Understanding the Different Types of Moving Services

Understanding the Different Types of Moving Services

When it comes time to move your home, there’s a plethora of moving services available today to make the process as simple as possible for you. The only catch is that you need to be aware of all the services and really plan your move properly to get the best possible outcome.

Let’s check out some of the moving services available for you.

Types of Moving Services

Full Service Moving

If you don’t  want to be directly involved in any aspect of your moving, you should consider hiring a full service mover. Full service moving companies are responsible for every aspect of your move from start to finish. Most full service moving companies pack, load, ship, unload and unpack your household items. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the move.

If you decide to hire a full service moving company, request for an outline of the services they offer, to see what it covers and what it does not. Start by comparing some full service moving companies. That way, you will know exactly what to expect come moving day.

Partial Moving Services

Some full service moving companies also offer partial moving services based on request. The following are some of the types of partial moving services:

1. Packing Services

Moving with Pets
Hire professional packers if you want to make sure your expensive china, antique items and tv are moved without any damange. Photo by Jörg Schubert @ Flickr / CC BY

If you want your household items to be packed by  professional packers, you should consider hiring packing  services. The duties and responsibilities of these packers is  to pack your household items before your moving. Their  services does not go beyond packing. Read this tips about when to hire professional packers.

If you want any  other services from them aside packing, you may  have to renegotiate and sign a new deal with them.

2. Loading and Unloading Services

Instead of asking favors from your friends, consider hiring professional loading and unloading help.

You may choose to pack your household items all by yourself or with the help of friends and neighbors, but request for a partial moving services that only involves loading and unloading the moving truck.  Loading and unloading experts will help you load your stuff into the truck or whatever moving means you provide at the point of origin. Also, at the point of delivery, they will help you unload your stuffs. Their duties and responsibilities does not go beyond loading and unloading the moving truck. Get moving labor prices instantly if this is something you think will fit your needs better.

3. Special Items Moving Services

Special items movers can help you pack and move delicate and high-value items such as pianos, art works, antiques etc.
Special items movers can help you pack and move delicate and high-value items such as pianos, art works, antiques etc.

Special items movers specialize in moving any large, delicate, or difficult-to-move items. They may help you move items such as boats, vehicles, grand pianos, artwork etc. If you intend to move any special item, don’t hesitate to request for the services of special items movers.

 Truck Rental Services

truck 1
Great option for singles, students and people with less items to move.

If you don’t have a big moving budget, or just don’t have that much stuff to move, hiring a full service moving company might not be a cost-effective option for you. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of expensive furniture and other items. In such cases, renting a moving truck mite be the best option for you. You can compare the different truck rental options right from MoverJunction.com. If you do decide to go for this option, consider hiring moving labor to help make loading and unloading easier.

Portable Moving & Storage Services

In the past few years, a new type of moving service has surfaced. Different from the traditional ways of moving, where you either hire a mover that brings a moving truck or you rent a moving truck, these moving services offer a great amount flexibility and convenience. Companies like PODS, ABF-

Photo by Liji Jinaraj @ Flickr / CC BY
Photo by Liji Jinaraj @ Flickr / CC BY

UPack, ZippyShell drop of a portable storage container at your doorstep which you can load at your convenience and pace. Once you finish loading, just call the company and they’ll come pick it up and deliver to your destination. This type of moving service is gaining popularity because of the added convenience and better pricing. Compare portable moving & storage rates and see for yourself.