Moving In or Moving Out? 10 Tips To Help You Get It Right

Moving In or Moving Out? 10 Tips To Help You Get It Right

Moving In to a new home can be exciting and unpredictable. Exciting because you’re getting a fresh start. A more beautiful home, new city, new town, new job and/or better opportunities. On the other hand, moving could also be unpredictable and scary, due to the fact that you hardly know what to expect. And this starts right from the moment you start looking for a moving company. Its like opening a Pandora’s Box.

Soon you start getting overwhelmed and confused and things start getting out of of control.

Chances are there will be so many question racing through your mind. You’ll probably be wondering if your packing will work out as planned, or if the moving company will show up on time on not, if your items will get damaged in transit or delivered in one piece. All these questions and many others can really take a toll.

The important thing to remember is calm down, keep breathing and make a moving plan. If you have a clear plan, you’ll be in control of the entire move and be able to manage it efficiently. But how do you do so? Check out the tips below that we’ve put together to help you get started.

10 Useful Tips To Help You Get Your Moving in or Moving Out Right

1. Research, Compare and Select a Moving Company

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Only hire a BBB rated licensed moving company whenever you’re moving.

Before you hire any moving company, consider these simple tips:

  • Go online, do some research and ask friends and family for recommendations
  • Pick at least three licensed moving companies
  • Call the moving companies and ask them relevant questions
  • Read different reviews about them
  • Compare their reviews carefully
  • Ask for free moving quotes
  • Compare their costs
  • Select the best option for your moving

Don’t forget to reserve your move on time, and select a specific moving date or week. If you intend to move as soon as possible, let them know. But if you have enough time to prepare, give yourself some time, and select a reasonable date that is few weeks ahead.

Do not pay to move items you no longer need. The less of unwanted items you have the easier your moving will be.

2. What Exactly Do You Need To Move Or Leave?

Let’s face it! Do you really need to move all your stuffs? Are there things you can give to your friends or neighbors or even their kids? You may have useful things you no longer need that can fetch you cash, sell them!

You can donate some other things to charity organizations, schools, hospitals, prisons etc. in your local community or anywhere you prefer. And you may need to thrash some other stuff. The less of unwanted stuff you have, the easier and better your move will be, and the more space you’ll have in your new house.

3. Get Your Packing Supplies

Cardboard moving boxes with bubble wrap in kitchen.
Consider buying different box sizes. It will make your packing easier because household items do not have the same size.

One of the most important packing supplies you’ll need to make your packing easier is moving boxes. You’ll have to find different sizes of boxes for your household items. You may get some of the boxes freely from local stores. But you may need to buy some boxes. When you buy, select the sizes you’ll need. Consider buying different sizes of boxes, it’ll make your packing and loading easier.

4. Disconnect Utilities At Your Old Home

While you’re busy preparing for moving out, don’t forget to call your utility company and request for a service cut-off. Your cut-off should be scheduled for a day after you move. You may need to move out some things at night, and the last thing you need then is utter darkness.

5. Pack A Utility Box

Pack an essential box that contains useful items that you will need for the first few days after arriving your new home.

When you arrive at your new house, certain things will come out handy than others. Your scissors, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, first aid kits, paper products, tapes etc. You can pack up all these stuffs in just one box and label it utility box.

6. Fill Up the Change of Address Form

Photo by Johnny Ainsworth  @ Flickr / CC BY
You can submit a change of address form online the day you move at the USPS website or you can submit a paper form at your local post office for free. Photo by Johnny Ainsworth
@ Flickr / CC BY

It’s easy to forget to change your address after you move; some people change their address several weeks after moving. It shouldn’t be so; you can submit a change of address form online the day you move at the USPS website or you can submit a paper form at your local post office for free.

7. Inform Your Bank 

Inform your bank about your move, and let them know if you intend to use your credit card while traveling. Some banks may stop your credit card from working if it’s been used in an unusual distant location to prevent fraudulent activities by card thieves. Here are several other things you can do before moving out of your home.

8. Clean Up

Before you unpack and move into your new home, clean it. Start afresh in a clean environment and atmosphere. And if you want any organizational system in your storage areas, closets or cabinets, install those before you unload and unpack. Cleaning your new home before moving in will make it more appealing to you and your family.

9. Connect Utilities At Your New Home

Chances are high that utilities have already been cut off in your new home. As soon as you move in, call the various utilities service providers and set up utilities. Some of the most important utilities are electric, cable, phone, gas, internet, trash pickup, sewer, water, and any other utility services you might need.

10. Replace Lockskeys

Always play safe! Change all the locks in your new home if you’re not the first tenant or homeowner. You can’t be too careful, make sure only you and your family members have access to your new home.

After arriving your new home, as you start to settle into the neighborhood, consider taking a walk, or driving around to get familiar with the new town. Find out where the different grocery stores are, doctor’s office, banks, schools for the kids, post office etc. It’ll be easier for you to find them whenever you need their services or assistance.

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