Craigslist

People are often giving away free moving boxes on Craigslist, but you’ll have to search for them. Start by checking the free section, people are often giving away boxes during the weekend or at the beginning of the week.

Use the Craigslist search box to search for free moving boxes around your area. Odds are you’ll find several people or retail stores who are willing to give out boxes.

You can take advantage of the Wanted Section, by posting that you need free moving boxes. Many people who intend to give away boxes often check this section and you can get tons of boxes by asking.

 9. Don’t overlook your own office

Office building gets lots of deliveries everyday, so don’t hesitate to check around your own office for free moving boxes. You can talk to your colleagues that handle supply orders to reserve some boxes for you the next time a shipment is delivered.

10. Pharmacy Stores

Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS are some of the common pharmacy stores where you can get cardboard boxes. But many of these stores often crush their boxes before taking them to recycling center. You can call ahead to let them know you need some boxes, so you wouldn’t have to bother about taping crushed boxes.

When you’re ready to move, request for free moving quotes and we’ll provide you free quotes of licensed moving companies anywhere in the United States so you can compare costs before hiring any mover.