8 Things To Do Before Moving Out of Your Home

8 Things To Do Before Moving Out of Your Home

After spending so much time preparing for your move, the moving day is finally here to moving out of your home.  The moving company you hired have packed all your household items, the truck is loaded and you’re set to move out. Now you can heave a sigh of relief and focus on the trip and how wonderful you expect your new home to be.

But just before you leave, don’t forget these simple things!!!

Simple things that if left undone could cost you time and money. The last thing you need while you’re trying to get used to your new home and environment is a bill from your old house for damages on the property after you moved out.

While this situation may sound somewhat impossible, it happens all the time. To avoid this situation, i have compiled a list of these simple things you can do to make sure you leave your old house in a perfect condition as expected. You can consider these as your final duties and responsibilities to the building you’ve called home all this while.

Things to do before you moving out of your home

After walking through each room one last time, do not forget to turn off the light switch.

1. Switch off the lights

turn off all the indoor and outdoor lights. Some real estate agents or landlords may ask you to leave the lights on for safety reasons. But if they do not, switch off all the lights.

2. Lock all Doors & Windows

Imagine what could happen if you leave just one door or window open while moving out. Just one unlock window or door may be all an intruder needs. You wouldn’t know who is patiently waiting for you to move out just to jump in to steal or damage things. You should lock all windows and doors, storage shed and garage. Double check all locks to ensure the house is secured.

3. Check and Lock All Water Taps

moving out
Just one running tap can cause severe damage to a home. Check and lock all taps.

You can imagine the amount of damage just one running tap can cause, especially when it’s left running for several hours or days. The  new residents may not move in the same day you moved out. Consider  checking all the taps in the house one after the other.

4. Unplug Appliances, Turn off the Air Conditioner and Heat

Don’t forget to unplug the appliances you’re leaving behind. Also, turn off the heat and air conditioner, except if the landlord or the real estate agent instructed you not to do so.

5. Check Outdoor

Move around the outside of your home and see if you left anything. Check for stray tools, toys, or garden hoses. Check your garage too; don’t leave your useful tools behind. Also, don’t leave your Christmas trees or any other decorations behind except you no longer need them. Even if you no longer need them, consider donating them or giving them away to a friend or neighbor.

Do not forget to collect keys from every member of your home including the ones you left with your neighbors.

6. Retrieve hidden keys

It’s common to have keys hidden around the property. If you have any of such, retrieve them. Anyone could find them by chance after you moved out. Also, collect keys from every members of your family, including the ones you’ve given to any neighbor. Make sure you leave keys for each door of the house, storage shed and garage as agreed with the landlord or real estate agent.

7. Check The Freezer, Fridge and Washer/Dryer

It’s easy to forget things inside your freezer, and fridge. Open them one more time to see if you forget anything. Also, check your washer or dryer, you or one of your kids might have drop some clothes in for a quick wash or dry.

8. Check Each Room One Last Time

Before you finally move out, check each room one last time. You can easily forget things in any room during the frenzy of packing and loading the truck.  One last check will give you the peace of mind.

Hoping the above mentioned Tips are useful for you.

Now that you’ve made sure everything works fine in your old home while you’re moving out, find out about things you should do before moving into your new home to make it a better place for you and your family.