What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Connecticut?

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Connecticut?

If you haven’t been to Connecticut, you are missing a lot. The southernmost state in New England, despite its diminutive size, is loaded with a rich history, culture, natural beauty, cuisine, and education.

Though a rich state, there can be a few pieces of the puzzle missing but do not worry about that. We can analyze the pros and cons of living in Connecticut and help you successfully join the puzzle. And if you are okay with that, come along with us.

Connecticut got its name from the Connecticut River that approximately bisects the state. The third smallest state by area, it has multiple nicknames – the “Constitution State”, the “Nutmeg State”, the “Provisions State”, and the “Land of Steady Habits”.

Connecticut Facts

  • Area: 5,567 sq mi
  • Population: 3,565,287
  • Capital: Hartford
  • Largest city: Bridgeport
  • Other major cities: New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, Norwalk
  • Demonyms: Connecticuter, Connecticutian

Pros and cons of living in Connecticut

Since our goal is to make you aware of the pros and cons of moving to Connecticut, let’s begin our journey.

Why not we start with positives first?

The Pros:

Do you know how spectacular the outdoors of Connecticut is?

Thinking about Connecticut, the beach is will not be the first thing that pops up in your mind. But you’re only two hours away from the ocean at the furthest when living here. There are amazing coastal towns here simply drenched in scenic beauty. And along with that, the marshlands and meadows in Connecticut are breathtaking.

Some of the best outdoor parks in Connecticut include:

It’s easy to commute to many states in less time

Do you know that the central location of Connecticut is its plus point? Just located near to NYC, Boston, and Providence, living in Connecticut, you can travel to these big cities with ease. On weekends, feeling like exploring the megacity life, just drive off to one of these cities. And that sounds fun.

The state’s economy is highly rich

Connecticut is a rich state with a high GDP. And its per capita income was the highest in the country in 2019. Interestingly, the state is home to the third-largest number of millionaires per capita in the United States.

For job seekers, Connecticut is a good destination to move to. Since the economy is rich and new companies grooming up every day, finding a suitable job is not a big deal here.

Some of the good companies in Connecticut include:

Working in Connecticut promises high income

While we speak about the pros and cons of living in Connecticut, we cannot skip the income part. The state promises a better salary than many other US states. Since it’s home to about 100 big corporate names, it’s natural to rank 5th among states with the highest median income, Connecticut residents make a median of about $74,000 and an average of nearly $106,000 per year, which is 2nd in the country.

The minimum wage in Connecticut currently stands at $10.10 per hour, which is significantly higher than the federal minimum of $7.25.

The 10 fastest-growing jobs in Connecticut are:

  • Operations analyst –  Average wage -$83,670
  • Web developer –  Average wage – $73,970
  • Nurse practitioner – Average wage – $113,550
  • Business analyst – Average wage – $94,960
  • Personal care assistance – Average wage – $27,210
  • Software engineer – Average wage – $103,320
  • Home health aid – Average wage – $27,490
  • Residential advisor – Average wage – $32,870
  • Mechanical engineer – Average wage – $86,780
  • Financial Managers – Average wage – $83,120

The education sector is robust in Connecticut

There can be multiple pros and cons of moving to Connecticut but what we cannot deny is the prominence of education here. Connecticut takes pride in its long list of educational institutions which are considered the best in the US. A look at the master’s degrees achieved and the average test scores among pupils show that performances here are among the highest in the US.

Some of the prominent universities in Connecticut are:

  • Yale University
  • Quinnipiac University
  • The University of St. Joseph
  • University of Hartford
  • Trinity College
  • Sacred Heart University

The best schools in the state include:

  • Westport School District, Westport
  • New Canaan School District, New Canaan
  • Glastonbury School District, Glastonbury
  • Amity Regional School District No. 5, Woodbridge
  • Darien School District, Darien
  • Weston School District, Weston
  • Farmington School District, Farmington
  • Wilton Public Schools, Wilton
  • Fairfield School District, Fairfield
  • West Hartford School District, West Hartford

The transport network in Connecticut is extensive and impressive

Connecticut has an extensive transport network, perhaps one of the best in the US. The interstate highways I-95, I-84 I-91, and I-395 pass through Connecticut. Other main highways in the state include Merritt Parkway and Wilbur Cross Parkway. Connecticut also has an extensive rail network, which includes Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak system.

The bus network is run by Connecticut Transit and CT fastrack, a bus rapid transit service. Connecticut also has a robust ferry service that connects coastal towns.

The fall in Connecticut is breathtaking

While the summer paves way for the winter, the transition in Connecticut is breathtaking with the backwoods turning majestic orange, yellow, and red. Drenched in mesmerizing beauty, Connecticut promises a visual treat for you. And this happens only in Connecticut. One of the biggest pros of moving to Connecticut is that you enjoy this vibrant visual transition every year.

Something is always brewing in Connecticut

There’s a reason for beer aficionados to move to Connecticut – the unlimited sources of freshly brewed beer. You will get all kinds of brewed beer here everywhere including microbreweries and local pubs.

There are always plenty of tastings, events, and fundraisings at microbreweries in Connecticut and you will never get bored here if you are a beer lover.

Music is in the veins of Connecticut

In recent years, it has become the ‘to-go-place’ for musicians and you will find here events every day. Jazz, pop, or any sort, whether you want to play or enjoy music, Connecticut is the best. For music lovers, there’s nowhere else better than Connecticut.

Connecticut is not all about the best in the world. There are pros and cons to living in Connecticut. And let’s now focus on some of the cons of moving here.

The Cons

Do you know that it is highly expensive to live in Connecticut?

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Connecticut is highly expensive and it is one of the biggest drawbacks of living in Connecticut. The living index here is 107.8 which is much higher than the national average of 100.

For a family of two adults and two children, you would need a combined income of $118,551 per year or $9,879 every month to live comfortably in Stamford, the most expensive city of Connecticut. However, that’s 17% lower than Manhattan, New York.

In Connecticut, everything including health, groceries, transport, and education is expensive and obviously, your income will also be high.

Housing is extremely costly here

Since Connecticut is a rich state with a better standard of living, it is obvious for the housing to be expensive. The median home value for a home here is about $255,000 and the median monthly mortgage payment is $2,065. Home prices went up about 1.2% in the last one year with the list price averaging about $175 per square foot.

If buying a home is not in your plan and what you are looking for is to rent one, even then it is costly than the national average. On average, you need to shell out $1,800 per month, which is somewhat expensive than many parts of the country.

Here’s the list of 10 cheapest places to live in Connecticut


  • Median Home Price – $160,200
  • Median Income – $61,313
  • Median Rent – $896/month


  • Median Home Cost – $179,900
  • Mediun Income – $63,452
  • Median Rent – $1,006/month


  • Median Home Price – $173,100
  • Median Income – $57,350
  • Median Rent – $978/month


  • Median Home Price – $190,500
  • Median Income – $64,586
  • Median Rent – $950/month


  • Median Home Price – $168,200
  • Median Income – $53,682
  • Median Rent – $995/month


  • Median Home Price – $128,600
  • Median Income – $40,879
  • Median Rent – $924/month

New Britain

  • Median Home Price – $156,800
  • Median Income – $43,611
  • Median Rent – $956/month


  • Median Home price – $197,600
  • Median Income – $55,567
  • Median Rent – $969


  • Median Home Price – $194,600
  • Median Income – $57,432
  • Median Rent – $1,131


  • Median Home Price – $228,500
  • Median Income – $63,914
  • Median Rent – $1,094

You will hate the property tax here

Connecticut has the fourth-highest property tax levy in the United States, with the state’s average effective rate at 2.07%. And this can burn your pocket. And probably this is one of the big reasons for people not to prefer Connecticut as their home state. 

The traffic in Connecticut is disastrous

The highways in Connecticut are ranked as the worst in the country. Despite having an impressive road network, you will get stuck in traffic jams in peak hours, which can test your patience in Connecticut. And as per a study by EverQuote Insurance, people from Connecticut are the worst ones behind the wheel in the United States. So moving here, you need to be ready to bear that.

It’s really cold in Connecticut

Connecticut weather swings between the extremes with chillingly cold winters and hot and humid summers. Winters are harsh here with heavy snowfall and you need to consider moving here only if you have the guts to digest it.

The police are accused top be racist here

While we speak about the pros and cons of living in Connecticut, we should not miss out on the fact that the police here are accused of being racist. There have been several allegations in the past and even now the perception is strong that racism prevails in the police department. And the police are also militarized here, which is not good news for the minorities.

Connecticut is one of the finest destinations in the US to start a new chapter in your life. It’s true that like any state in the US, there are pros and cons of moving to Connecticut. But when we gauge both the merits and demerits, it becomes clear that Connecticut has positive vibes and you can confidently call it your new home.