Duties and Responsibilities of a Moving Company

Duties and Responsibilities of a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company to help you move your home will make your relocation a lot easier and less stressful. But all moving companies are not exactly the same and the types of services they render are also different. When you hire a moving company, you deserve to know what exactly you’re paying for.

The duties and responsibilities of any moving company you hire is often based on the types of moving services you requested for. But regardless of what you actually requested, every moving company has some duties and responsibilities before, during and after a move.

When you’re aware of what to expect from the moving company you hire, it’ll be easier for you to assess their quality of services and ask for redress. Here are the duties and responsibilities of moving companies at each stage of mfoving:

Duties of a Moving Company

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Make sure the moving company you hire is licensed and have a USDOT number if you’re moving across state lines.

Movers’ Duties Before the Move

Before you move, the moving company you hire must visit your home to see the items you intend to move. The movers will make an assessment of your stuffs. Based on their assessment they will come up with an estimate for the cost of your move.

The movers and you will reach an agreement for your moving date. Make sure you pick a suitable moving date for you and your family. While some people prefer moving during the weekdays, others prefer weekends. Don’t be forced to pick an unsuitable date.

The movers will provide you with some documents concerning several policies you need to know about. Some of such documents often include the following:

  • A leaflet titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” The essence of this leaflet is to guide you when you’re making a long-distance move. The leaflet specifies your duties and responsibilities and that of the moving company you hire.
  • A summary of the moving company’s arbitration program.
  • The moving company’s procedure for filling disputes.
  • An outline of all tariff involved in the moving process and an obvious indication of what they are.

Movers’ Duties During the Move

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The moving company is responsible for transporting your household items to your desired location.

During the move, the moving company you hire will be responsible for transporting or shipping your household items from your old home to the new one. The moving company will create an inventory list of all your goods, to keep track of each item. Also, the moving company will have you sign a deal about the move, read it carefully before signing. Make sure everything is accounted for. This’ll help you take inventory of things after the move and file any claims for lost or damaged items if needed.

The moving company will ensure that your household goods are transported or shipped safely and delivered at your desired destination on schedule. The movers will also keep you informed about the status of your move and your items while in transit.

Movers’ Duties After the Move

MJ furniture 5
Full service movers will help you unload and unpack your household goods at your new home.

When the moving company arrives at your new home and you’re not there, they should contact you. The movers will unload your things off of the truck, move them into your new home, and unpack them into each desired room.

Such services are only available if you opt for full service moving option. But you can split your moving services for partial movers who can help you unload. Some partial movers only specialize on packing, loading, unloading or moving special items.

After unloading and unpacking, the movers will request for payment based on agreed terms of payment and have you sign the necessary paperwork such as inventory list and bill of lading.

Communication is important at all stages of the move. Keep in touch with your movers at all times and let them know your thoughts about how the moving process is turning out. Here are the different types of moving services you can choose when you’re moving your home:

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