Guide: How to Plan a Move

Guide: How to Plan a Move

No matter which way you put it, relocating is a huge task that requires proper planning and execution. When it time for you to plan a move, careful planning may reduce stress- levels and make your move extremely smooth. Here is a step-by-step guide to make your move easy.

Step #1: Calculate How Much Time is Left for the Move

A few minutes spent in organizing your belongings and planning a move may help you make the best use of the time you have. It is advisable to plan to save money and time down the road.

Step #2: Consider the Distance

Moving across town does not require too much assistance and is something you can do yourself, just by using a rented truck. However, moving to a new city or country may require you to take assistance of a professional company. For overseas moves, you may face issues such as clearance, bio-security clearances, shipping methods, and problems related to storage upon arrival.

Step #3: The Budget

No matter how clichéd does it sound, it is important to consider your budget before relocating to a new place. This will help you decide the moving company you need. Ask yourself questions such as do I need to hire a professional moving company? Do I have money saved up? Will your employer cover the relocation cost? If you have home insurance, check if your cost of relocation is covered in your policy. Get atleast 4-5 moving estimates to make sure you don’t overpay.

Step #4: Decide what you Need

This is a personal choice, but anything you can part with is something you don’t need to take with you. Moving is a great time to let go of things you do not need or use. Also, if you move frequently, try to keep minimum belongings. You may donate your possessions, or put them up for a sale. Books and old furniture items can easily be donated and you will find a lot of buyers for these.

Step #5: Dispose Things

Determine how you will dispose things that cannot be donated, recycled, or sold. If you have just one or two packets of clutter, there may be nothing to plan. On the other hand, if you need to buy extra trash, or hire a hauling company, it is advisable to plan for these activities.

No matter whether you are moving alone, with friends or family, it is advisable to plan your move to make the process quick and stress-free. Follow the steps to make your move convenient.