7 Stress Free Moving Tips Guaranteed To Save You Money

7 Stress Free Moving Tips Guaranteed To Save You Money

Stress Free Moving!

Sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it?? 

But what if I told you that its completely possible to have a stress free move.

What if I told you that its totally easy to make the entire moving process a lot simpler and stress free. Would you believe me? 

With a little bit of effort and some proactive planning, you can definitely tame this wild beast and move without causing too much stress and anxiety to yourself and your family.

And the best part ..

You may even save a lot of money along the way.

Why is moving so stressful???

Moving is stressful, that’s not news anymore! But why is that? What makes the process of moving such a stress-causing experience. I’ll tell you why.

Moving involves several different activities which makes it a complex task. There are lot of things happening around the time a person has to move. Either you’ve just bought a new house or got a new job. There’s a lot going on as it while you try to manage this big change in your life. Add to that the task of actually planning a move, and this entire thing that become a nightmare before you know it.

But I’m here to tell you, that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Stress Free Moving is Possible.

How, you ask?

Here are my 7 best tips, which (if followed) are guaranteed to make your move a breeze.

Tip #1: Make a smart plan

What makes moving so stressful? After all its just packing a bunch of stuff and taking it to a new place, correct?


Moving goes beyond throwing your household goods into a moving truck and driving down to your new home. That’s an easy recipe for a moving disaster!  

But to achieve this, you’ll have to plan every aspect of your move from start to finish. Nothing should be left to chance and you should start planning very early.

Stress free moving
Don’t sweat over how to make a smart moving plan, download our PDF moving checklist to get started.

You can start with a checklist. Write down what you intend to do and what you can actually do during each stage of the move. You can download this PDF Checklist to make planing for your move easier.  Make sure your plan is flexible and it should serve as a guide for the entire move.

Still wondering why you need a checklist? See the 8 hassles a moving checklist can prevent. If you really want to have stress free move, then you must make a smart plan.

Tip #2: Clear out clutter

Clutter is one of the key reasons why its so hard for many people to have a stress free move. Start preparing for your move by purging your home of all the junks congesting your closets. You can easily clear the clutter in your home by clearing things you no longer need in three piles namely sell, donate, and toss.

You can sell any item you no longer need in a yard sale or garage sale and make some extra cash for your move. You can take advantage of this top 5 yard sale mobile apps or discover how to plan a yard sale that sells in any neighborhood.

Clutter free closet for stress free moving
You can have a clutter free closet before you move and when you arrive your new home. Photo by Rubbermaid @ Flickr / CC BY

Also, you can donate items you no longer need to schools, prisons or hospitals etc. You can donate toys to Toys For Tots, and food items you no longer need to Move For Hunger. Items that fall into the category of toss can be recycled for future use or dispose of properly.

Here’s how to organize your closet for a clutter free home so your new home will be free of clutter.

Tip #3: Create a schedule    

One of the easiest ways to have a stress free move is to clear your calendar. Check your schedule, see if there are things you can do to save time rather than wait till the scheduled date. Find some time to pack up your things and clean up what is required as you prepare for the move.

One of the reasons for so much stress during a move is having too many things to do within very short time. Make sure your schedule is flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes.

Tip #4: Get the moving boxes you need

Don’t wait until the last few days before collecting boxes. Start collecting boxes few weeks before the move. If you don’t know where to get boxes, here are 10 best places to get free moving boxes. But if you prefer plastic moving boxes, check out this 5 companies that provide plastic moving boxes.

Moving boxes for stress free moving
Start collecting boxes several weeks before your moving day, so you’ll have more than you really need.

If you intend to buy new boxes, visit a local retail moving store and ask for different box sizes. Ensure all your boxes are properly labeled and indicate what side should be up.

Don’t forget to pack an essential box that will contain all the items you will need during the first few nights at your new home. You should consider using new boxes as well as slightly used ones. You may ask friends for extra boxes, you might need more boxes than you thought. It’s better to have excess boxes rather than been short of boxes.

Tip #5: Pack Your Valuables on Time

If you wait until the final minute before packing any of your most precious items, the worries of packing them appropriately will stress you out before you move an inch. Start packing your precious items as early as possible. Items such as jewelries, antiques, pottery etc. shouldn’t be packed in a hurry. Make sure you have these 10 important packing supplies before you start packing.

If packing, loading and unloading is such a big deal, consider hiring moving labor to help you out. Don’t break your spine just because you want to cut your moving cost.

Tip #6: Delegate

If you’re having a DIY move, you may invite friends, loved ones, neighbors or colleagues to help you out so you can have a stress free move. Just before you invite them over, here are 4 reasons to spare your friends from helping you move.

Moving Help for a stress free moving
Learn to use division of labor, delegate tasks to make your move easier.

But if you do, don’t let them complicate the entire workload. Learn to use division of labor, delegate tasks to make your move easier. Delegating tasks will ensure the entire move is organized and relieve them of the worries of trying to accomplish several tasks simultaneously.

Tip #7: Hire a moving company

There’s no easier way to have a stress free move than to hire a moving company.  Moving companies have teams of moving experts who have many years of experience in moving several different household goods. They know exactly how to pack each of your household goods with the best packing materials to make sure your entire household items are transported and delivered safely. In fact, moving companies take the stress out of moving!

If you hire full-service movers, then you’ll have very little or nothing to do. But its easy to assume that hiring a moving company will be a bit expensive, so here’s how to cut your expenses when you hire movers. You can plan your moving with us, its 100% free, request for free moving quotes to get started.