All You Ought To Know About Kitchen Remodeling Before You Start

All You Ought To Know About Kitchen Remodeling Before You Start

If its true that you are what you eat, then your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. In fact, your kitchen should be good enough for you to cook your favorite meals, be accommodating enough for dining and have enough space for you to store your groceries.

But what happens when your kitchen doesn’t reflect your lifestyle, or if the decor doesn’t complete your home’s architecture? Or perhaps you just want to overhaul your kitchen and give it a whole new look. Your best bet could be kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen remodeling can transform your kitchen to the exact way you want it. You may opt for a more aesthetic kitchen design or an upgrade to create more functionality option. Regardless of how you intend to remodel your kitchen, I’ll show you each step you’ll have to take to make sure you achieve the exact kitchen remodeling goals you want.

Kitchen remodeling
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Kitchen Remodeling – How To Get It Right With These Easy Steps

Here’s how to get started on remodeling your kitchen and giving it a whole new amazing look:

#1.Consider What You Really Need Before You Start Kitchen Remodeling

Nobody knows your kitchen better than you do. You know exactly what you already have in your kitchen and what you’ll like to have. Sometimes, you may have to see someone else’s kitchen or visit a kitchen design website before you make up your mind on what you really want.


Whichever way you look at it, make sure you carefully consider what you really need in your kitchen before hiring kitchen remodeling contractors. Think about your kitchen features, appliances, space, cabinets etc. Do you really have to overhaul some things or just change their positions?

Think carefully, weigh all your options, discuss your observations with your family or even loved ones. Make sure you choose only what is best for you.

#2. Plan And Research Your Kitchen Remodeling Options

Kitchen remodeling should never be done just anyhow. You’ll have to think carefully, plan for it and then research your plans to find out how long it will take to execute them and the cost. You’ll have to find a way to strike a balance between what you really want and what you can afford.

Make sure your plan is flexible. You can start by searching for several different beautiful kitchen designs on the internet. You can start by checking out these 137 designer kitchens for every style and these 30 great kitchen design ideas. If you still need more ideas, check out these Houzz kitchen design gallery. These are some of the common sites where many people pick their kitchen designs.

Kitchen Remodeling
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#3. Find And Hire The Kitchen Remodeling Contractor You Need

Regardless of how good you are at DIY, when you’re remodeling your kitchen, odds are you’ll have to hire an expert at some point. You can hire experts to help you with managing your project from start to finish including helping you with space planning, shopping, contracts and permits, budgets, ordering products, choosing finishes and fixtures.

Pros can help you set up a temporary kitchen, perhaps a kitchenette you can use while your kitchen is being revamped.

#4. Choosing A schematic design

his has to do with the general scope and conceptual design of your kitchen remodeling. You’l have to focus on design aspects such as layout and cabinet designs, space planning, sketches, elevations, preliminary floor plans, elevations etc. You’ll have to work with the contractor to come up with a plan and design that matches your budget.

#5. Make Your Final Selection Of Finishes And Fixtures

While you were planning your kitchen remodeling, odds are you’ll have an idea book or a folder where you’ve been saving all the beautiful kitchen designs you’ve come across online and offline. AT this stage, you must have found at least one style you like. Some homeowners prefer modern or classic, others prefer traditional, cottage or even a combination of two or three styles.

So just before the actual work begins, you’ll have to make your final selections. This selection often include light fixture, decorative hardware, refrigerators, counter-top material, back-splash, flooring, cabinetry construction type, door style, finish and color, faucet and kitchen sink, and other appliances.

Kitchen remodeling.
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#6. Work On Your Kitchen Remodeling Design And Permit

You’ll need a permit before you start your kitchen remodeling. You’ll have to submit drawings for permits and make sure you do so ahead of your remodeling schedule. You’ll need an architect, designer or licensed contractor signed up to finalize the paperwork and pick up your permits, so get ready to hire someone in the next step.

#7. Get Estimates From At Least 3 Contractors

If you’re yet to hire a licensed contractor for your kitchen remodeling,  find and hire one as soon as you can. You should get at least 3 estimates from 3 different contractors. Once your schematic design is all set, you should take a preliminary walk-through with your contracts and discuss your budget. With that, you’ll be able to figure out anything you’ve missed or skipped on your budget.

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#8. Get set To Move To A Temporary Kitchen

Before the construction starts, you may have to move your kitchen items and utensils to a temporary kitchen. Make sure you move all the items, appliances and utensils you’ll need. You may have to remove other things to give the contractors enough space to do their job. These 8 tips on how to pack a kitchen will blow your mind.

#9. Dealing With The Punch List

Many things happen during a kitchen remodeling. Odds are the contractors will miss a thing or two. Regardless of how big or small it may be, odds are you’l want them to correct the mistake. So just before the remodeling is finally completed, or when its almost done, make a list of all the things that are missing and hand it over to the contractor.

The contractor may have to make multiple visits back to the house to finish these items; prepare yourself for more than one visit and you’ll be fine.



Your kitchen can have a fresh new look if you install new cabinets. If you intend to install the cabinets yourself you can buy pre-made cabinets at a local home improvement store. Such cabinets are easy to install without too much effort.

Ensure that your new cabinets are fastened to wall studs. Cabinets often require a lot of support as soon as they are filled with food or dishware. You can use a stud finder to figure out where you can install the cabinet on the wall. Ensure you screw at least 1 ½ inches through the support rails into the studs and in the cabinet. Use no fewer than three screws.

Bear in mind that the first cabinet will determine where all others will be installed. You’ll have to align all others using the first cabinet as a guide. As such, ensure you install the first cabinet as best as you can in an appropriate position to avoid a scruffy looking finished cabinet.  However, if your kitchen walls are uneven, you have to scribe the cabinets to let them fit flush against the wall.

Another option is to have a custom-made cabinet designed for your kitchen. You can track down a custom cabinetry expert by searching online and reading reviews or asking friends, colleagues or family members for a trusted recommendation. A cabinetry expert will provide you with all possible options for a customized cabinet. Also, the expert will know how to uninstall the old cabinets and install the new one.

Classical Kitchen remodeling design
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Counter tops

New counter tops often complement new cabinets. Counter top installations are often very easy. First, you need to ensure the counter tops can fit over your cabinets. The easiest way to ensure this is to order them. Measurements can be taken and the counter tops designed to your specifications. Afterwards, the counter tops are simply screwed into place on top of your cabinets.

The following are some relevant counter top options:

Stainless steel:  stainless steel is the most durable and the heaviest counter top. However, stainless steel clearly shows fingerprints and other marks.

Kitchen remodeling

Tile: tile counter tops are often easily installed as a do-it-yourself project. You can buy plasterboard or plywood to use as the backing of the counter. Cut the plywood or plasterboard to size, and then screw it into position at the top of your cabinets. Afterwards, you can set the tile of your choice in place on top of the backing. Tiles are easy to clean and broken ones can be easily replaced.

Quartz, Slate, Granite, Marble etc. are solid stones counter tops, they are very durable and outstanding. You may consider using any of these if you prefer them.

Laminate: Laminate is the cheapest counter top option. Nonetheless, Laminates are difficult or impossible to fix whenever they are damaged.


The floor of your kitchen can be remodeled to give it a new look. You can opt for any of the following to bring your kitchen floor back to life:

  • Repair or install new tile
  • Install wood floor
  • Install wall-to-wall carpet
  • Refinish wood floors
  • Repair carpets

Also, consider replacing appliances, buying new drapes, installing new crown molding, installing new window/door trim, and buying other relevant décor items. Additionally, you may consider wallpapering or painting, buying new dishtowels or any other item you may need personally to make your kitchen more functional and new.

If you’re looking to move to a new home with a kitchen that matches your taste, you can plan your moving with us, its 100% free. Request a free moving quote to get started.