6 Tips for Making a Long Distance Move

6 Tips for Making a Long Distance Move

Moving across town bears little resemblance to a cross-country move. Sure, you’ll pack up the house and load everything up. But where a short-distance move lets you make multiple trips or go back for something you forgot, once you’re on a long distance move, you’re gone.

Before you buy your first box and roll of tape, check out these 6 tips for making a long distance move:

Tips for Long Distance Move

#1: Trim as Much Fat as You Can

If you’re moving across the country, the last thing you want is extra baggage that you wouldn’t even miss. Before you get into packing mode, go through all of your belongings and get rid of everything that you don’t need or love.

You can give some things to family members, others to charity, and even have a garage sale if you have any extra energy. Just be sure to check with every family member before ousting someone else’s things, including toys.

#2: Pack Everything Snugly

When you’re in packing mode, remember the miles and miles that everything has to travel. A pothole down your street is nothing compared to the jostling that all of your dishes, electronics and that vase from your great aunt Edna will encounter on their long journey.

Expect some damage, but try to avoid as much as possible. And don’t forget blankets for padding. You can rent or buy them from a moving company for a small fortune. Or use your own. Discount stores often sell thick, cheap blankets that you might not want on a bed, but would protect your bed posts inside a moving truck beautifully.

Long distance move
Your belongings could be on their way without you at the wheel.

#3: Consider a Long-Distance Moving Company

Some people are born movers. And some aren’t. If you’re thinking about renting a truck and moving yourself, take at least a little time to consider a professional interstate moving company.

Movers carry all of the heavy stuff, and some of them will pack for you, too. And if something breaks, they take the heat for it while you get reimbursed. Check all movers out with the Federal Motor Carrier’s Association, too. They should be licensed for interstate moves.

#4: Or What About a Container?

If you want someone else to transport your things but don’t mind packing and loading on your own, a container move might be a great middle-ground. Also called pods, the company delivers the container to your home and you get to keep it as long as you like.

Once you’re all packed, the company will pick it up and transport it to your destination. Many storage container companies will also load your pod into a secure warehouse in case they arrive long before you.

#5: Check in with Utility Companies

Will you get a utility deposit refund? Now is the time to find out. Check with all of your utilities before the move. Afterward, it might be more difficult to get the refund.

Also, ask about letters of good standing. When you arrive in your new town, you’ll need all new utilities. Some companies will reduce or eliminate the deposit if you show that you paid your bills on time in your old hometown.

#6: Make a Travel Plan

GPS is great, but there’s something wonderful about a map that lets you see the whole route. Some routes are a given. If you’re moving from Virginia to California, chances are you’ll drive Interstate-40 for practically all of the trip. But most long distance moves aren’t quite that simple, so you’ll want to plan it out in advance.

Look into hotel reservations at key points, and don’t forget about any attractions that you might want to visit along the way. It might be years before you make the drive back in the opposite direction, if you ever drive it again at all.

Moving is always tough, but a long distance move can be double tough. Everything seems so final. There’s no room for error, especially if you hire a mover. That’s why Mover Junction helps connect people like you with professionals who have experience and a great reputation.

Find a moving company today and let go of some of the stress no matter how far or how soon you’re moving away.