Top 5 Yard Sale Mobile Apps To Help You While Moving

Top 5 Yard Sale Mobile Apps To Help You While Moving

Technology is making everything easy today. Smartphones and new apps are everywhere and making lives easier for everyone. From finding dates to finding a couch, everything can be done right from the convenience of your phone. So how can the moving industry stay behind?

One of the biggest problems we all face when moving is getting rid of the excess stuff that you’ve gathered over the years. Whether you are moving or just looking to clear out some space in your house, the two best ways of doing so are Donate or Sell. But the days of a traditional garage sale are behind us.

Who wants to go around putting up paper signs all over the neighborhood?

Who wants to sit outside in scorching heat or freezing cold hoping someone will show up to buy their stuff?

Smartphones are suppose to make you smarter, get smarter with your yard sales using your smartphones.

With new startups and apps, chances are you can be a lot more effective, if you do things a little differently.

Don’t just have a yard sale, have a “Smart Yard Sale”





So lets take a look at the top 5 mobile apps that can make getting rid of your stuff easier:

1. VarageSale 

varage sale logo
Photo credit: Google PlayStore


Photo credit: Google PlayStore

VarageSale is a mobile app that can connect you with real people in your neighborhood who have something to buy or sell.

With this app, you can find great deals on items you really like or make some money by selling valuable items you no longer need.

This app allows you to browse items by categories so you can narrow your search to find the items you’re looking for as soon as possible. Items on VarageSale are often labeled as “available,” “sale pending,” or “sold.” The app provides an option for you to follow favorite sellers or categories of interest.

VarageSale members connect via Facebook just so you can see their real names, photos and even read reviews about them before doing any business. Also, the app provides an option for you to praise members after an impressive transaction. What more? the app gives real time notification just so you can never miss a yard sale and it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

2. Yard Sale Treasure Map

yard sale treasure map 2
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yard sale treasure 3
Photo credit: Google PlayStore

This app makes it easier for you to find yard sale anywhere around you, especially in your neighborhood.

Yard Sale Treasure Map displays the map of your neighborhood indicating where you can find a yard sale.

If you’re having a yard sale  and you want it to appear on this map, all you have to do is create a garage sale listing in your local Craigslist site. On Google Play Store, the app is described as the only legally licensed garage sale app for Craigslist.

Further, this app allows you to plan your route, do keyword highlighting, adding sales from newspaper, marker coloring, Google street view, advanced search filters, turn by turn navigation, and route syncing between devices.

3. OfferUp

offerup logo
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offer up 2
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This one is my absolute favorite on this list as I use it myself regularly. OfferUp is a mobile marketplace for neighborhood’s buyers and sellers. With this app, you can offer up almost any item for sale within 30 seconds.

OfferUp is really challenging Craigslist by making it very easy for you browse and find local items for sale such as clothes, furniture, electronics, jewelries, cars, kids furniture, kid toys and lots more.  You can find these items by image and sort by location or categories.

Also, the app has an in-built reputation feature that allows you to view who you’re dealing with and you can build your reputation with a unique seller profile page. Buyers and sellers can message one another securely within the app which makes it easier to sell or buy before arriving the yard sale venue.

4. Listia 2017-03-26 16-50-57Listia is a mobile market place for exchanging items you no longer need for items you want or need all for free. Users earn credits by listing items they no longer need and then use those 2017-03-26 16-55-56credits to buy items you’ll love to have.

How the app works

  • Declutter – List all the items you no longer need or want exactly the same way you’ll display items you don’t want during a yard sale or a garage sale.
  • Earn credits: You’ll start earning credits
  • Reward Yourself – Discover and get stuff you’ll love from other members or the Listia Rewards Store!

Listia saves you from all the stress of organizing a yard sale, garage sale or even listing items on the free section of Craigslist.

The app will let you see what nearby users are trading, let you buy and bid on things you want and notify you when items you want is ending.

5. Garage Sales Everywhere

Garage sale everywhere logo
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garage sale everywhere
Photo credit: Google PlayStore

This mobile app allows you to access Craigslist from your mobile device with an option to choose which Craigslist site to pull sales from.

With this app, you can find yard sales, garage sales and estate sales in your neighborhood.

Garage Sales Everywhere shows sales for a particular day so you can search and save sales you’ll like to visit and hide sales you’re not interested in to reduce clutter.

You can view available sales in map or list form. The app displays driving directions to yard sales in your area and turn by turn Google navigation. The app has an in-built share button that allows users to send sales to other people.


According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of smartphone users use their phone to share pictures, videos, or commentary about events happening in their community, with 35% doing so frequently. Also, 56% use their phone at least occasionally to learn about community events or activities, with 18% doing this “frequently.” Why not take advantage of this?

Many people often have a yard sale when they are moving homes. Try these apps next time you need to organize a yard sale or just need to sell some stuff. And if you’re planning to move your home, Mover Junction can help you connect with licensed and BBB rated moving companies in your area and provide you free moving quotes online.

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