4 Reasons to Spare Your Friends from Helping You Move

4 Reasons to Spare Your Friends from Helping You Move

Your friends might be priceless, but sometimes even bribery and the promise of food can’t convince some of them to help on moving day. It’s an uncomfortable position for anyone to be in. You feel awkward asking for help, and friends feel awkward if they have to refuse. A better all-around choice is hiring professional movers. It’s their job, and they do it well.

Here are 4 major reasons to save your friendships and any hard feelings, and choose a professional instead:

#1: Few Friends Really Want to Help

It’s such a common scenario that it’s the theme of several different TV commercials: Friends who avoid helping another friend move at almost any cost. And it makes sense. Although it’s a favor, it’s a big one. The whole day is accounted for, and nobody really enjoys carrying and loading boxes and heavy, awkward furniture. There’s also the risk that one of your friends will be injured in the process.

A moving company takes on all of the responsibility for the move. They want your business, and they also need it. So you won’t have to worry about friends dodging your phone calls. Professional movers have the right equipment, and they won’t complain or make excuses about having to babysit their grandmother’s cat.

#2: A Secure Transport Vehicle Beats a Pickup

You’ve probably seen it. The pickup truck loaded so heavily that the bed is near the pavement. Then there are the bungee cords strapping down beds and dressers and rocking chairs so that the whole assembly looks like the Beverly Hillbillies moving cross country. A pickup truck might be fine for a small, in-town move. For an average household, you’d make several trips and possibly lose a few important things along the way.

Professionals show up with a secure transport vehicle that’s made for hauling household items. It has blankets to protect furniture, hooks for strapping down valuables to prevent shifting and breaking, and a ramp for easier loading and unloading. The driver also has experience transporting valuables, where your friends probably don’t.

With a pro, you won’t have to worry about last-minute excuses.

#3: You Know Who’ll Show Up

Almost as bad as friends who dodge calls are the ones who don’t show up at all. This usually happens because it’s difficult to say no, no matter how badly the friend wants to decline. As moving day approaches, he’ll probably weigh a hundred different possible excuses through his mind. And when it’s time to show up, your phone might ring with a feigned cough, raspy voice and an apology for being sick that’s worth of an Oscar.

Professional movers show up on time. They have to, since that’s part of what a mover’s reputation is built on. You won’t have to worry about whether there are enough sets of arms to carry that 92-inch sofa, or if the job will take twice as long without enough helping hands.

#4: Professional Packing Protects Your Valuables

Whether you move with the help of friends or hire a mover, you’ll have the option of packing your own stuff. But if you ask friends to help, you might be in for an unhappy surprise once the move is over. Few people take as much care as you when packing up fragile items, and that can lead to breakage once everything has traveled across town or across the country.

Many pros offer packing services with a guarantee of no breakage. It might seem like an extravagance, but it definitely has its advantages. A company representative will evaluate your belongings and offer a packing quote. Pros have an ample supply of boxes, and they won’t have to stop working and make a run to the store for more tape, newspaper or bubble wrap. Take ultra valuable or fragile things with you in the car, and let the movers – not your friends – do the rest.

Instead of going through your phone’s contact list or sending out a “moving day help” plea through social media, make things easier on yourself. Design Sponge gets it right when they say you should consider the favor from the friend’s perspective, not from yours.

Moving is hard work. It puts heavy responsibility on the friend, and with almost no reward. A pizza afterward doesn’t make up for it. Call a professional mover, and call your friends later for a house warming party with no strings attached.

At Mover Junction, we help you find the right moving company and stick with you until the job is complete. Find a moving company today and ease the stress for tomorrow.