Packing Tips – 10 Fragile Items You Shouldn’t Pack Yourself

Packing Tips – 10 Fragile Items You Shouldn’t Pack Yourself

Packing is most essential for your move and these packing tips will let you know items that you should not pack yourself.

One of the most difficult aspects of moving a home is how to pack fragile items appropriately. Even more, how you pack fragile valuables will determine if you’ll arrive your new home with boxes full of broken, smashed and damaged items or otherwise.

The best way to make sure your delicate and fragile items are safe, is to let packing experts handle it. These experts have the skills and experience of packing such items and they can handle them professionally. Some of such experts work with moving companies while others work as third parties. Ask your moving company about experts who can help you pack your fragile and delicate items and the cost.

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Items You Shouldn’t Pack Yourself Packing Tips

1. Artwork

Professional packers can help you pack any of your artworks carefully to prevent any damage

Sculptures and valuable paintings may damage easily during the move. Experts can help you pack any of your artworks carefully to prevent any damage.  Some artwork packers work independently as a third party service provider, while some moving companies have artwork packing experts.

Ask your moving company about packing your artworks and the costs before the moving day. Also, you may consider buying insurance for your expensive artworks and sculptures.

If you have expensive artwork, Saatchi Art, a leading online art gallery offers some great art packing tips.

2. Antiques

Since antiques are often very old and fragile, do not risk packing them if you don’t know how.

Some antiques are too delicate to pack just anyhow. If you intend to hire expert packers, do some research on their background and ensure they are genuine experts. Also, get your antiques appraised and insured.

Since antiques are often very old and fragile, they may damage easily and buying the right insurance will ensure you get the right compensation if any damage occurs.

3. China Cabinet/Break Front

China cabinets are often made of delicate glass and finished woods. They can hold delicate glassware, China, and other valuables. Since China cabinets are heavy and fragile, it takes a skillful and experience packer to carefully take it apart, wrap it diligently for loading and safe transportation.

The entire cabinet should be wrapped with blankets and the glass doors should be removed and wrapped separately. If your China cabinet is an antique, tell the packers before they move it. Also, buy a high-value insurance to protect it in the event of any damage at any point of the move.

4. Electronics

Check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to pack electronics appropriately.

The easiest and safest way of packing computers, stereo or flat-screen TVs is to use the original pack of such items. If you no longer have the initial pack, let your moving company pack the electronics for you to prevent damage during the move.

Your movers know how to pack such items carefully to prevent any damage. Read more about our professional packing tips to help you pack easily.

5. Pool tables

Pool tables are often very difficult to move due to their extremely heavy weights. To make moving pool tables easier, they must first be disassembled. The disassembling process is often a tough task and the table may damage in the process if not done appropriately. Ask your moving company if they have the necessary experience to move a pool table, or if they can recommend a third party.

6. Grandfather clock

Moving a grandfather clock requires some skills and experience. It’s important to ask your moving company if they can move your grandfather clock. If they don’t have the expertise and experience, ask for recommendation or find a third party yourself. Grandfather clocks must be taken apart and reassembled appropriately for it to work the way it should.

7. Piano

Pianos are too valuable to be left to unprofessional packers. Play safe by hiring an expert to get the job done.

Pianos are fragile and difficult to move. Sometimes, your piano may be partially disassembled before it can be packed and moved properly.

Packing and moving pianos could be absolutely challenging for a non-professional. Skilled packers have the experience and expertise of how to disassemble pianos. They can pack pianos safely for easy loading, shipping, delivery, and unpacking.

8. Crystal

Crystals are fragile, delicate and usually hold emotional importance. Skilled packers know how to pack Crystals appropriately to prevent damage at any point of the entire moving process. Nonetheless, the appropriate way to move stemware is by using a cell-box (a cardboard carton designed with dividers separating each cells) to prevent the glasses from shifting while in transit.

9. Glass-topped Coffee Table

Some coffee tables are designed with heavy glass tops. Such coffee tables must be disassembled and packed appropriately for shipping. Since the glass is often extremely heavy, it may require several strong moving crew members to carry.  

Before moving the glass, it should be wrapped with paper, bubble wrap, and moving blanket to shield it from shifting, cracking, shattering or scratching while in transit. Glass-topped coffee tables should be left to expert movers to pack and move safely.    

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Hiring a full service mover to help you move can make you and your family start life happily in your new neighborhood.

10. China

You may pack China yourself using sturdy cardboard containers and ample padding. But if the quantity and quality are higher above average, let skilled packers do the job. Expert packers know how to appropriately pack China items to prevent damage during loading, while in transit and at the point of delivery.

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