Reduce Your Moving Costs With These Amazing Moving Tips

Reduce Your Moving Costs With These Amazing Moving Tips

What are the easiest methods of reducing your moving costs?

When it’s time for you to move to a new house or an apartment, you have a variety of moving options available to make your experience as simple as possible. You can choose from full service moving companies, self-service movers or just rent a truck and do the move yourself.

Whatever option you choose though, it’s important to keep a check on the cost of your move, because little things can really add up. So, we’ve compiled key things you can do to reduce your moving costs.

How To Reduce Your Moving Costsreduce your moving cost

Here are key relevant tips that’ll help you keep your moving cost in check regardless of how you choose to move:


1. Pack your own belongings

Packing your stuff yourself and having it ready before the movers show up have two-fold benefits. One, it saves you time and money if the movers are charging by hour (which is common in local moves).

Two, you can take extra care while packing to avoid any breakage or damage to your items. Movers usually have blankets and bubble-wrap to protect any glass items or TVs that could be damaged during the move. These are practical things you can do to reduce your moving costs.

2. Disassemble the furniture beforehand

Once again, having furniture disassembled and ready to be loaded in the truck will not only save precious time but money and reduce the possibility of any damage. Disassembling your furniture all by yourself is a good way to reduce your moving costs.

3. Inform movers of any stairs and extra levels in the house when getting an estimate

People seldom complain about the estimate changing when the movers show up, but they fail to realize why it happens. A lot of times people forget to mention that there are stairs in the house or that the items are on 2 or 3 different levels which usually increases the price of the move.

4. Be as accurate as possible about your inventory

Not disclosing completely how much stuff you have can result in a lower but incorrect moving quote which will end up changing when the movers show up. Give the entire list of items that you are moving when getting a quote. A few boxes more or less don’t affect the cost as much as having an extra bed or a big cabinet.

5.    Avoid moving during peak season

Lots of families and people move during the summer, making it a peak moving season. Kids are usually out of school during this period and parents are eager to relocate before the new academic year. Moving companies charge the highest during these periods. If you can, move during non-peak seasons to reduce your moving costs.

6.    Clear out clutters

Walk through every room in your home to start purging. Clear out as many clutters as you can. Do the same in the basement too, kitchen, even bathrooms. Whatever is no longer needed shouldn’t be taken to the new home. Never make the mistake of paying to move items you no longer need. That’s money down the drain which makes decluttering a good way to reduce your moving costs.

7.    What about your trash?

Moving companies are known for making the mistake of loading trash into the moving truck thinking they are parts of the homeowner’s items. Worst still, trash increases the weight of your goods which means you’ll end up paying more. So, just before the movers arrive, make sure all your trash is gone! Check out these three ways to get rid of unwanted household items. This is another easy way to reduce your moving costs.

8.    Label your boxes

Labeling your boxes makes it easier to find specific items. Labeling also makes unpacking easier as you can easily tell where each box should end up. For example, you already know boxes labeled kitchen, contains items in the kitchen and kids’ toys contain toys for your kids. You should also number your boxes. This makes it easier to figure out missing boxes.

9.    Don’t forget to defrost your freezer and fridge

If you intend to move with your refrigerator, make sure you defrost it before the moving day. You should do this a day or two before the move. But start using up the items in them weeks before the move so you won’t have to throw away any food, milk, vegetables or other items.

 10. Have a yard sale

While decluttering, chances are you’ll find tons of useful items you no longer need. You can sell these items to actually cover some of your moving costs. Check out these top five yard sale mobile apps to get started. And here’s how to plan a garage sale that sells in any neighborhood. Here’s a simple yard sale guide you can use. Having a yard sale can help you reduce your moving costs.

11. Ever tried a packing party?

Packing is one of the key reasons moving is considered a stressful event. This is mostly true if you’re moving two or more rooms or have a large family. But you can ask friends, neighbors, loved ones, and colleagues etc. to help you pack. You can make the entire packing more fun and exciting by offering some food, drinks, or even snacks. Having a packing party can help you reduce your moving costs.

12. Get multiple moving quotes

To find and hire the best moving company’ you’ll have to shop around to get multiple moving quotes. Now you can do all that just on one platform. The best part is all the movers have been carefully prescreened to ensure they have a solid track record in the moving industry.

All you have to do is request for free moving quotes and you’ll get multiple quotes from various moving companies near you. This is one of the best methods to reduce your moving costs.

13. Save a lot on moving boxes

You’ll need lots of boxes when you’re moving. Buying new boxes also cost a lot. But you can reduce your moving costs by getting free moving boxes. Check out these ten best places to get free moving boxes.

14. Choose moving truck rental

You can reduce your moving cost by renting a moving truck. There are several key things to look out for during moving truck rental. Also, you can learn how to choose the right moving truck size. We’ve collated five common truck rental mistakes and how to avoid them.

15. Calculate your moving cost

One of the easiest ways to reduce your moving costs is to calculate the entire cost of your move. Once the calculation is done, you can compare your moving budget to the moving cost and you can adjust accordingly.

For instance, if you’re considering hiring moving labor and then you realize your budget isn’t enough for that, you may decide to ask your friends and loved ones to help you. Get started with this free moving cost calculator.

Follow these tips to optimize your moving experience. If you need free moving quotes for your upcoming moving please fill our online moving quotes form