15 Long Distance Moving Tips For A Remarkable Relocation

15 Long Distance Moving Tips For A Remarkable Relocation

Too often than not, we all expect long distance moving to be stressful. 

But that’s not always the case. 

Long distance moving can be a remarkable event if you know exactly how to go about it. 

Whether you’re moving across state lines or moving abroad, we have collated several long distance moving tips to make your entire experience a remarkable one.

Long Distance Moving Tips For A Smooth Relocation

1. Start planning as soon as you make up your mind to move

Long-distance moves aren’t the same as a local or a short-distance move. This is why you need a plan, and a better one compared to anyone making a short-distance move. So, as soon as you make up your mind to move, start planning. 

You’ll have to plan when and how to move, pick dates to do certain things and create a moving checklist to make the entire process easier. This long distance moving tip is at the top of the list because your entire move depends on this.

2. Stick to your schedule

Once you have a plan, the key is sticking to it to make it work. Some tasks such as school enrollment and utility installation are related to time. This means you shouldn’t leave them to the last minute. So, make sure you have enough time on your calendar to complete each task. You should also set up reminders on your phone to help you stay up to date with your plans.

3. Weigh your options carefully

The first step involves weighing all the available options. You may decide to pack and load all your household items on your own, or hire a moving company to get the job done. A full-service mover can help you handle every phase of the move. 

From packing and loading of all household items to disassembling and assembling furniture, transporting your belongings, and unpacking after delivering your items. However, you may decide to handle some aspects of the move by yourself, such as unpacking at your new home.

4. Get more than one moving estimate

Shop around for a reputable long-distance moving company offering a reasonable estimate for the moving services you require. A good practice is to procure at least three moving cost estimates. 

Pick the one with the best quality of service and the most competitive rates. While choosing a long-distance moving company, you need to keep in mind that the company offering the lowest rates may not be the best choice. 

You can use this free moving cost calculator to figure out your moving cost even before hiring a long distance moving company. This is one of the most crucial long distance moving tips, it can make or break your entire moving efforts.

5. Check the credentials of the moving company

Check the license of the long distance moving company you intend to hire. Visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. You can also use the website to check the safety and complaint record of the company. 

More so, ask the long-distance moving company for references. Talk to these references to know more about how their moves went in the past. As easy as this seems, it’s one of the most important long distance moving tips and should never be taken for granted.

6. Be specific during the in-home estimate

If you hire a full-service moving company, they will most likely send a representative to your house for a walk-through to give you an in-home moving estimate. This is your chance to ask as many questions as you can. If there’s anything about the moving services or your belongings or even the contract, anything at all that you need clarifications for, don’t hesitate to ask. 

Make sure you make them aware of the various items you intend to get rid of before moving. To avoid the mistake of counting them as part of your moving cost. Getting an in-house moving estimate is one of the crucial long distance moving tips to slash your moving cost.

7. Get rid of unwanted items

Whether you hire a moving company or not, make sure you get rid of items you don’t intend to move into your new home. So, walk through each of the rooms in your home and sort items one after the other. You can either sell, donate, or trash items you no longer need. 

Learn how to plan a garage sale that sells in any neighborhood and see the top five yard sale mobile apps to help you while moving. Downsizing can reduce your moving costs significantly and it’s an opportunity to declutter your home as you get rid of unwanted items. This makes it one of the long distance moving tips to keep in mind.

8. Buy moving insurance

A long-distance move means your household or business items will be in transit for a while, probably several days or weeks. Ask the moving company you hire about available insurance, what it covers and exclude. Ask about additional insurance too and don’t hesitate to buy to protect your valuables. 

You should also buy insurance to protect your high-value or rare items such as a collection. This is one of our best long distance moving tips. Nothing beats protecting your items if you’re moving over a long distance.

9. Make an inventory list

When you’re moving over a long distance, your items could be spread across states or even countries if you’re having an international move. So, make sure you make an inventory of all your items before you move. 

You can use an app, a pen and notebook, or any other material you prefer. Just make sure you have a detailed list of every item you’re moving in one place and stored safely. When your items are delivered after the move, you can compare your inventory list to the delivered items. This is the easiest way to figure out if any of your items are missing, making this one of the all-important long distance moving tips.

10. Plan where each item will end up in your new home

Before the movers arrive, make sure you have a definite plan indicating where each of your items should end up in your new home. You should start by measuring how much floor space the apartment has. 

So, you wouldn’t end up being frustrated after moving items that you assumed would fit into your new home. The idea is to avoid spending a fortune to move items that won’t fit into your new home. This is one of the long distance moving tips to ensure you get the best price for your move.

11. Pack boxes with long distance in mind

As mentioned earlier, your items may spend several days or even weeks in transit. You shouldn’t forget that when you start packing your moving boxes. You should learn how to pack your moving boxes like a pro to prevent damage while in transit. 

Make sure you buy sturdy boxes and you can get free moving boxes from these places. You can also learn how to slash your long distance moving cost with the right moving supplies. Before the move, make sure all your items are carefully packed appropriately.

12. Sort as you pack

Unpacking typically takes anytime from several days to weeks. But you can make your unpacking easier and faster by simply sorting as you pack. So, rather than pack your items at random, pack them room by room. 

You should also pack similar items in each room together, such as packing similar clothes, books, etc. together. This will make finding your items faster and makes unpacking easier. Sorting as you pack is one of the core long distance moving tips.

13. Label your boxes appropriately

When you’re making a long-distance move, your items, boxes will most likely end up in a moving truck alongside several other boxes belonging to other people who are also moving. Your best chance of ensuring that your boxes won’t get mixed up with others is to label them with your name. 

If possible, you should add your phone number, just in case the box is delivered to the wrong address. Labeling your moving boxes is one of the most important long-distance moving tips.

14. Don’t move during peak season

Summer is peak moving season. The weather makes it perfect for all kinds of relocations. However, this is the most expensive period to move as moving companies are extremely busy during this period. 

If you can, move during off season, you’ll save hundreds of dollars by simply changing your moving schedule. If that’s not possible, consider moving during weekdays or the middle of the month to slash your moving cost.

15. Plan around the delivery period

Long distance moves often take anytime from a few days to a few weeks. So, it’s best to plan around your items’ delivery window. You’ll have to learn how to live without some items for a while. 

Your best bet is to pack an essential box. It will contain all the key items you’ll need to live on until your other items arrive and you start unpacking. Make sure you keep your essential box with you and not with the moving company. Packing an essential box is one of the best long distance moving tips to make you feel comfortable after a long distance moving trip.