Top 10 Places Consider to Live in While Moving to Tucson, AZ

Top 10 Places Consider to Live in While Moving to Tucson, AZ

Are you Moving to Tucson AZ? Do not move to a city to just explore its cuisines and natural attractions. The excitement about these ‘tour destinations’ is short living. Life goes beyond that. What matters more are cost of living and neighborhoods. Tucson in this case is a blessed city with amazing neighborhoods, low cost of living, and excellent stand of living. The ’America’s Biggest Small Town’ is more than a scenic landscape. It is one of the most livable cities and also one of the healthiest cities in the country.

So what are the best neighborhoods to settle down in Tucson? Do not worry as we have got the list. To get the most accurate list, we had to do a little research. We looked at the latest census report for the median income levels and median home prices for each one of Tucson’s 129 neighborhoods. We considered factors like safety, unemployment rates, and cool stuff to do to call it a perfect neighborhood. And if you haven’t thought about moving to Tucson, you need to seriously start it. Let’s now walk ahead without wasting much time.

Wait a minute. Before moving ahead, let us have a glance at Tucson’s statistics.

PopulationMedian IncomeMedian AgeUnemployment RateMedian Home PriceComfort Index

Ok, now let us move to know more about neighborhoods and whether they fit into your expectations.

Desert Palms Park

The livability score of 85/100 is considered exceptional and this makes Desert Palms Park one of the best neighborhoods in Tucson. One of the advantages of Desert Palms Park is that the crime rate here is 74% lower than the Tucson average. Speaking about the cost of living, it is 15% higher than the Tucson average. The polarity of Deserts Palms Park has taken the reality prices to 58% higher than the Tucson average and the rental prices here are 72% higher than the Tucson average. However, the neighbourhood deserves this.

Old Fort Lowell

With an impressive livability score of 85/100, Old Fort Lowell is another excellent neighbourhood in Tucson. Here, crime rates are 53% lower than the Tucson average and the cost of living is 9% higher than the Tucson average. The popularity of the neighbourhood is visible in the real estate price, which is 43% higher than the Tucson average. Also, rental prices in Old Fort Lowell are 28% higher than the Tucson average.

Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes, a central Tucson neighbourhood is something that surprises outsiders. It has several turn-of-the-century territorial style houses and mission-style bungalows painted in browns and purples and sage greens sitting on quiet, tree-lined streets, all within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and parks. Situated just near to the University of Arizona and Downtown, the neighbourhood is named after an early civic leader, Sam Hughes. Here, the housing prices range from the $200,000 to $1.5 million, attracting a diverse population ranging from university professors to starving students, lawyers, and civic leaders to artists, young families to professional sports stars.

Catalina Foothills

One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tucson, Catalina Foothills has $775,000. It is expensive than 95 percent of neighborhoods in the state. However, rental properties are more affordable and are reportedly cheaper than 75 percent of the neighborhoods in Arizona.Catalina Foothills is to be quiet and safe and is one of the most preferred settlement areas for retirees and families. The neighborhood has some of the best schools in the city nearby. Art galleries and upscale shopping are also in the vicinity. And to add more charm, the crime rate in this neighborhood is 53 percent lower than the Arizona average.


Civano is a forward-thinking community on the southeast side of Tucson. It is mostly preferred by socially-conscious it would be of no doubt a great neighborhood for you and your family. Civano is reputed for being safe and family-friendly with just a short distance to cafes, shops, a community garden, two swimming pools, and more than 50 business houses. A big catch of this neighborhood is its eye toward walkability. The neighborhood was designed to overcome the negative traits of most developments, such as congestion, loss of community and shared spaces, and wasted resources. Here, you’ll find energy-efficient adobe and Sonoran-style homes with solar power, with a median home value of $219k and rental properties commanding $1,100 to $1,800 a month. You may consider this place while moving to tucson AZ.


Summerhaven is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Tucson. With an 84% impressive livability score, you can make a happy living here. The Cost of living is 2% higher than the Arizona average. At the same time, real estate prices are 100% lower than the Arizona average and same is the case with rental prices. One of the cons of moving here in Tucson is the crime rate, which is almost the same as Arizona average.

Oro Valley

Moving to Tucson AZ, you would love to settle in the scenic suburb of Oro Valley with modern town homes, spacious Mediterranean style homes, and contemporary homes for potential buyers. The presence of Oro Valley Farmers Market promises fresh local produce, while golf enthusiasts can hit the links at El Conquistador Country Club. Living at Oro Valley, you can spend time hiking, camping, and grabbing spectacular mountain views at the neighboring Catalina State Park. There is also an excellent library here – Oro Valley Public Library, which is frequented by book lovers. The median household income here is $71,950.


One of the merits of moving to Tucson AZ is the fabulous neighborhood Eastside, with a population of 4,072. A small neighborhood, Eastside is bordered by E Broadway Boulevard to the north, E 22nd Street to the south, S Houghton Road to the east, and S Harrison Road to the west. Living in this neighborhood will help you gain easy access to outdoor activities including hiking and trailing.

The neighborhood is also known for its giving spirit. The Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program is a popular local nonprofit to help senior citizens in the area.

Rosemont East

This neighborhood in Tucson has a livability score of 81% but what makes more appealing is the crime rate here. As per the statistics, the crime rate here is 60% lesser than the Tucson average. At Rosemont East, the cost of living is 14% higher than the Tucson average, which includes retail prices and rental prices that are 54% and 61% higher than the Tucson average respectively.

Dave Mountain – May Be Considered While Moving to Tucson AZ

Located in the northwest of Tucson, Dave Mountain is one of the posh neighborhoods in the suburb of Marana with a high-end golf course development. Emerged as a premium neighborhood in recent years, Dave Mountain is at the base of the Tortolito Mountains with easy freeway access. The home prices here range from affordable to astronomical and are one of the preferred locations for people working in other parts of the city. The homes are spread out on rugged lots in the hills and valleys. This neighborhood is preferred by families, business types, retirees, and golfers.

Like every city, Tucson also has its own pros and cons but it is definitely worth calling a home. With amazing neighborhoods and high standard of living, it’s time you think about moving to Tucson AZ.

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