Moving Labor – Should You Hire Packers During A Relocation?

Moving Labor – Should You Hire Packers During A Relocation?

Do you enjoy packing?

I bet you don’t. I don’t either.

But when you’re moving, you’ll either pack your household items by yourself, with the help of friends, or hire a moving company.

Whatever option you pick, packing takes so much time, considering how long it takes to pack each room, the packing supplies required and the damage you can cause if your items are not packed appropriately. So, chances are you’ll need help to cut the workload. And if cost is not an issue, you should consider hiring a professional moving labor.

Moving labors provide packing, loading, unloading and unpacking services. You can hire moving labors for local moves, or for a long distance move.

But before you make up your mind to hire one, weigh your options carefully. Consider the time and energy you’ll have to invest to get the job done versus the cost of hiring moving labors. If the benefits of hiring moving labor outweighs the cost, then you should consider hiring one. But if you intend to pack all by yourself, here are professional packing tips to help you pack easily.

Types Of Moving Labor

Moving labors can provide several different services. Here are the key services they provide:

Full Service Packers

Moving labor - Should you hire packers during relocation?
Full service packers will pack and wrap all your items appropriately to keep them safe while in transit.

If you hire full service packers, they’ll ensure that all your furniture are taken apart, wrapped and securely appropriately using padding and protective packing. Also, they’ll remove pictures and frames from walls, roll carpets and ensure they are ready for moving.

Even more, they’ll ensure boxes are labeled and carefully sorted according to placements and rooms.

The moving labor will give you a time estimate on how long it’ll take them to pack your household items and the costs involved. Most often than not, they’ll finish the entire job in a day.

It also depends on how soon you want your goods packed and how soon you want to move. If you’re in a hurry to move, more hands may be needed and the moving labor cost may be slightly higher.

But should you hire full service packers? Your decision should be based on the cost and how soon you want to relocate. While hiring a full service packer can increase your moving cost, it could be a better option than taking several weeks off work to pack your goods.

Also, if you intend to pack your goods yourself, odds are you’ll start by packing rarely used items or items you wouldn’t need over the next few days or weeks. This requires thoughtful planning and you’ll have to consider how to live with boxes once you start packing. But full service packers can pack an entire home in just one day and you’ll be ready to move as soon as you want to.

Specialty Items Packers

Some moving labors specialize in packing special items which are often fragile items such as artworks, china, vases, musical instruments, chandeliers, antiques or any other valuables. Most often than not, the moving labor company representative will visit your home to assess whatever you intend to pack and give you a cost based on the assessment.

Appliances Packers

Some appliances can only be packed by specialty packers. Some moving companies would suggest that you should hire a third party to help you pack such items. Some of these appliances are large such as stoves, dryers, refrigerators, washers etc. In the event that your appliances are not packed appropriately, the moving company you hire will not take responsibility.

Do you need the services of any moving labor for your move? Let us connect you to professional moving labors and you’ll get up to six free moving labor quotes so you can compare costs before hiring.