What is an Essentials Box and Why You Need It While Moving?

What is an Essentials Box and Why You Need It While Moving?

What is an Essentials Box and Why You Need It While Moving?Let’s start this post with a little story, shall we? Imagine this.

Tom and his family moved to a new town recently. After arriving at their new home, they all needed a warm shower, a tasty dinner and a nice place to relax, sleep and rest before unpacking the next day. The problem was they couldn’t find any of their toiletries and kitchen utensils because they were all packed in different boxes.

Since they were too tired to start unpacking after a long trip, they had to go out and spend money on dinner. In the morning they had to dig thru all the different boxes to find their tooth brush and other toiletries.

This is where an Essentials Box comes in handy.

What exactly is an Essentials Box?

As Essentials box is a moving box that you pack that contains important items that you may need during the final period of your moving out and the first few days after arriving at your new home.

The content of your essential box should be relevant enough to enable you prepare meals, clean, wash, handle small emergency situations, and entertain yourself while you unpack the rest of your belongings at your new home.

Essentials BoxThe essential box is often the last box to pack before moving out and the first to unpack when you arrive at your new home. So while you are packing and getting set for moving out, check your shelves, cabinets, drawers, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms etc.  to identify items you may need during your first night at your new home and subsequent days.

The following items are the key things you should consider packing into your essential box and label the box “Essentials” on all sides:

Bathroom Essential Items

  • Toiletries, things you use every other day such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, floss, paste, deodorant etc.
  • Towel for each member of the family
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand towel
  • Bath mat
  • Shower curtain (more important than you can imagine)
  • Hair ties

Bedroom Essential Items

  • Slippers, pajamas and a robe (if required)
  • Linens and pillows
  • Clean cloth for each member of the family.
  • An Alarm clock (if required)
  • A box to keep your dirty clothes

Kitchen Essential Items

  • Sponge and dish soap
  • Can opener
  • Dish towel and dish cloth
  • Kettle/Coffee pot
  • Cutting knife and a big spoon
  • Utensils, plates and cups (non-breakables and Reusable cups or plates may be used too)
  • Medium stove pot
  • You may pack your telephone if you own a landline
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Toaster or small toaster oven
  • Peanut butter
  • Instant coffee

Children Essential Kit

  • Books and most favorite toys
  • Kid snacks/formula
  • Clean cloths
  • Extra blanket
  • Changing supplies

Pet Essential Kit

  • Litter box and litter
  • Carrier/Leash
  • Treats
  • Pet dishes and food
  • Pooper scooper

Some of your belongings are things you’ll need every other day at your new destination. Such items may be packed in a box and placed in your car so you can easily reach them. Here are some of such items:

  • Medication
  • Phone charger
  • Light bulbs
  • Radio, small stereo or iPod dock
  • Flash light, candle, matches
  • Pens and marker
  • Extension chord
  • First Aid kits
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Tools (picture nails, screw driver, tape measure, box cutter, hammer etc.)
  • Scissors/craft knife (to open all other boxes), trash bags, paper towels etc.
  • Small emergency kit
  • Important documents such as certificates, medical records, financial information, passport, leases etc.

It’s important to make a list of all your essential items before you start packing, so you can pack your moving boxes like a pro. As you pack each of the essentials, tick your list accordingly. Consider keeping your essential boxes in your car so you can easily find it when you arrive at your new home. But if you’re moving yourself, you may load it in the truck after loading all other items. Trust me, you’ll thank us later!!

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