Things You Need To Consider Before Renting a Moving Truck

Things You Need To Consider Before Renting a Moving Truck

Sometimes the easiest option in moving your home could be renting a moving truck for a DIY move. Having a DIY move often cost less than hiring a moving company but you’ll have to make some pretty good decisions to make the entire moving successful. Some of such decisions is how to choose the right truck rental company and the right truck size that can accommodate your household items.

Such decisions are too important to be made based on assumptions. Just one wrong decision is enough to ruin an entire moving plan. So to avoid moving truck rental mistakes, i have compiled a simple list of things you’ll have to consider just before you rent a moving truck.

What exactly should you consider before renting a moving truck?

The distance of your move

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The distance you’re moving to can determine your truck rental costs and the type of truck rental company you’ll have to do business with.

How far you’re moving can determine your moving truck rental costs and the type of truck rental company you’ll have to do business with. Some moving truck rental agencies and companies only provide their truck for local or short distance moving.

So if you’re making a long distance move such as an interstate or a cross country move, you may need the assistance of a large truck rental company. For such long distance moving, a one way trip should be your only option. But in most cases, you’ll have to pay for the return of the truck to its origin.

Before renting the moving truck, you’ll have to find out from the rental agency about their policy and costs. Also, you should find out from a moving company about the cost for making the same move. Compare the two costs and consider your options carefully before settling for any.

The right truck size for your items

All moving trucks do not have exactly the same size. If you want to have a hassle-free DIY move, you’ll have to rent the appropriate truck size to accommodate your household items. The truck rental company can help you decide on the appropriate truck size for your move.

But you can also figure out the right truck size you would need to move your household items without making unnecessary trips that can increase your moving costs. Here is a simple guide you can use:

  • a 10 foot mini mover is suitable for a relatively small apartment
  • a 12-foot truck will take 1-2 rooms
  • a 16-foot truck can take 2-3 rooms worth of belongings
  • a 22-foot truck can take 3-5 rooms goods
  • a 26-foot truck will have enough space for a 5-7 bedroom apartment

But regardless of the size of your home, it is better to go for a moving truck that is a bit larger than what you assume will be the right size for your household goods.

Regardless of your home size, rent a moving truck size that is slightly bigger than what you require so you wouldn’t have to make unnecessary trips.

If you end up with a smaller moving truck size than you really need, making a last minute change may cost you more and you may be forced to cancel your move after all the stress of packing and loading the truck.

 What time are you moving?

The particular time you intend to move your home can determine many things about your truck rental options. But regardless of the month or week you’re moving, it’s always better to book the moving truck in advance. Movers’ peak season often starts in May and continues until September ends.

If you’re moving your home within that period, you have to book a truck well in advance. Rental prices are often slightly higher at such periods.  Also, you may find it easier to make bookings at the middle of the month since most people book during the beginning and end of the month. Renting a moving van during weekdays is often cheaper than doing so during weekends when DIY moving is in full swing.

Moving an extra vehicle

If you’re planning to move any extra vehicle, you have to make up your mind in advance if you’ll drive the vehicle yourself, or tow it behind the truck. Also, if you own a snowmobile, a motorcycle or a boat, you may need a trailer to move them. Find out the cost of moving your vehicle and how many days you may need a trailer hitch and the costs.


Many rental agencies and companies provide extra insurance which can be up to $30 per day for every day the moving van is on the road. Before signing any deal with a moving truck rental company, read their fine print carefully to ensure their insurance covers all you’re moving including your household items, vehicles, potential damages, collision, theft etc.

What else would you require?

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Having a successful move can make you start life in your new home happily.

You may need some other things to make your packing, loading and unloading a lot easier. Some truck rental companies often rent pads and dollies.

The protective padding can prevent your valuable antiques or leather couch from scratching or ripping during the move. While dollies will make it easier for you to move heavier items.

But just before you move out of your home, here are simple things you can do to make sure you leave the home appropriately as you should so you can start life in your new home peacefully.

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