10 Important Packing Supplies You’ll Need When Moving

10 Important Packing Supplies You’ll Need When Moving

I’ve never met anyone who truly enjoys packing household goods for a move. Because packing is one of the most stressful aspects of moving. This is why many people prefer leaving it for movers. I wonder if the movers truly enjoy that part of the job.

But sometimes for whatever reasons, you may have to pack your household goods all by yourself or with the help of friends, family members or colleagues.

Whatever the case may be, having the right packing supplies can reduce your work load significantly. In fact, packing supplies can make what seems like a packing ordeal an easy experience.

But how would you know the most important packing supplies you’ll need when you’re moving? Tricky I guess!

So to make things  easier, I’ve compiled a list of 10 most important packing supplies that can make packing absolutely easy.

Important Packing Supplies That’ll Make Your Packing Easier

1. Specialty Boxes

Some household goods are safer when packed in special containers. They’ll stay intact while in transit and would be delivered in one piece.  Household goods that will require a specialty box include:

  • Mirrors and artworks
  • Glass table tops
  • Clothing
  • Mattresses
  • Glassware

2. Packing Paper

Packing paper, also known as unprinted newsprint is one of the most resourceful packing supplies that can make your packing easier. Unprinted news print can be used to wrap and protect many items including electronics, damage-plates, and even knick knacks.

Packing supplies you need for moving
Packing paper is one of the most resourceful packing supplies that can make your packing easier.

When you’re packing, do your best to avoid printed newspaper as an option on some items. The inks on printed newspaper can leave behind bad stains and smudges on several surface that can be hard to remove.

Unprinted newsprint is also relevant as stuffing to fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent items they contain from shifting while in transit.

3. Bubble Wrap

This is one of the most important packing supplies. This packing supply can protect many of your most breakable items with cushioning air bubbles. You can use it for wrapping your delicate china and any other fragile glass items.

Whenever you intend to use Bubble wraps, avoid directly wrapping wood, glass or artwork with bubble wrap as the plastic can melt under certain conditions. Also, bubble wrap can trap condensation and the air pockets can cause impressions. Before wrapping any item in bubble wrap, use a packing paper barrier to wrap the item first.

4. Mattress Cover

Mattresses are not easy to pack because of their bulky sizes. But you can protect your mattresses from tear and unsightly smudges by placing each of them inside a plastic mattress cover or a mattress box.

5. Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap also known as clear plastic stretch wrap is one of the packing supplies that could be used for several different things. This packing supply can be used to protect household goods from debris and dirt.

Also, you can use shrink wrap to bundle containers and boxes together to make packing and loading large items easier and quicker. Even more, you can use shrink wrap to hold furniture wrapping such as blankets and pads or to hold other protective covering to keep them in place.

But you shouldn’t allow the surfaces of some of your items to come in direct contact with shrink wraps. Surfaces such as upholstery, delicate wood finish and leather can be affected and damaged if the shrink wrap melts in high temperatures or traps condensation from humidity. You can protect these items from such damages by first wrapping them with paper or furniture pads.

6. Packing Tape

You’ll need a roll of heavy-duty packing tape to make sure your boxes are securely taped and stay that way through out the move. When you tape the bottom of your boxes, it prevents your items from falling off from the bottom especially when you’re packing with used boxes.

7. Boxes

Thank goodness for moving boxes!

They are rated as one of the most important packing supplies. If you ask me, I think boxes are the most important of all packing supplies. To pack your household goods appropriately, you’ll need sturdy, high-quality cardboard containers.

Packing supplies
Packing supplies such as boxes can make your entire packing quicker and make your move easier.

While its easy to lay your hands on used boxes, your best bet is to buy new boxes. But if you intend to go with used boxes, carefully select sturdy ones that can hold the weight of your items.

One easy place to get top quality, sturdy used boxes is Used Card Board Boxes. You can get boxes of different sizes for packing different items.

Also, consider buying different box sizes for different items. All cardboard boxes are not created equal. Pack heavier items like books in small boxes so it’ll be easier to lift and carry the boxes.

8. Box cutter or Scissors

When you arrive at your new home, you’ll need a pair of scissors or a box cutter to tear up the tapes on your boxes. With any of these cutting tools, you can open as many boxes as possible and as quickly as you can. When you’re using any of these tools always cut away from you and not towards you and make sure no one is in the direction you’re cutting towards.

9. furniture pads or blankets

You can protect your furniture items from sharp edges, dirt and debris by using protective furniture pads. Whenever you use furniture pads, make sure your furniture pad is completely covered and secured appropriately with packing tape.  Another option you can use to protect your furniture is paper pads or sheets of cardboard.

10. Labels or Markers

One easy way to keep all your items safe while in transit and even when delivered is to label all your boxes on all sides and indicate what room each should end up. Also, you can color code your boxes by using color coordinated stickers  or labels to make the identification even better.

Where can you buy all these packing supplies?

One easy place where you can buy all your packing supplies, moving supplies and moving boxes is UBoxes.

These 10 packing supplies are absolutely important regardless of the type of move you’re planing and the distance of your trip.

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