What To Lookout For During Moving Truck Rental

What To Lookout For During Moving Truck Rental

Moving truck rental is one of the easiest options for moving household goods, especially for a short distance move. But the working condition of the moving truck you rent will determine if you’ll have a great and easy move or a nightmare.

So if you’re looking to rent a moving truck, what exactly should you lookout for to ensure the truck is in good condition? In this article, I’ll show you all the key things you should lookout for before renting any moving truck. You can learn more about moving truck rental on this ultimate guide to moving truck rental.

Things To Lookout For During Moving Truck Rental

Here are the key things you should lookout for when renting a moving truck:

Check The Moving Truck Exterior

The first thing you’ll have to lookout for is damages to the exterior of the moving truck. Lookout for scratches or pre-existent damage that is visible on the body of the moving truck.

Make sure you take record of any scratches or damages you observe. This way, when you return the truck, the moving truck rental company can inspect it and compare the previous damages and scratches to anything new.

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Don’t forget to take note of all the dents on the body of the truck and mark them down for the moving truck rental company to take record.

Let the rental agent who’s in charge of your truck rental sign off on your record to avoid unnecessary argument when you return the moving truck.

But if you fail to check the exterior of the moving vehicle or fail to make a note of all the scratches and damages you observe, you may end up paying for damages you know nothing about.

Check Mileage and Gas Level on The Moving Truck

Just before driving off on the truck, check the mileage and the level that the gas tank is filled at. You should make a note of what you observe on the lease form.

Some moving truck rental companies will charge you per mile, so you want to note the mileage of the truck before you take it so you are only charged for the mileage you use and not for anyone else’s.

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The moving truck rental company will also take note of the gas level and they’ll expect you to return the truck with the same level of gas in its tank. So make sure the gas tank level is accurately noted on the lease form to avoid confusion when you returned the truck.

Test Drive The Truck To Make Sure Its In Good Working Condition

After checking the exterior of the truck and taking notes, you’ll have to get inside the truck and actually test drive it. If you observe anything that could cause a problem while test driving the drug, ask for a different truck and start checking all over again.

Moving is stressful and one of the worst things that can happen to you when you’re moving is to have a bad truck that broke down in the middle of the road. That’s one huge risk you wouldn’t want to take.

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Check the steering to make sure its working appropriately. Maneuvering and driving a moving truck is a bit different to driving a SUV or a regular car. So its a good idea for you to know exactly how the truck works before your moving day.

Don’t forget to check all other components such as the headlights, brake lights, windshield wipers and windows. If you observe any damage, note them on the lease form and get them signed off by the truck rental agent.

Take A Look At The Loading Ramp

The loading ramp that folds down from the back of the moving truck is one of the most important things to check before renting any moving truck. The ramp is crucial for loading and unloading household goods.

Moving truck rental loading ramp

Without a functioning loading ramp, it could be pretty difficult for you to get your heavy boxes and other items such as furniture on and off the moving truck. You should ask the moving truck rental agent to show you exactly how to enable the loading ramp and how to safely retract it.

Once he showed you how to operate the ramp, try using it yourself before driving off on the truck. Here’s all you need to know about how to load a moving truck like an expert.

Ask About Where To Return The Truck

Depending on the number of locations the moving truck rental company you rented your truck from has, you may not be required to return the truck to the actual location where you rented it.

But its crucial for you to ask about where exactly should the truck be returned to. Normally, you should be asked to return the truck to the nearest location branch of the company to your new home. In any case, just make sure you ask before renting the truck.

Check The Storage Compartment Area of The Truck

You’ll have to make sure the storage compartment area of the moving truck is the actual size you requested for. Mistakes do happen. You wouldn’t be happy to request for another truck in the middle of a move when you realize the truck size is too small for your household goods.

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So check the truck’s storage compartment area. Double check the size by asking the truck rental agent about the actual size of the truck storage compartment area. Tell the agent the number of rooms you’re planning to move and if that’s the right truck size for you. Here’s how to get the accurate moving truck size for your household goods.

Don’t Forget Having The Right Insurance Coverage

If you have an auto insurance policy, many of such policies do include options to cover any rentals, whether it’s a rental car or a moving truck rental. So right before you rent any moving truck, call your auto insurance company to find out if moving truck rental insurance is an option available to you.

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If the option is not available to you, ask the moving truck rental company about its insurance coverage for your rental. Don’t rent the vehicle without buying an insurance coverage. It could be worth a whole lot more.

Once you’re set for the move, you can plan your moving with us. We’ll provide you free moving truck rental quotes so you can compare prices before choosing the best for your type of move.